14 Must-Have Gifts for a Baker Enthusiast

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Do you have a friend, father, sibling, or other loved one that is entirely crazy with baking? Do you have no idea what to gift them for Christmas or a birthday?

There is no reason to be concerned. There are several goods available that would make an ideal present for a baker fan. These things vary from apparel to cake pans to exquisitely crafted dishes on which to display their handiwork.

It might be difficult to find the ideal present for a baker. The ideal present for you to offer your loved one can differ depending on how much money you have available. For a child’s or parent’s birthday, you could be ready to spend $500 on a brand-new Kitchen Aid that they really needed after their old one broke.

For a buddy, you might buy them an excellent pair of piping tips for $25. However, there is no need to be concerned since there are several types of presents available at both ends of the financial spectrum.

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“Big-Spender” Gifts (When you’re willing to splurge)

14 Must-Have Gifts for a Baker Enthusiast

1 – KitchenAid Stand Mixer

In my view, a stand mixer is the most important instrument for a baker. It whips, beats, stirs, and kneads, reducing the amount of time and work required to finish a recipe. It creates the ideal batter or dough by ensuring optimum texture and complete mixing of components.

If a KitchenAid stand mixer is too pricey, or if the recipient already has one, try purchasing a KitchenAid accessory for them. A pasta maker, spiralizer, juicer, or blender are all examples of KitchenAid attachments.

These are often less costly than the KitchenAid itself, but they enable the KitchenAid to do a variety of other duties.


  • A stand mixer saves time and makes food preparation quick and uncomplicated, making it an essential tool for bakers.
  • If your loved one already owns a KitchenAid, an attachment is an excellent present.
  • They come in a variety of interesting colors, allowing you to slightly tailor them to your loved one’s preferences–pink, blue, white, black, whatever!


  • They are pricey, ranging between $400 and $700.
  • They are large- if the person you want to give a present to lives in a tiny apartment or moves often, this gift may not be suitable.
  • If you acquire the stand mixer, bear in mind that you may need to obtain a number of attachments (such as a whisk, paddle, and so on) so the person receiving it does not have to go out and get them.

2 – Cuisinart Food Processor

This food processor is another useful present, particularly for someone who does not own one. It minces, dices, and mixes food and substances. A Cuisinart food processor is ideal for one-bowl baking projects and may also be used to prepare meals.


  • No one will be disappointed if they get a Cuisinart; they make things so much simpler and should be owned by every baker.
  • They have many functions.
  • Theyre fast- blending is made easy.


  • The Cuisinart has several separate pieces that all fit together, making it difficult to clean and keep track of (some people may not like having something so cumbersome in their kitchen).
  • There are now smaller versions that are simpler and more efficient to operate, such as the Ninja (described below).
  • They can be dangerous; I’ve cut myself with a Cuisinart blade before.

3 – Ninja Blender

These new small devices are, how would I put it, fantastic! They are available in a variety of sizes, including a tiny blender, a standard smoothie blender, and a full-fledged high-powered blender.

They are the ideal present since they are simple to use, perform well, and available in a variety of sizes based on their intended application.


  • Simply remove the bottom with the blade installed, add your ingredients, replace the top, plug the Ninja in, and push down to blend.
  • They perform an excellent job, blending quickly and completely.
  • The variety of sizes and functions lets you to choose the ideal one for your baking.


  • Hard to clean.
  • The blades are razor-sharp, and it’s easy to cut oneself on them.
  • The little Ninjas don’t fit much, so consider what the baker will use them for.

4 – “Luxury” Foods or Ingredients

Okay. This is, without a doubt, the ideal present for a baker. Any real baker is the ideal foodie, which means they will enjoy any sophisticated or high-quality food or ingredients that are presented to them.

If you’re traveling or going to a high-end grocery store or farmers market, look for some high-quality food or ingredients (fresh or preserved depending on the scenario) and purchase some to give as a present. This may vary from exquisitely made chocolates to a little container of caviar to Costa Rican cocoa nibs.

Any unique or well-made cuisine is ideal for someone who enjoys baking. They don’t even need to be able to bake with it; they’ll simply enjoy the dish as is!


