10 Easy Ways to Carry Cupcakes Safely

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Whether you’ve volunteered to bring cupcakes to a dinner party for dessert or created a dozen or two for someone’s birthday celebration, you’ll need a safe and secure way to carry those adorable tiny individual cakes.

Cupcakes. They’re tasty, look gorgeous and elegant, and are always a hit no matter what the occasion, taste, or decoration.

But you don’t want to risk dropping or destroying any of your cupcakes! So, how can you travel cupcakes in the same state they left your kitchen?

Let me to demonstrate the finest methods for carrying and transporting your cupcakes.

How to Transport Cupcakes

1 – Cupcake Carrier

Buying a portable cupcake carrier is by far the most stress-free method to get your cupcakes where they need to go.

Carriers not only keep each cupcake secure, but they may also be used to showcase your cupcakes after you get at your destination.

Types of Cupcake Carriers

Cupcake carriers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are flat, with cupcakes on a single layer. Others resemble a little caddy, containing layers of six cupcakes, one piled and fastened on top of the other.

When it comes to cupcake carriers, there is no right or wrong answer. Select one that isn’t too heavy or bulky to transport. And one with a flair that draws your attention and matches your cupcakes.

Where to Buy Cupcake Carriers

Check for cupcake carriers on the internet, such as Amazon (this one is the one I use). Or look for shops near you online. Cupcake carriers of decent quality are available in kitchen, hardware, and some craft shops.

Dollar shops often have low-cost carriers in the kitchen area.

How to Transport Cupcakes Without a Carrier

If you need to carry cupcakes but don’t have a cupcake carrier, there are several techniques you may use to ensure your cakes arrive safely.

2 – Cupcake Box

Purchase a cupcake box. They may be found online or at your local gourmet baking and culinary store.
Some craft shops may also have a limited range. There are boxes available to safely contain six or a dozen cupcakes.

3 – Tupperware or Plastic Container

A 913-inch Tupperware or plastic container works nicely for little cupcakes with little icing. Place your cupcakes inside and close the lid.

When you drive to your destination, take care to maintain the container horizontal.

4 – Using Non-Skid Shelf Liner

A non-skid shelf liner is a method that many bakers utilize to make cupcakes safe as they travel. This paper is available at most hardware and kitchen shops, as well as online.

Choose a box that isn’t too wide or too tall to hold your cupcakes. Using the paper, line the box and put the cupcakes inside.

Make sure they’re close enough together but not touching. The shelf liner will keep your cupcakes in place.

Make sure the box you choose is sturdy enough to accommodate your cupcakes. Bending and sagging boxes will harm the cakes.

5 – Use a Dot of Icing or Chocolate

Using icing or melted chocolate as a carrier is another option for transporting cupcakes without a container.

Make a batch of frosting to seal your cupcakes. Insert a lining of parchment paper into a shallow box, taking care not to let it slide. Pour a tiny quantity of frosting onto the paper and place the cupcake on top.

After the frosting has dried, it will firmly keep the cupcakes in place. Do you prefer not to use icing? If you have chocolate candy melts, they will also work. Just melt a handful in the microwave and use a dab of chocolate instead of frosting underneath the cupcake.

6 – Shirt Apparel Box

Shirt boxes may be purchased online or at a dollar shop. These often come in packages of ten, so you’ll have enough for the next time you bake cupcakes.

Cut Xs into the top of the box to measure the distance so that you can comfortably insert cupcakes without them touching. Nest each cupcake carefully into the slot you just created.

You could also leave the lid off the box and line it with aluminum foil and then a tea towel before arranging the cupcakes inside. Both approaches work well with shirt boxes, which may hold up to a dozen shirts.

7 – Use a Roasting Pan

Do you have a big roasting pan? This is an excellent method for transporting cupcakes without the need of a carrier. When you’ve frosted and decorated your cupcakes, wipe the cupcake pan and replace the cupcakes in it.

Next gently place the tin into the big roasting pan. Cover the roasting pan with tin foil or the roasting pan cover and set aside.

How to Transport Cupcakes in Hot Weather

As if carrying your cupcakes wasn’t difficult enough, add hot temperatures and it becomes much more difficult. These are some of the most effective methods for transporting cupcakes in hot weather.

8 – Dry Ice

Since dry ice melts slowly, it can keep your cupcakes chilled for many hours while transporting them. Search online to find where you can get dry ice in your area; you’ll pay less than $15 for the appropriate quantity of dry ice.

