4 Simple Ways to Cut Zucchini (Without a Mandoline)

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Zucchini, also known as courgette, is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of recipes, from conventional to raw. When using zucchini in recipes, it is frequently necessary to slice it. The best method is to use a mandoline, but not everyone has one in their kitchen.

So, if you don’t have a mandoline, what other alternatives do you have for slicing zucchini?

The most basic alternative to using a mandoline to slice zucchini is to use a sharp kitchen knife. Other culinary tools that you may use include a cheese planer, a vegetable peeler, and a food processor. You have an option.

The mandoline is the ideal method for slicing zucchini, although it may be dangerous. Many amateur cooks and even professional chefs have cut themselves while using a mandoline to slice zucchini. A knife would be the easiest way to chop a zucchini without using a mandoline, but there are other options available.

Slicing Zucchini Without the Use of a Mandoline

There are many methods for slicing zucchini without using a mandoline. A knife, a cheese planer, a vegetable peeler, or even a food processor may be used.

1 – Using a Knife

Without a mandoline, the best method to slice zucchini is with a knife. Depending on the recipe, you might slice the zucchini into thin slices or strips using a knife. It is best to avoid cutting oneself when chopping zucchini.

When slicing zucchini with a knife, you may choose whether to make the slices thick or thin, depending on the recipe. Some recipes may call for chunks of zucchini, while others may call for strips.

When slicing zucchini with a knife, use your dominant hand and set the zucchini on a cutting board. Cut the zucchini into desired thickness slices while holding it in place with your non-dominant hand. Remember not to get your fingers in the path of the knife’s blade to avoid inadvertently cutting yourself.

Using a knife to slice zucchini allows you to do something different with the zucchini than merely slice it. You may even use a knife to produce zucchini noodles for your favorite noodle dishes.

2 – With a Vegetable Peeler

Because most people already have a vegetable peeler, using it to slice zucchini into thin slices is probably one of the most practical methods to chop them.

To slice zucchini using a vegetable peeler, just hold the vegetable peeler in your dominant hand and the zucchini in your non-dominant hand. Peel small slices of zucchini away from your fingers and torso. Remember to use equal pressure while slicing to avoid uneven slices.

Using a vegetable peeler will allow you to cut the thinnest slices of zucchini for usage in different dishes.

3 – With a Cheese Planer

Slicing zucchini using a cheese planer is one of the safest methods of slicing zucchini. If you don’t have a vegetable peeler on hand, a cheese planer is the ideal option.

When you slice zucchini using a cheese planer, you get thin slices that you can use in oven-baked meals, or you can cut the thin slices into strips and use them as zucchini noodles.

It is easy to slice zucchini using a cheese planer. Place the zucchini on a cutting board, secure it with a fork, and use a cheese planer to cut thin slices off the zucchini.

4 – Using a Food Processor

Another option is to use a food processor, which will only work if your food processor includes a slicing attachment. Most food processors now have at least one slicing attachment.

A food processor is also the quickest method to slice zucchini. Unfortunately, it does not produce extremely thin slices. Slicing zucchini in a food processor is perfect for salads since most food processors feature an attachment that slices the zucchini into quarter-inch thick pieces.

There are also several sizes of slicer attachments available. The narrower the slicer attachment, the thinner the slices; nevertheless, the contrary is also true; the thicker the slicer attachment, the thicker the pieces.

To slice zucchini in a food processor, insert the slicer attachment to the machine and turn it on. After turning on the food processor, pass the zucchini through the top of the machine to slice it.

Safety When Slicing Zucchini

When chopping zucchini, safety should always come first. Because your instruments are razor-sharp, slicing zucchini may be dangerous. You should always take measures before using a mandoline, knife, vegetable peeler, cheese planer, or food processor.

When using a mandoline or a knife, you should constantly be aware of where your fingers are, and it is also a good idea to wear fingertip protectors or finger guards.

When slicing zucchini with a vegetable peeler, always peel away from your torso and fingers to avoid accidently cutting yourself when slicing.

Slicing zucchini using a cheese planer is safe, but remember to hold the zucchini in place with a fork so it doesn’t move and inadvertently damage you. It is also safe to use a food processor as long as you do not put your hand inside the food processor while using it.

Final Thoughts

If you need to slice zucchini for a dish, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a mandoline. There are a few additional methods to slice your zucchini in the desired shape. You’ll find a method to slice it whether you use a knife, a vegetable peeler, a cheese planer, or a food processor.


What can I use if I don’t have a mandolin?

Although a mandoline is generally the ideal tool for the task, this does not exclude you from using other kitchen utensils efficiently. A sharp knife, cheese planer, or vegetable peeler should suffice. You could even obtain good results if you use a food processor with a cutting attachment.

What can I use to slice zucchini?

Using a mandoline, slice the fruit lengthwise into strips, being careful not to get your fingers caught in the blade. Use the guard on your mandoline to keep the fruit in place while you slice.

How do you cut zucchini quickly?

Remove 4 inches from either end and discard. Pull a vegetable peeler along one side of the zucchini, which will remove the skin (discard the peel). Continue to run the vegetable peeler down the zucchini, resulting in thin sheets, until the zucchini is completely sliced.1

How do you thinly slice zucchini without a mandolin?

It is easy to slice zucchini using a cheese planer. Place the zucchini on a cutting board, secure it with a fork, and use a cheese planer to cut thin slices off the zucchini.

What instrument is most similar to mandolin?

Mandola: The mandolin family’s alto or viola counterpart. The mandola is bigger than a mandolin, much as a viola is to a violin. The mandolin is tuned a fifth lower, CGDA, than the mandola.

What is the best way to thinly slice vegetables?

A mandoline is a tool used to cut exceedingly thin, even slices of vegetables and fruits. It comprises of a fixed blade attached to a platform or other structure that allows the product to be moved over it.

How do you julienne zucchini without a mandolin?

A vegetable peeler ($12, Bed Bath & Beyond) may also be used to make thin zucchini ribbons. If you don’t have any of these tools, the simplest way to cut zucchini into strips is to cut the zucchini lengthwise and try to make the slices the same thickness.

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