  • There are several foods and substances that make excellent presents.
  • No one hates a gift of luxury food.
  • The greatest thing is that your loved one may even share the meal with you, allowing you to sample the luxurious cuisine you just purchased!


  • Depending on where you live, it might be difficult to obtain sophisticated cuisine that would be suitable as a present.
  • Some foods, such as caviar and truffle, are very pricey.
  • If food is not preserved, it has a danger of turning stale or decaying.

Budget-Friendly Gifts

14 Must-Have Gifts for a Baker Enthusiast

5 – Pans

You can’t go wrong with baker pans. Circle cake pans, heart-shaped cake pans, muffin pans, and even cookie shot pans (yes, these exist)!

When purchasing pans for a baker, you have the option of going basic (circular, square, muffin) or going all out and purchasing micro bundt pans, cookie shot pans, or cake pop pans.


  • You may create this into whatever sort of present you want: a classy one with a great set of pans, a humorous one with an oddly-shaped pan, or a fun one with a pan like a cookie-shot or cake pop pan.
  • A baker can always use pans, in my experience.


  • When selecting pans for a baker, keep in mind that there’s a strong possibility they already have one in that form.
  • If the baker you’re gifting pans to already has a lot of pans, you may not want to buy them another pan since they already have too many!

6 – Silicone Molds

A silicone mold is ideal for any baker who likes experimenting with various forms and producing elegant and attractive sweets. When I mention silicone mold, I’m referring about hemisphere molds, little chocolate molds, or square molds.

A baker may use them to produce chocolate spheres filled with anything from chocolate mousse to ice cream, bakery-worthy chocolates, or exquisite stacked chilled desserts.


  • This present would be appreciated by a baker who enjoys experimenting and is pretty experienced.
  • The molds may be used to produce anything, giving the baker the opportunity to experiment with diverse tastes.
  • Silicone molds come in a variety of forms and are reasonably priced, so you may get numerous sets for your loved one.


  • If you acquire a silicone mold in an unusual form, the baker may not use it very often (for example, if I had heart-shaped silicon molds, I wouldn’t know when to use them).
  • It is easy to be duped and wind up purchasing a low-quality silicone mold that breaks after the first usage.

7 – Cookbooks

If you’re looking for a last-minute present for a baker, buy them a cookbook! Of course, excellent cookbooks are required for every baker. The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum is one of the most popular on Amazon.com.


  • There are several cookbooks to select from, many of which are excellent.
  • A baker will always use a cookbook.


  • You really need to know what the baker enjoys making in order to purchase them a useful cookbook.
  • They may get rather pricey, with some exceeding $100.
  • They may also be rather large; some cookbooks are quite large.

8 – Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are an excellent present, especially during the holiday season. Cookie cutters enable bakers to mold cookies into precise shapes (whatever form the cookie cutter is in) and then decorate them as desired.

Give the gift of little gingerbread cookie cutters for the holidays! Or how about a cookie cutter set that enables the maker to construct a gingerbread house?


  • They’re inexpensive–you may get more than one for a loved one for a reasonable price!
  • They come in a variety of forms; you may pick a comical one, a charming one, or just a useful one.
  • A baker can never have too many cookie cutters, particularly if they are preparing for children. Decorating unusually shaped cookies is always enjoyable.


  • It’s a basic present, so try complementing it with something else, such as a cookbook.
  • The baker may already have a cookie cutter similar to the one you purchased.

9 – Baking Attire

As an ardent baker, I’ve discovered that a good apron or a comical item of apparel with a baking or culinary allusion is appreciated. An apron shields me from the flour that I (and I’m sure most bakers) manage to get everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere.

I sometimes see t-shirts or other articles of apparel with hilarious baking-related sayings on them, which always make a fantastic present to make your loved one chuckle (for examples, see our range of baking-themed t-shirts).

Aside from clothing, additional baking accessories that make excellent gifts include stylish garments or mittens for shielding your hands from hot meals coming out of the oven or for use as a dish towel. The beauty of baking clothing is that you may get creative with the style or pattern on the fabric of anything you’re providing.


  • Giving a baker an apron is always a good idea; they’ll enjoy having something to protect their clothes.
  • Aprons and other articles of apparel are often inexpensive, which is ideal if your present is for a buddy who enjoys baking.
  • Some baking-themed attire is rather amusing, while others are indecent (which may be amusing depending on who you give it to).


