37 Unique Gifts for Bakers Who Have It All

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It’s that time of year again when everyone is scrambling to find the perfect presents for everyone in their life. Perhaps you know a few individuals who like baking and want to offer them a present that complements their enthusiasm for the kitchen.

But what should you buy a baker? You don’t want to give them anything they already have (they almost certainly have a measuring cup).

Don’t be concerned! This article will provide you with a plethora of wonderful, one-of-a-kind gift ideas for the bakers in your life. Perhaps they will even make you some cookies in exchange.

1 – Digital Measuring Cup

We bakers prefer things to be accurate, and our meticulously prepared recipes often depend on precise measurements.

A digital measuring cup guarantees that all of our components are measured to the precise amount required.

A digital measuring cup is two instruments in one, serving as both a scale and a volume measurer. Bakers like dual utility in tools, but don’t we all?

2 – Cake Flavored Chapstick

A baker may have a cake hunger long after the cake has been created and consumed. Cake-flavored chapstick can fulfill your appetite without adding extra calories to your diet!

This handy present wonderfully encapsulates the lovely fragrance of cake and is the ideal stocking stuffer for any baker. Cake-flavored soft lips are more kissable than ever!

3 – Cake in a Mug

A cup cake is about as wonderful as it gets for the on-the-go baker. Simply combine the cake mixture with your favorite beverage in a cup, microwave it, and you’re done!

Don’t forget to include the cup when giving this as a gift. Check out our custom baking designs on TeePublic.com or RedBubble.com for a baking-themed mug.

4 – Edible Paper and Ink Printer

This might be the ultimate baker’s gift. A printer that can print on edible paper and inkopens up all kinds of possibilities to embellish your baked delicacies but fairly pricey.

An edible printer can print anything from a family portrait on a cake to It’s a boy! on a batch of cookies. These printers are ideal for swiftly and simply decorating cakes for birthday celebrations and other gatherings.

Your children will be particularly impressed by how delicious your baked items appear!

5 – Flexible Baking Mold

A flexible baking mold, which enables you to build a mold in almost any form you can think, is one of the trendiest new baking tools available these days.

These molds are constructed of short, flexible silicone strips that snap together to form different forms.

The silicone strips are FDA certified, nonstick, and (most of the time) leak free. Best of all, they’re reasonably priced!

Get this for the creative baker in your life.

6 – Cookie Press

While the ordinary cookie tastes delicious, its look often falls short. This is when a cookie press comes in handy.

You may use a cookie press to make cookies that not only taste well but also look good. Not only that, but you can make gorgeous and delicately formed cookies without the time and talent that a professional baker requires.

Cookie presses are an excellent method to add diversity and creativity to your cookies when you need results quickly.

7 – Baking T-Shirts

When I’m getting ready to bake, I put on my favorite baking t-shirt to set the tone. Get a hilarious t-shirt with a statement that only a baker would understand.

A Baking is my Superpower shirt is ideal for superhero cookie makers, while an I Kneed You Shirt is ideal for bread bakers.

There are so many charming sayings that you’re certain to locate the ideal present. Consider some of our greatest designs for inspiration.

8 – Aprons

While you may believe that every baker already has an apron, there are a variety of entertaining patterns that every baker would appreciate having in their collection.

An apron can brighten a kitchen and truly put a baker in the spirit to prepare, from utilitarian aprons that also provide measurement conversions to colorful aprons with festive designs and photos.

They also keep your clothing clean, which is very important when dealing with flour!

9 – Butane Torch

While its applications are not restricted to baking, a butane torch is a good, low-cost present for anybody who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

A butane torch may be used for a variety of purposes, including caramelizing sugar and roasting vegetables.

10 – Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of cake decorating, you may progress to utilizing an airbrush.

While using an airbrush takes some practice, you don’t have to be an expert to make some nice-looking cakes.

I recommend viewing a few videos to gain a sense of the fundamental concepts, then experimenting and having fun. Once you’ve mastered the airbrush, you’ll be able to make some pretty amazing-looking cakes.

11 – Giant Cupcake Mold

Whats better than a cupcake? A giant cupcake!

Giant cupcakes, which are about the size of a small cake, are excellent attention grabbers at birthday parties, weddings, and other social occasions.

This is another fantastic present for the creative baker in your life since it enables you to approach decorating in a different manner to produce something that most people have never seen before.