After you’ve obtained the dry ice, place it underneath the box of cupcakes. Put the dry ice in its own box on a level layer, then cover with towels. On top, place your cupcake container or box.

You don’t want ice to come into touch with the cupcake box. Your cupcakes will arrive unscathed from the summer heat if you use dry ice.

9 – Turn on the Air Conditioning

Turn on the air conditioning and let it cool down before putting the cupcakes into your car. This manner, your cupcakes will be placed in a cold, not hot, vehicle, preventing the icing from melting quickly.

10 – Decorate When You Arrive

If you know the hot heat will ruin your cupcakes, and if you have time, try decorating them after you arrive.

Put the frosting and decorations in suitable containers and store them. Put in a cooler with the cupcakes, which should be packaged in tiny containers as well.

Fill the cooler with one or two frozen ice packs to keep the temperature inside nice and chilly. Unpack and decorate once you get at your destination.

Tips For Transporting Cupcakes Safely

  • Freshly frosted cupcakes are easily ruined. Make an effort to frost and decorate your cupcakes a few hours before transporting them. Store them in a cool area until you’re ready to use them.
  • Place your cupcakes in the fridge for 5 to 10 minutes if you need to transport them soon after icing them. This allows the icing to set for a few minutes, making it safer for them to travel.
  • Avoid transporting cupcakes in a too big container. Too much space between the cupcakes allows them to slide around and get ruined. If you must use a box that is too large, use the icing technique to carry securely.
  • Use foil instead of plastic wrap to cover your cupcakes. Plastic wrap will start to droop and fall over the cupcakes no matter how carefully you drape it over the top or push it up with supporting toothpicks.
  • Excellent options for shallow cartons large enough to hold a dozen cupcakes. Flat boxes from the grocery store, such as those used to hold strawberries or soda pop.

With these tips and methods, you’ll know just how to move cupcakes from the kitchen without them falling over or nipping against one other, resulting in a frosting catastrophe.

After all, one of the best parts of sharing your cupcakes is seeing everyone’s face light up when they see how lovely and gorgeous they are, as well as how sweet and wonderful they taste!


What is the easiest way to transport cupcakes?

Container that is shallow and resealable

If your cakes are just lightly iced, place them in a big, shallow plastic container so that they are barely touching. While you travel, keep the container horizontal. (See our favorites for baking equipment, baking liners, baking supply organizers, and cupcake decorating supplies.)

How do you transport individual cupcakes?

When wrapped with foil, a muffin or cupcake tray with individual holes will work nicely. The foil is necessary to keep them from sliding around. Just line your muffin or cupcake pan with foil and insert the completed cupcakes.

How do you pack homemade cupcakes?

Fill plastic cups halfway with cooked and cooled cupcakes. If your cupcake liners faded during the baking process, apply additional liner to each cupcake to make the pattern more evident.
Top cupcakes with icing and sprinkles.
Place the cups in cellophane bags gently.
Nov 22, 2013

How to pack 100 cupcakes?

What is the best way to carry hundreds of cupcakes? If you need to carry a large number of cupcakes, stackable strawberry boxes are the ideal alternative. Then you can put your cupcakes inside, stack them as high as you need, and go. Please be cautious while transferring them!

How do you transport cupcakes without a container?

Using icing or melted chocolate as a carrier is another option for transporting cupcakes without a container. Make a batch of frosting to seal your cupcakes. Insert a lining of parchment paper into a shallow box, taking care not to let it slide. Pour a tiny quantity of frosting onto the paper and place the cupcake on top.

What is the hack for transporting cupcakes?

Make Use Of A Muffin Tin

Very likely, you cooked your cupcakes in a muffin tray. This is also a great method to carry your cupcakes if you don’t have a carrier. A metal muffin tray will offer the separation and stability your cupcakes need.

How do you transport cupcakes safely?

Tupperware or plastic containers should be used.

In addition, they will keep your cupcakes fresh and moist. They’re light and portable, but keep the size in mind. Check that your cakes fit snugly within the container without being squished. If they don’t, use a non-slip liner to guarantee your cupcakes arrive safely.

How do you pack cupcakes for a party?

Put cupcakes in cellophane-wrapped plastic cups to serve separately.
To attach the plastic without denting the icing, use thread or ribbon.
Put little polka dot or animal stickers on the plastic wrap to give even more flare. To prevent ruining the icing, do this before covering the cupcake.

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