3 Simple Ways to Crush Apples Without a Crusher

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Homemade cider or juice is one of the nicest things to create from a huge crop of apples. Instead of sipping store-bought cider loaded with sweets and chemicals, try a drink prepared from apples you picked yourself.

To create juice, you usually need a fruit crusher. A fruit crusher separates the juice from the fruit, making it simpler to create beverages.

A crusher, on the other hand, is a somewhat obscure piece of equipment that few individuals own.

Even if you don’t have a crusher, you can still grind up apples finely enough to extract juice using one of the techniques listed below.

How a Crusher Works

3 Simple Ways to Crush Apples Without a Crusher

An apple crusher, also known as a fruit press, is a piece of machinery used to process apples and other fruits. The crusher also separates solids from juice, such as pulp and seeds, resulting in only the best organic liquids for your pleasure.

Fruit crushers come in a variety of styles. Traditional ram presses employ a piston and are frequently referred to as piston presses.

significant fruit crushers are used by professional orchards and cideries to extract significant volumes of juice from their product. There are, however, smaller models driven by hand cranks that may be used at home.

Since their creation, nothing has changed in the design of crushers, which remains basic. That’s why so many individuals choose to create their own. Other equipment may also be used to simulate the operation of a crusher.

Crushing Apples Without a Crusher

There are several reasons why you may not have a crusher on hand. Some of them may be unreasonably costly or take up an inordinate amount of room for a piece of equipment that is only used a few times each year.

Even while it is feasible to manufacture one yourself, it is a lot of work for kitchen equipment that is seldom used.

Although purchasing a crusher makes juicing simpler, you may still enjoy fresh juice without one by following these steps.

1 – Use a Juice Steamer

A juice steamer (also known as a steam juicer) is a three-sectioned pot that utilizes steam to extract the juice from the fruit. It works well with apples, berries, and other fruits and vegetables.

To use a juice steamer, fill the bottom portion with boiling water, and then let the steam separate the juice. Then, quarter the apples and place them in the top portion.

As the water boils, the steam separates the juice from the pulp, and the apple juice collects in the center. The central piece normally includes a hose for draining the juice as it cooks so that it does not fall into the boiling water.

A juice steamer is often less costly and simpler to keep than a fruit crusher. However, it produces less juice than a steamer, thus it is only helpful if you have a small quantity of apples to juice.

2 – Food Processor

A food processor is another piece of kitchen equipment that may be used to smash apples. A food processor fitted with a shredding attachment can swiftly chop apples and separate the juice from the pulp.

A food processor, like a juice steamer, can only shred tiny quantities of apples at a time. This approach works best if you just have a few apples or if you have the patience to smash them in batches.

To get the most out of the apples, freeze them first. By making the apples simpler to smash, this boosts the juice output.

3 – Make Your Own Crusher

If you’re dealing with a big quantity of apples, kitchen tools like a food processor or juicer won’t be adequate to process them all. If you don’t want to buy a crusher, you may make one at home.

Some folks pound their apples in a bucket with a sturdy pole or spatula. By smashing the apples, the juice is released. The liquid may then be separated from the solid solids by straining.

Others create their own crusher using more unusual at-home technology. To separate the juice from the pulp, some individuals use a laundry spinner, which is an old-fashioned piece of machinery that removes extra water from clothes.

If you’re adept with power tools, you can even create your own fruit crusher out of scrap wood and tools like a drill. There are several YouTube videos on how to build a crusher.

Tips for the Best Juice

Whatever technique you employ, you want your apple juice or cider to be as good as possible, particularly if you’re going to the work of making it without a crusher.

Freeze your apples before crushing or utilizing kitchen equipment to maximize your juice production. Even if you use less advanced ways than a crusher, this will boost the juice production.

It takes a little more time, but quarter your apples before crushing them. This enables you to look inside and prevents you from accidentally adding decaying fruit to your juice.

Getting the Best Out of Your Apples Without a Crusher

Even if you don’t have a fruit crusher at home, you can still make your own juice or cider. Crushers may be costly and difficult to use, but there are other alternatives.

If you just have a small amount of apples, you may extract the juice using kitchen tools such as a juice steamer or food processor.

A bucket and something heavy, such as a wooden pole, may be used to duplicate a fruit crusher for a bigger quantity. You may even build your own crusher at home with the help of internet manuals.

Enjoying great homemade juice is achievable regardless of approach.


How do you crush apples at home?

Cutting your apples into slices is insufficient, but using a food processor will result in a purée that is too fine for pressing. Crushing apples may be done simply by putting them in a big bucket and hammering them with a clean piece of lumber.

How do you squeeze apples without a press?

Since we’re not peeling anything, wash your apples well before coarsely chopping them and tossing them into your food processor, skin and all! I was able to fit roughly 6 apples into my 7-Cup Capacity Food Processor. However, this will vary depending on the size of your apple and food processor.

How do you crush apples for cider without a press?

If you don’t have an apple press, you may make cider at home using a juicer (a masticating juicer) or a food processor – both will suffice. Juicer – You don’t have to bother about coring or removing the seeds since the juicer will do it for you.

What is the best way to grind apples?

It merely takes a few steps and some basic equipment. The ideal method to crush apples for cidermaking in small quantities is using a cider mill, but you may also use an electric kitchen blender or juicer. You’ll need a bigger electric apple grinder for larger commercial-sized quantities.

What can I use to crush fruit?

According to Elizabeth Andress of the National Center for Home Food Preservation, do not prepare the fruit in a blender or food processor. Finely slice the fruit as directed in the recipe, or crush with a potato masher or other technique that does not introduce air into the fruit.”

How do you squeeze fruit without a squeezer?

Get a fork and a bowl ready. With the tines of the fork, lightly probe the sliced surface all around. Holding the citrus in one hand, choose a location near the middle of the fruit, insert the fork, and twist to release the juice into the basin below.

How do you mash apples without a blender?

Without a blender, make apple purée for your baby at home.
The apple should be washed and peeled.
Remove the seeds and the hard center.
Cut the peeled apple into half.
Fill the kettle halfway with water.
Cook till it is extremely soft.
You may feed your infant after thoroughly mashing the apple slices with a fork.

What do you need to press apples?

You may prepare the apples for pressing by passing them through a scratter or pomace machine, which runs the fruit through blades. You may buy these machines or try your hand at creating your own. The pulp will drain into a bag, which will be used for pressing later.

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