12 – Baking Mat

While baking mats may not seem very novel to you, you’d be shocked how many bakers have never heard of them or have never given them a try.

Any product that makes baking simpler should be considered a fantastic one, and baking mats are unquestionably one of them. Gone are the days when you would put in all that work to make the perfect cookies only to discover that they were stuck to the pan.

The mesh design of these silicone mats not only facilitates constant heat distribution, resulting in a more evenly cooked food, but it also provides a smooth nonstick surface.

13 – Adjustable Cake Slicer

Anyone who prepares cakes will tell you that cutting the cake into layers is a difficult undertaking. You don’t want some layers to be larger than others, and you also don’t want the cake layers to be sliced crooked.

So, what should a baker do? Of course, use an adjustable cake slicer!

This tool guides the knife through the cake, ensuring that each layer is the same size and sliced completely straight.

Any cake baker will love such a useful gift!

14 – Personalized Rolling Pin

A rolling pin with the baker’s name imprinted straight into the dough is a unique and personal present. Many bakers would never purchase anything for themselves, but they will be infatuated with it once they have it.

Make the rolling pin say anything you want or just use the baker’s name. Everyone will know who prepared those delicious cookies now!

15 – Marble Rolling Pin

Only those who have produced a plethora of pie crusts would understand the weight of a marble rolling pin. Because the hefty marble pounds down on whatever it is rolling, the operator may push less and roll out dough more easily and quickly.

A marble rolling pin both looks and sounds amazing in a kitchen; I’d be surprised if someone told me they baked a pie crust using a marble rolling pin!

16 – Silicone Whisk

While many bakers already have a decent pair of silicone spatulas, a silicone whisk is something fresh and exciting that they will enjoy.

It not only works well as a whisk for whipping up egg whites or combining ingredients, but the silicone-wrapped prongs scrape the bowl as you combine.

Because the whisk is totally covered, the metal on metal whisking motion will never scratch your bowl or leave microscopic metal particles in your batter.

This gadget is not only unique, but it is also required for every professional baker.

17 – Fun Oven Mitts

Any baker needs oven mitts, but a colorful wacky pair is much better! Get a set of bear paw or shark skull oven mitts for an animal lover (with a fantastic sense of humor).

Many mittens with attractive flower motifs are also available for a more simple but still humorous approach. With so many different varieties of oven mitts available, you’re certain to find the right pair for the baker in your life.

18 – Unicorn Sprinkle Shaker

What better way to top cupcakes with sprinkles than with a unicorn sprinkle shaker? This incredible shaker is adorable, quirky, and as uncommon as unicorns themselves!

Purchase this present to help make sprinkles even more enjoyable than they already are.

19 – Cookie Shot Glass Mold

After a long day of baking, you may need a drink to relax and unwind. But, at the end of the day, I still want a delicious cookie.

How to make a cookie using hard liquor. Shot glasses with cookies!

This amazing cookie mold bakes cookies into shot glasses that you can then fill, drink from, and eat- it doesn’t get much better than that.

20 – Copper Mixing Bowl

Copper is the apex of baking materials. When whipping egg whites, using a cooper bowl produces much superior results (lighter, fluffier egg whites that are more stable when beaten) than using a plastic or aluminum bowl.

Copper cookware, on the other hand, may be pricey, which makes it an excellent present. Any baker would adore and appreciate a large copper bowl for many years to come.

21 – Maple Sugar Cube

Fancy sugars are a current baking trend, so keep your baker pals up to date with a maple sugar cube. With a short grater run, sweet maple sugar is ready to garnish any dish.

Purchase a whole bag of maple sugar to provide a varied flavor of the sweet ingredient. This present, which can be used in any recipe that asks for ordinary sugar, will have any baker happy to turn on the oven and test out their new ingredient.

22 – Edible Gold

Adding gold flakes to any baked item quickly transforms it into something sophisticated and professional. Give edible gold flakes to your baker buddies to help them accomplish this level of baking.

While gold isn’t the cheapest item to purchase, it certainly adds visual appeal to everything you put it on (just don’t eat the whole jar or your tummy will regret you; it doesn’t have much taste anyhow!).

23 – Flour Grinder

No baker takes quality flour for granted, and maybe the chef in your life wants to enhance their flour game.

