11 Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Leftover Cake Batter and Trimmings

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Only true cake makers understand how wasteful it may be to make a cake. Occasionally the recipe is too huge, resulting in much too much batter. Other times, after flattening the cake to be decorated, you find yourself tossing away the tops.

And anybody who has ever sliced a cake into a complicated form knows how much cake ends up in the garbage. There has to be a better method to create cake that doesn’t require throwing away perfectly wonderful cake or batter. There is, indeed!

Being a professional cake designer and pastry chef, I am highly knowledgeable about how to handle cake batter and cake trimmings and am pleased to share a few pointers with you.

You will never waste cake again after reading this post!

What to do with Leftover Cake Batter

Secondly, consider what to do when you mix a batch of cake batter and end up with much more than you need.

Here’s a hint: there’s no such thing as too much cake batter!

1 – Freeze it

Many cake mixes store well and may be readily removed from the freezer a month later, thawed, and baked into a gorgeous cake.

As a general rule, any cake that is made using the creaming technique (blending sugar, butter, or oil together at the start of the recipe) may be frozen.

If beaten eggs are put into a cake batter, such as a chiffon cake, the mixture will not freeze properly.

Wrap your cake batter in plastic wrap, label it, and keep it in the freezer for a rainy day!

2 – Bake it

Baking the excess batter seems sensible! Although I believe that there is no such thing as having too much cake on hand, you may always package and freeze any leftover baked cake.

Having a cake created and ready to decorate is ideal for last-minute birthdays, dinner parties, or just anytime you want cake.

Don’t throw away the surplus cake batter; instead, create another cake!

3 – Make Cupcakes

If you just have a little amount of leftover cake batter, spoon it into paper liners and bake a few cupcakes. Additional cupcakes are ideal for displaying around your cake, giving visitors to take home, and handing them to children.

I often make a few cupcakes with extra batter to test the cake before decorating and serving it. Consider the additional cupcakes to be cake samples for the chef!

4 – Cake Waffles

This is probably my favorite method to use up leftover cake batter, and it makes a delicious morning treat. Just pour the leftover cake batter into a waffle iron and bake it like a normal waffle. Voila! Waffle cake!! If you add some maple syrup, you’ll be a genuine morning hero!

Look at these delectable-looking cake waffles in the video below:

5 – Cake Batter Milkshake

This usage for leftover cake batter does require the consumption of raw eggs, so if you are concerned about that, avoid this option. Yet, it is so tasty that it is worth a try!

To make your milkshake thicker, combine leftover cake batter, milk, a couple scoops of ice cream, and a banana in a blender. Pour the mixture into a glass when it has been blended. With some sprinkles, your cake batter will take on new life!

What to Do with Leftover Cake Trimmings

As you start designing cakes, you’ll discover how much cake is wasted.

Traditionally, the tops of cooked cakes are taken off to ensure the cakes are level and flat so that they may be iced flawlessly. These cake topping are often discarded.

The same may be said with carving-shaped cakes. All of the surplus cake is wasted when you cut away to get that ideal form.

This will no longer be tolerated! It’s time to put one of the numerous ideas for additional cake trimmings into action.

6 – Cake Pops

Creating cake pops from cake leftovers is an excellent method to repurpose waste into a popular delicacy.

In a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine the cake scraps with a tiny amount of frosting. Stir until the cake and frosting are well combined.

Scoop the crushed cake with a tiny ice cream scooper and roll the scoops into beautiful balls with your palms. Insert lollipop sticks into each ball and place in the freezer for at least one hour.

Take the cake pops out of the freezer and dip them into the melted candy coating chips. Let the candy coating to harden before enjoying your cake pops!

Here’s a little video of the procedure:

7 – Cake Shooters

Cake scraps may be used to make charming cake shooters. Get plastic shot glasses or just use whatever little containers you have on hand (mason jars work great as well for a larger version of these treats).

At the bottom of the container, crumble some cake crumbs, then add some fresh fruit and a dollop of frosting.

Layer on another layer of cake, fruit, and icing. Rep till all of the containers are filled! Place in the fridge until ready to eat!

8 – Ice Cream Topping

What better way to top ice cream than with cake? Crumble the cake scraps over a bowl of ice cream for a drool-worthy dessert. This is an easy technique to repurpose cake scraps that yields fantastic results.