  • Some individuals do not enjoy or need an apron or other clothes apparel while baking (I am guilty of this and prefer to cook without an apron, despite the mess).
  • Finding a lovely apron or other piece of clothing might be difficult.

10 – A Nice Set of Bowls or Other Serving Platters

Despite its simplicity, this gift is ideal for the baker aficionado. Every baker need lovely serving plates or bowls to offer and prepare their delights in.

Speaking from my experience, when I don’t have the proper plate or dish to serve up my products, I wish I had something better so that I could display my food a bit more attractively.

lovely bowls are also a great present since a baker can always use additional lovely dishes to combine ingredients and let bread rise in.


  • You gift your loved one a lovely dish in which to exhibit their baked products; this is really useful to the baker when he or she wants to show off their efforts.
  • You may purchase inexpensive or costly serving dishes or mixing bowls; the option is entirely yours, and there are many of gorgeous looking dishes that aren’t too pricey.
  • It’s difficult to go wrong if you select something that looks nice and serves the goal of carrying a dessert.


  • It is essential to exercise caution, particularly when purchasing bowls, as a cheap material may lead to mishaps in the kitchen. Purchasing a cheap metal mixing bowl, for example, may be a mistake because when the baker whips egg whites with an electric mixer, the metal may shave off into the meal.
  • Some platters, particularly the truly beautiful ones, are rather pricey.

11 – Cake-Making Equipment

If your loved one enjoys creating cakes and cupcakes, purchasing cake-making equipment is a terrific option. Cake spatulas for smoothing the frosting, piping tips, piping bags, edible markers, cupcake wrappers, and so on are all included.


  • You can gift a baker so many items to assist them create cakes–even interesting tiny instruments like a pen that can spew out piping to embellish the cake!
  • If the baker is serious about their cakes, they will never have enough piping bags or tips.


  • Cake-decorating tools are often little presents, so you should definitely purchase them many tools or another small gift to match with the tool.
  • If you are unfamiliar with baking, you may need to conduct some study to discover what cake decorators use.

12 – Packaging

Although it may seem strange, as a baker, I like baking for friends and family. If I’m providing baked goods as a gift, I want to display them in a clean and attractive manner. In some circumstances, a serving plate would enough, but in others, I like to use little colored bags and stickers.

Other sorts of packing, if they can be called that, are also excellent for giving as presents. Pretty cupcake liners, for example, make an excellent present and are relatively inexpensive. Giving beautifully designed packaging as a present allows the baker to distribute their products, whether for the holidays or a party.


  • A baker may always utilize packaging to make their products seem nice and to distribute them.
  • Many people value well designed packaging.


  • It’s difficult to find elegant packaging that’s acceptable for baked products.
  • Some bakers won’t use it, so make sure the baker you’re gifting it to is into that type of thing.

13 – A Gift Card to a Baking Class

If you’re at a loss for what to get your baker loved one, a class is always a good option. Stores such as Williams Sonoma and numerous pastry shops offer lessons in a number of subjects, including cake design, pastry making, and cuisine, to mention a few. The lessons are normally a couple of hours long.


  • A baker can always learn new techniques.
  • It may be a pleasant thing to do with your loved one as a type of celebration!


  • You must hope that the person to whom you are giving your present is available on the day of the lesson, or they will be unable to attend.
  • Sometimes the baker is more advanced than the class, so be sure they are serious about attending the class and will not find it too simple or too difficult.
  • Depending on where you live, it may be difficult to locate a class nearby.

14 – Rolling Pins, Marble Boards, or Silicone Baking Mats

So these goods have their own category since I believe they are three presents that can never go wrong. They each make the ideal present since their prices are neither cheap nor costly, yet they are all necessary for any baker.

A rolling pin may be used to roll out any kind of dough, and any baker will appreciate a nice rolling pin. Marble boards, such as this one, are ideal for mixing, kneading, or rolling out dough, and they also provide an attractive backdrop for filming or photographing the baking process.

Silicone baking mats are the best baking utensil because, unlike parchment paper, they can be reused and nothing attaches to them.