Your baker may now grind their own flour from dried wheat berries, nuts, or other grains with this present. With a flour grinder, they may make an infinite variety of flours, and fresh flours give a whole new level to baking.

For a full present, add a bag of imported Italian wheat berries to the flour grinder.

24 – Tool Box

While kitchen drawers may work for an inexperienced baker, people who bake often may rapidly run out of kitchen room to accommodate all of their baking gear. A colorful metal tool box is an excellent present for any baker.

Look for one with a top shelf or some excellent tiny storage areas–that little square in a tool box where the nails typically go would be ideal for pastry tips!

25 – Fancy Spices

Quality ingredients are always essential in baking and basic cookery. Bakers on a budget may not always be able to invest on nice spices such as vanilla sugar or high-quality cinnamon, but they will enjoy and be thrilled to utilize certain costly spices.

Find a great baker’s spice set (we like this one) to give to any baker who appreciates the intricacies of higher end spices (if you’re fortunate, they may make you a cake with their new premium spices).

26 – Homemade Cookies

Everyone expects you to make all of the pastries after you’ve been designated as a baker. Sometimes all you want is for someone to bake you some cookies or a cake.

This year, give the gift of handcrafted cookies to reward the regular baker to a night off. If you aren’t too good in the kitchen, purchase some cookies cooked by someone else!

27 – Recipe Books

Old-fashioned recipe books are still an excellent location to keep track of any recipes you attempt.

It’s far more convenient to have a handwritten recipe than to have to look it up online every time you want to bake. It also ensures that you have the formula for life!

Any baker should have a great recipe book to keep all of their favorite recipes in one location.

28 – Tablet Docking Station

While I still prefer physical cookbooks, many people now obtain recipes online and must read them on a tablet.

A tablet docking station is the modern-day equivalent of a cookbook holder. It will hold the tablet upright and out of the way, allowing you to read a recipe while baking in the kitchen.

It’s also fantastic for holding a tablet and watching Netflix while baking cookies!

29 – Cake Stencils

Do you want to discover the quickest method to design a cake? Place a cake stencil on top, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and then remove the cake stencil. In less than 5 seconds, you may have a flawless design directly on top of the cake.

This year, look for a colorful design cake stencil to give as a present.

30 – Nesting Bowls and Measuring Cups

A feeling of order is essential in any kitchen, and as a baker, you will gather a large number of instruments that might generate clutter. Give the gift of organization to any baker by purchasing a set of nested bowls and measuring cups.

With a snap-together set, a baker will always know where their equipment are and will be able to maintain the kitchen clean and ordered with less effort.

Furthermore, many nesting bowl and measuring cup sets are available in vibrant hues!

31 – Baked With Love Stamp

Once the ideal cookies and bread have been created, a true baker will want to package and display their work with flair.

Pick up a lovely rubber stamp that reads Baked With Love- any baker will appreciate this present (which they most certainly do not already have!) since it would truly bring that excellent finishing touch to their meals.

Dont all bakers cook with love?!

32 – Complete Candy Making Kit

Although baking and candy making are completely distinct procedures, any dessert-loving baker may want to try their hand at candy making as well.

Pick up a candy making kit to inspire your baker friends’ dessert goals and supply them with all of the materials they need to get started.

Hopefully, this present will ensure that you have plenty more chocolate lollipops in the future!

33 – Ceramic Knife Set

While not traditionally considered a baking tool, a good pair of knives is useful for anybody who spends time in the kitchen.

Ceramic knives, in particular, are becoming more popular. Theyre great for bakers who prefer to swiftly chop up different components, such as fruits and vegetables, to add to their baked products since they readily rinse off and do not retain food particles like other materials often used for blades.

The blades also keep sharper for far longer than steel knives. I have a few sets of ceramic knives that I like (find out why).

34 – Alphabet Cake Pan

If you have a friend that bakes a lot of bespoke cakes, this pan is for them. Any cake maker has experience slicing out cakes to appear like numbers or letters.

Cake makers may forego the knife and just bake the cake into the letter they need in the first place using this clever pan!

This is a present that any cake maker will enjoy!

35 – Red and White Kitchen Twine

While this present may seem goofy at first glance, it is a traditional baking sign that every baker would love. There’s something wonderful and soothing about baked products wrapped with red and white twine, and every baker will want to be able to share that sensation with their customers.

A simple yet extremely appreciated present (perfect for people on a tight budget!). This should be available at your local arts and crafts shop.

