12 Excellent Methods for Steeping Loose Tea (Without an Infuser)

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If you’re new to the world of tea and didn’t realize you required an infuser, or if you just forgot to pick one up with your next loose tea purchase, you could find yourself in a pickle.

Without the necessary instruments, how will you be able to drink your excellent tea? It’s a conundrum that practically every tea lover has faced.

Before you have a nervous breakdown, know that there are still methods to sip your tea. All it takes is a little imagination and a few basic things you probably already have on hand.

1 – Try it the Old-Fashioned Way

12 Great Ways to Steep Loose Tea (Without an Infuser)

Tea was usually brewed without an infuser in ancient China. The ancient Chinese boiled their tea in what is known as a Gaiwan rather than filtering it. A Gaiwan is a huge ceramic teapot with a broad top.

All you need to do to filter your tea leaves is lay a saucer or plate over the kettle and pour. The top functions as a makeshift filter and is as effective as an infuser.

In this scenario, a real Gaiwan would be excellent, but chances are you don’t have one of these handy pots sitting around. Don’t be concerned; you can always improvise.

A standard teapot without the lid is your best choice, but an ordinary coffee or tea cup would also do. You may also try it with a little bowl!

The procedure is simple: add your tea leaves (larger tea leaves work better) and boiling water. After steeping the tea leaves to your preference, filter the leaves using a plate the same diameter as the top of the pot.

You should practice this procedure with cold water a few times before attempting it with boiling-hot water. Otherwise, you risk burning yourself, making it harder to enjoy your tea.

2 – Use a French Press

12 Great Ways to Steep Loose Tea (Without an Infuser)

If you like coffee as much as you do tea, you may already possess a French press. Although these little gadgets are often used for making coffee, they also work well with tea leaves.

Add the tea leaves to the bottom of the French press in the same way you would coffee grinds. Then, pour in your hot water. Allow the tea leaves to soak for a few minutes before pressing the press down to filter them. After that, pour into your cup.

This approach is ideal for folks who enjoy cold tea since you can just place the press in the fridge for a few hours and it will be ready. Instant iced tea, not to add that the extra time steeping will enhance the taste of your tea.

3 – Coffee Filters Work for Tea Too!

Let’s chat about coffee filters while we’re on the subject. Coffee filters, which are usually designated for your coffee maker, may also be used to make tea. Although you can boil your tea in a coffee pot, using the coffee filter on its own reduces the likelihood of coffee grounds getting into your tea.

You’ll need your beloved tea cup and your favorite loose-leaf tea for this procedure. Take your paper coffee filter and insert it into the cup.

After that, add the tea leaves. After that, pour over boiling water and let it soak. See? Exactly like coffee!

Your tea should be ready after some time. Remove the filter, leaves and all, and have fun! Extra points if you push down on the tea-filled coffee filter with a spoon to extract as much water as possible.

4 – Double Cup it up!

This technique is quite close to the Gaiwan technique. However, instead of a teapot and saucer, you will just need two cups.

Fill one cup halfway with boiling water, then add the tea leaves. Pour it into the empty cup after it has soaked long enough. Filter out any remaining leaves using the mug’s edge.

Be aware that this procedure might be a bit untidy. We suggest doing this over the sink in case there is a lot of spillage.

5 – Invest in Your Own Tea Bags

If you like doing things yourself, you may be interested in bagging your own tea. You may buy tea filter bags that are already filled with your favorite loose-leaf teas.

Keep in mind that using this approach might be time-consuming and difficult. If you have the time and patience (or enough assistants), you can create yourself enough DIY tea bags to never have to worry about finding an infuser again!

6 – Dig Through Your Kitchen Drawers for a Suitable Replacement

Everyone with a well-stocked kitchen has a strainer someplace. It’s a kitchen need that you or someone you know is guaranteed to have.

While it is not intended for filtering loose-leaf teas, it performs an adequate job.

For this to work, you’ll also need a teapot or two cups. Once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients, add the tea leaves in the cup or tea pot and let to steep.

Pour the liquid through a strainer into a clean cup. If you do not have a strainer, you may use cheesecloth instead, which works just as well.

7 – Dig up a Spork!

A spork, a fork’s cooler elder relative, is also an excellent substitute for a tea infuser. What’s more, if you don’t already have one in your junk drawer, you can pick one up at most fast-food restaurants.

Sporks are more handy than forks since they feature teeth as well as a scoop that will capture any larger tea leaves.

8 – Flour Sifters Aren’t Just for Baking

Bakers and tea aficionados, take note! You can use your flour sifter for more than simply baking! Yes, you read it correctly. If you don’t have a tea infuser but really need tea right now, it’s time to get out the flour sifter.