9 – Cake Bread Pudding

If you have a lot of cake leftovers, using them in bread pudding is a great way to transform them into something delicious. Replace the bread with cake pieces in any bread pudding recipe you have!

The bread pudding may turn out a bit sweeter than you are used to, so reduce the sugar somewhat.

10 – Cake Milkshake

You can use cake pieces in a milkshake just as you can use cake batter. Mix cake pieces with milk and ice cream to make a cake shake in no time!

I like to top it with rainbow sprinkles for a funfetti look.

11 – Petit Fours

If you have large, entire scraps of cake, use a tiny circle cookie cutter to cut out a few mini cakes.

1 cup chocolate chips and 1 cup heavy cream are combined to make ganache. Heat the heavy cream and pour it over the chocolate chunks. Pour the mixture over the cake circles after whisking it together.

Let the ganache to solidify before serving your exquisite tiny petit fours. You just produced a magnificent dessert out of potential cake waste!

You are now fully armed with a variety of tasty and effective methods to utilize your leftover cake batter and cake trimmings. You’ll probably want to prepare even more cake batter and trim your cake just so you can attempt these ideas!!

So, have you tried any of these suggestions? Do you have any suggestions that I didn’t mention? Please let us know in the comments!

Check out our page on boxed cake mix hacks for additional cake ideas.


What can I do with unused cake batter?

It’s preferable to bake the cake batter immediately away, but if you can’t, keep it in the mixing bowl, wrapped with plastic wrap, in the fridge for a day or two. If you need to keep the batter fresh for a longer period of time, place it in a frozen ziplock bag.

What can you do with leftover batter?

What to Do With Extra Dough or Batter
1 Making Muffins with Leftover Pancake Batter.
2 Creating Cinnamon Rolls with Leftover Pie Crust.
Creating Little Quiches with Leftover Pie Crust.
4 How to Make Doughnut Holes with Leftover Pizza Dough.
5 How to Make Dessert Pizza with Leftover Cookie Dough.
More to come…

What can be made from leftover cake?

Cake Pops Have 12 Amazing Applications. It probably goes without saying, but cake pops are the prettiest way to use up leftover cake.
Cake … French toast…. Ice Cream Mix-Ins…. Cake Shakes…. Trifle…. Grilled Cake…. Not-Bread Puddings.
Pie crusts made from crumbled cake.
Additional information…•May 30, 2021

How do you use cake waste?

Six creative ways to use up leftover cake
Amazing crumbs. Substitute biscuit crumbs with cake bits to sweeten ice cream, such as this no-churn cream-tea scoop.
Bread and butter improved…
Make friends with your freezer.
Pops are perfect.
Make a trifle out of it.
Make the most of your time in Madeira.

How do you reuse refrigerated cake batter?

Instead, you may bake your batter straight from the refrigerator by adding a few minutes to the baking time. Let the batter to thaw in the refrigerator overnight if it was frozen. If using a frozen Ziplock bag, snip one corner and squeeze the mixture into the prepared cake pans before baking.

What do bakeries do with leftovers?

Certain foods can be preserved and consumed at a later date. Baked items that have lost their freshness may be recycled. Leftovers are also often donated to food pantries and homeless shelters. The remainder will be discarded.

What are 3 uses of batter?

Batter is most often used to make pancakes, light cakes, and to cover fried dishes. It is also used to make various batter breads.

Where do you put leftover batter?

According to Expert Home Tips, pancake batter including dairy and wheat should be refrigerated for two to four days. Of course, this is dependent on the expiry date of the eggs and milk used to produce the batter. To keep pancake batter fresh, put it in an airtight container or resealable bag.

What are leftover batter bits?

Scraps, batter bits, or crispies are fragments of deep-fried batter left over after frying fish that are given as an addition to chips. Several fish and chip establishments in the United Kingdom have historically offered them free of charge with chips, while other locations charge for the leftovers.

What do they do with the leftover cakes on cake Wars?

Of course, we’re all wondering about what happens to that full feast of goodies after shooting is through. As it turns out, the crew gets first dibs, according to Marketplace. The leftovers and abandoned pantry products are subsequently given to MEND, a Los Angeles-based social service nonprofit.

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