36 – Baking Jewelry

Perhaps a measuring cup charm? Perhaps a small cake? What about a locket with a favorite recipe?

Jewelry that represents someone’s passion for baking is a wonderful gift that will be unique and loved by the recipient.

There are so many jewelry alternatives that reflect baking, either physically or figuratively, that you won’t have trouble selecting the ideal gift!

37 – Junior Baking Set

It’s never too early to get your kids involved in baking, particularly if they’ve already shown an interest.

If you or a family member has children, what better way to get them started on their baking career than with a starting baking set? Just make sure they receive a genuine tool set, not one that looks the part but doesn’t function.

A mixing bowl, spatula, rolling pin, and measuring cup set is a wonderful place to start.Check out our gift guide for aspiring bakers for additional present ideas for kids.

You’ll be well-prepared for your next birthday or holiday with all of these fantastic gift ideas for bakers. Instead of stressing over what to purchase someone, use your time preparing a wonderful dessert to accompany your present!


What do you buy someone who loves to bake?

The Top 10 Bakery Gifts
Stand Mixer from Cuisinart. The Cuisinart 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer is a must-have gadget and one of the best presents for bakers and home chefs.
Set of nonstick bakeware.
Set of mixing bowls.
Scale for the kitchen.
The food processor.
Rolling Pin with a Decorative Design.
Pie Dish made of ceramic.
Hand mixer with an electric motor.

What can you buy in a baker’s?

Subscribe. Bars, breads (bagels, buns, rolls, biscuits, and loaf breads), cookies, desserts (cakes, cheesecakes, and pies), muffins, pizza, snack cakes, sweet goods (doughnuts, Danish, sweet rolls, cinnamon rolls, and coffee cake), and tortillas are examples of bakery and baked goods categories.

What to gift a pastry chef?

If the baker in your life is just getting started or is thinking about becoming a pastry chef, these beginning baking gifts are ideal:
Rolling Pin in Marble.
Scale of ingredients.
Extracts of the highest quality.
Set of Piping Tips.
Work Mat for Baking.
Maker of ice cream.
Ruby Dark Chocolate.
Baskets for testing.

What every baker should have in their kitchen?

Turner of metal.
Brush with a pastry brush.
Scissors for the kitchen.
The rolling pin.Scraper.
SpatulaMeasuring Cups (Liquid and Dry) and Spoons are essential baking tools. Baking requires accuracy, so having a complete set of measuring cups and spoons on hand is essential.
Spoon(s) made of wood…
Spatula with Rubber Tip

What is the most popular baking item?

Bread is the most often baked foodstuff, although many other items are baked as well.

What baked goods do people like the most?

The most popular pies include apple pie, pumpkin pie, cream pie, custard pie, meringue pie, galette, and chiffon pie. Cupcakes and muffins are the most popular and lucrative bakery goods. Red velvet, chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, cream, and hazelnut are the best cupcake and muffin flavors to sell.

What are 10 bakery items?

TOP 30 Best Bakery Cakes Goods to Sell. Cakes are among the most lucrative goods offered in the majority of bakeries.
Cookies. Cookies are another of the most lucrative bakery goods.
Rolls that are sweet.
Pastry puff.
Pizza slices and little pizzas.

What bakery items make the most money?

14 Most Profitable Bakery Baked Goods
Cakes. Cakes account for 24% of all bakery sales.
Pies. From apple to pumpkin, lemon meringue to maple pecan, your bakery might offer an almost limitless variety of pies.
Cupcakes. Cupcakes are a very lucrative baked food.

What do we buy in a bakery French?

Of course, bread is divided into three kinds. Baguettes (Classic, Tradition, Paysanne, Ficelle, Corn Flour, Cereal, and so on…)…
Luncheons delivered to your door.
Snacks and packs of “goodies”

What to cook someone as a gift?

32 Food Gifts That Are Far More Meaningful Than Store-Bought
01 of 32. Jarred Roasted Red Pepper Soup.
02 of 32. Wafers with Cheddar.
03 of 32. Seasoning salt that has been toasted.
04 of 32. Cherries with a Bourbon twist.
05 of 32. Brownie Trifles on their own.
06 of 32. Kit for making pancakes.
07 of 32. Macaroon Mix for Christmas.
08 of 32. Strawberry Jam in the Freezer.


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