  • A well-designed rolling pin or marble cutting board is the ideal equipment for a baker and adds a professional touch to their baking.
  • Silpat baking mats are essential for every baker, and believe me, they will be used.
  • Each might be of high quality while being reasonably priced.
  • If the baker enjoys taking films, a marble cutting board will provide a smooth and attractive backdrop for the video.


  • A rolling pin and marble cutting board may be rather weighty, so use caution while purchasing them and delivering them to the recipient.
  • A huge marble board may be considered excessive and superfluous by some.

Whatever present you offer a baking fanatic, as long as it is baking related, they will like it. If you want to be generous, you may offer them a selection of equipment, cookbooks, baking apparel, or good machines.

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gift, there are lots of inexpensive choices that will make the ideal present.

As a baker, I appreciate any baking-related present, and I like experimenting with equipment or materials that I am unfamiliar with. Many bakers would love to test new equipment or recipes to improve their expertise, so don’t be scared to get your loved one something unique!

The actual benefit of giving a baker a gift is that you may be able to test what they produce with what you gave them!


What is the best gift to give a baker?

The 30 Best Bakery Gifts
A Dough Whisk (and More) Danish Dough Whisk from Zulay Kitchen Hand Mixer, Large.
Ateco Bowl Scrapers (Set of 2) Versatile Scraper…
A Bread Lame of the First Order.
A Cast Iron Combination.
The Most Effective Rectangular Baking Pan.
The Most Effective Round Cake Pan.
A fantastic stand mixer.
A Premium Food Processor.

What does a baker always need?

Turner of metal.
Brush with a pastry brush.
Scissors for the kitchen.
The rolling pin.Scraper.
SpatulaMeasuring Cups (Liquid and Dry) and Spoons are essential baking tools. Baking requires accuracy, so having a complete set of measuring cups and spoons on hand is essential.
Spoon(s) made of wood…
Spatula with Rubber Tip

What can you buy in a baker’s?

Bars, breads (bagels, buns, rolls, biscuits, and loaf breads), cookies, desserts (cakes, cheesecakes, and pies), muffins, pizza, snack cakes, sweet goods (doughnuts, Danish, sweet rolls, cinnamon rolls, and coffee cake), and tortillas are examples of bakery and baked goods categories.

What do you call someone who bakes for a hobby?

A hobby baker is someone who bakes for the pleasure of baking as a pastime, someone who OCCASIONALLY bakes cakes for friends and family members ONLY, with no money, time, or hourly rate exchanged AT ALL.

What to get for friend that likes baking?

The Top 10 Bakery Gifts
Stand Mixer from Cuisinart. The Cuisinart 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer is a must-have gadget and one of the best presents for bakers and home chefs.
Set of nonstick bakeware.
Set of mixing bowls.
Scale for the kitchen.
The food processor.
Rolling Pin with a Decorative Design.
Pie Dish made of ceramic.
Hand mixer with an electric motor.

What do you give a pastry chef?

Bakery & Pastry Chef Gift Ideas
Chef’s Coat for Pastry. Chef, yes!…
Molds for four copper canneles.
Pastry cutter with many wheels from Ateco.
ChefSteps Joule Circulator for Sous Vide.
Chef’s Knife should be avoided.
Thermometer on the spot.
Kit includes an airbrush and a compressor.
For Crème Bûlée, use a butane torch.

How can a baker stand out?

How to Make Your Bakery Stand Out in 8 Simple Steps
Create a strong brand.
Determine your niche.
Provide a lot of value.
Provide exceptional client service.
Maintain a competitive advantage.
Maintain consistency.
Do things differently.
Always provide your best effort.

What are 3 common foods a baker makes?

Bakery items such as bread, rolls, cookies, pies, pastries, and muffins are often made with flour or meal generated from grain.

What is baker famous for?

A baker is a tradesperson who uses an oven or other focused heat source to make and occasionally sell breads and other flour-based items. A bakery is the location where a baker works.

What is the most popular item in a bakery?

1. Baked goods. It should come as no surprise that cookies account for 12% of all bakery sales, according to a BakeMag.com poll. Traditional favorites like chocolate chip and peanut butter contain few ingredients and are widely popular, making them an excellent product to offer if you want to earn money.

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