This works similarly to a strainer in that you just strain your tea leaves through the flour sifter. However, be cautious while using this approach since some tea leaves may be too tiny to filter and may wind up in your drink.

9 – Paper Towels Can Do More Than Just Clean up Your Messes

Paper towels are something that almost everyone has on hand. They’re great for wiping down surfaces, clearing up spills, and preparing tea!

Paper towels, like cheesecloth, may filter loose-leaf tea to give you that ideal cup of tea you’ve been yearning.

Even if you don’t have paper towels on hand, a napkin will suffice. As with a coffee filter, a paper towel or napkin may be used. Fill a cup halfway with boiling water, then add the tea leaves. Allow to steep.

Remove the paper towel once it has rested for a sufficient amount of time. If you leave it in for too long, the paper towel will crumble and end up in your cup.

10 – Water Bottle Tea Infusers Are Your Best Friend

If you want to brew loose-leaf tea on the move but don’t want to bother with strainers, paper towels, or a bunch of cups, you can always invest in a water bottle tea infuser.

These are yet another method for making wonderful iced tea, and they operate by filling the infuser in the centre of the water bottle with tea leaves.

Allow water to sit. You may drink it hot or cold; however, if you add hot water, be sure your water bottle is not made of plastic.

With a water bottle infuser, you can conveniently transport your favorite beverage wherever you go.

11 – Aluminum Foil: Not Just for Saving Leftovers

Aluminum foil is one of those materials that is simple to work with. You can form it into almost any shape you can think of.

The good news is that you can shape it into a tea infuser if you don’t have one. Simply wrap your loose-leaf tea into a ball of aluminum foil and poke holes in it.

After that, you may pour water over it and let it soak.

12 – The Last Resort

If you’ve hit your limit and don’t have any of the aforementioned products, you may always suck it up and drink your tea unfiltered. Although it is not ideal, your tea will taste the same, if not better.

The worst that may happen is that some tea leaves become lodged in your teeth! Plus, after you’re through, you may read your tea leaves to see what the future holds for you (hopefully, a new tea leaf infuser!).


How do you steep loose leaf tea without infuser?

If you have a decent tea strainer, just place 5 grams of leaves in it and soak it in a cup of warm water. When the brewing time is done, just remove the strainer and place it on a plate or paper towel to allow the residual water to filter out of the leaves.

Can you steep tea without infuser?

Pouring Restriction

Even mediocre grades of loose leaves, which may release bitterness more rapidly or be more difficult to separate from the water, may be brewed without the need of any special equipment by just pouring the tea through any available strainer.

Can you strain tea with a paper towel?

Make a rectangle out of the paper towel by folding it in half. Then fold it in half again to make a square. Place your loose leaf tea in one of the square’s corners. Pour boiling water into a cup and let to brew to the desired strength.

How do you steep loose tea on the stove?

Tea pitcher has a capacity of 2 gallons.
Pour steeped tea into tea jug using a strainer.3 cups sugar in a 1Instructions
In a saucepan, heat half a gallon of water until nearly boiling.
Pour 4 teaspoons loose tea into a cup of hot water.
Allow to steep for 3-4 minutes.
Optional: If you want sweet tea, add 1 scoop.

Can you put loose leaf tea directly in cup?

Tea, loose. Place 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea in a tea strainer, place the strainer in your cup, and then pour sufficiently hot water straight over the leaves. Measure 1-2 teaspoons per 8oz of water if using a teapot.

Can you put loose leaf tea straight in the cup?

Cup It. This is the simplest method for making loose leaf tea and is very useful if you wish to read your tea leaves afterwards. Simply place your tea leaves in the cup, add hot water, and steep!

Can you steep tea in normal water?

The cold steep tea (also known as cold brew tea) technique includes preparing tea with just cold water, no heat needed! Although the procedure takes longer, the end result is a lighter-bodied tea with less astringency and bitterness.

Can you steep tea in other liquids?

Tea may be brewed with milk (or almost any other liquid).

Steeping simply transfers the benefits of the tea leaf to the water (or other liquid). Water is simply the favored beverage in contemporary culture owing to its neutral flavor and quantity.

Do you keep water boiling when steeping tea?

Warm Your Water

Fresh water makes for a nicer cup. We advise you to use filtered, spring, or bottled water. Fill your tea kettle halfway with cold water and bring to a boil — unless you’re preparing green or 100% white tea. Stop short of boiling in such scenario to prevent “cooking” the delicate tea leaves.

How do you make loose tea without a tea strainer?

Towel made of paper. The first approach involves the use of a coffee filter; however, if you don’t have one, you may use a paper towel.
Making use of a sieve.
Making use of a Mason jar.
How to Make an Aluminum Foil Infuser.4 Methods for Making Loose Leaf Tea Without an Infuser
Making Use of a Coffee Filter

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