5 Best Bread Machines (for Making Pizza Dough)

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Most people associate a bread machine with freshly baked, handmade bread and nothing more. However, the bread machine is capable of much more than just baking bread.

In reality, it is one of the most versatile kitchen machines, capable of not only baking bread but also producing precisely prepared pizza dough.

The nicest thing about a bread machine is that it can easily handle one of the most time-consuming and important phases in bread and dough production: kneading the dough. The kneading procedure, whether for bread or pizza dough, is both physically and time intensive.

If the thought of utilizing yeast and the kneading procedure makes you nervous, you should seriously consider investing in a decent bread machine.

This miraculous machine will work, mix, and knead ceaselessly to create the ideal pizza dough, which you can then top with your favorite toppings and bake in the oven.

And the good times don’t end there. You may also create dough for pretzels, dinner rolls, hamburger or hotdog buns, and so forth.

Cycle on bread machines that perform all of the labor that you would otherwise have to do by hand. Bread machines are also available in a variety of preprogrammed settings and sizes to accommodate anything from single and small homes to large family gatherings.There is a dough mode.

Any bread machine capable of producing bread dough may also produce pizza dough.

What to look for in a bread machine

5 Best Bread Machines (for Making Pizza Dough)

When it comes to buying a bread machine, there are a lot of alternatives. But all machines basically consist of a bread pan, built in paddles and a special purpose oven.

When it comes to buying a bread machine, there are a lot of alternatives. But all machines basically consist of a bread pan, built in paddles and a special purpose oven.


When it comes to buying a bread machine, there are a lot of alternatives. But all machines basically consist of a bread pan, built in paddles and a special purpose oven.

When it comes to buying a bread machine, there are a lot of alternatives. But all machines basically consist of a bread pan, built in paddles and a special purpose oven.

When it comes to buying a bread machine, there are a lot of alternatives. But all machines basically consist of a bread pan, built in paddles and a special purpose oven.


When it comes to buying a bread machine, there are a lot of alternatives. But all machines basically consist of a bread pan, built in paddles and a special purpose oven.

When it comes to buying a bread machine, there are a lot of alternatives. But all machines basically consist of a bread pan, built in paddles and a special purpose oven.

You may use either form for dough kneading purposes exclusively.

Special purpose bread makers

These machines include gluten-free options, which may be extremely useful for persons who have gluten allergies or intolerances. These machines save you the trouble of figuring out the proper baking cycle by doing all of the work for you.


Because whole grains produce heavier doughs than white flour, certain bread machines may struggle to handle 100% whole grain doughs. If you like preparing whole grain pizza dough, you should seek for a more powerful equipment.

Some versions have whole grain cycles and should be able to deal with heavier doughs. As a heads up, multiple paddle machines will handle and knead heavier doughs better.


It is critical to understand how much a corporation is willing to stand behind its goods. This includes investigating their warranties and customer service.

Bread machine warranties typically range from three months to one year. The greatest deal is generally one in which the firm assures that their goods will last at least a year.

A decent machine should last three years on average, assuming three loaves of bread each week. Of course, not every home bakes bread on a regular basis, so better brands will likely stay longer.

Here’s what we’ve put together to assist you understand the performance, pricing, and expectations of a good bread machine.

Best Bread Machine for Pizza Dough

5 Best Bread Machines (for Making Pizza Dough)

1 – Zojirushi BB-PAC20 (Top Pick)

This bread machine is made by a Japanese business known for its excellent quality manufacture. It is intended for ardent bread makers. The machine is horizontal and provides classic loaves to your breakfast table.

It comes with a detachable baking pan and two kneading blades. There are additional menu options for baking basic bread, gluten-free bread, doughnut dough, cookie dough, pizza dough, and even jam.

This bread machine is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced bakers. Why? Because of the wide range of operations it can accomplish, seasoned bakers will be able to put it to good use.

It also has a custom cycle that allows you to tailor the kneading, rising, and baking timings to your liking. Dual blades are also included for full kneading.

For inexperienced bakers, the equipment comes with a training DVD, recipe book, and manual to help them get started. All instructions are thorough and simple to understand.

The fact that this machine has so many functionalities while being so quiet while in operation is a huge benefit.


  • Removable baking pan for easy cleaning
  • Features multiple settings
  • Comes with a DVD, manual and recipe booklet
  • Also features a home-made cycle
  • 10 preprogrammed settings


  • Large sizes may not be appropriate for smaller kitchens.
  • Blades are not as durable as other models of same size.

2 – Breadman TR875 (Budget Pick)

While Breadman manufactures a variety of unique kitchen gadgets, the firm is arguably best recognized for their long-lasting but low-cost bread makers.

The Breadman TR875 has a sleek appearance and is relatively inexpensive. The model has a stainless steel body as opposed to its TR 520 sister, which has a plastic body.

The machine is an easy-to-use equipment with preprogrammed settings that provides excellent performance. It is perfect for creating breads, pasta dough, pizza dough, and jams, among other things.

Its cycles include ultra fast, which enables you to work effectively with denser doughs like 100% whole wheat pizza dough, resulting in a well-kneaded dough. The model also has a gluten-free alternative.

The equipment has an LCD screen for convenient viewing. This machine’s size is small enough for convenient storage and light enough to move about as necessary.

The machine comes with a comprehensive handbook that includes recipes and recommendations. The booklet also explains how to maintain the unit.

We would suggest this machine to folks who are new to baking because of its low price and simple features.

One typical worry expressed is using care while cleaning the equipment. It should only be hand cleaned since immersing it in soapy water for an extended period of time may harm the nonstick surface.


  • 10 baking functions
  • Gluten free setting
  • Rapid cycle
  • Wheat cycle
  • Compact size
  • Power failure protection
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • A low-cost appliance with long-lasting performance.


  • Hand wash only
  • Can be a bit noisy

Other Bread Machines to Consider

3 – Panasonic SD-BMT 1000

Panasonic, a pioneer in the bread machine market, continues to dazzle with advancements to its older models.

The Panasonic SD-BMT 1000 is an updated version of their successful SD-BMS105-SW bread maker. This is a genuinely high-end gadget that accomplishes everything a bread machine might want.

This model has 34 programs to pick from, an increase from 30 on the prior model. It has presets for basic bread, soft bread, rye bread, whole wheat bread, pizza dough, chocolate, compote, mocha, udon, and even pasta.

It is a heavy-duty machine that can handle the densest doughs.

The model is offered in a distinctive purple hue, which distinguishes it from other machines that are available in whites, blacks, or silvers.

This is the machine to acquire if you want to create more than simply bread. However, if you need a basic bread machine to bake a daily loaf, we recommend looking at another model since this Panasonic bread maker is not inexpensive.


  • Vertical design saves on counter space
  • Unique color
  • Comes with yeast dispenser
  • Features LCD display
  • Comes with dual paddles for better kneading
  • 34 different settings


  • Instruction manual in Japanese
  • Also included is a cooking book in Japanese with no English translation.
  • It is an expensive product

4 – Breville BBM800XL

With this bread machine model, Breville provides a high-quality product in terms of personalization, capacity, and technology. This bread maker is a strong machine, despite being significantly bigger than previous types.

The equipment has a sleek design that is entirely made of stainless steel. It also has a huge LCD display, which adds to its attractiveness. With this model, you also get an instruction manual and a recipe book.

If you want to create bread with nuts and fruits, this bread machine will be your best friend since it has an automated fruit and nut dispenser.

The device has unique options such as gluten-free for your pizza dough kneading requirements. It also has a foldable kneading paddle for easy mixing and kneading.


  • Very powerful machine
  • LCD display
  • Collapsible kneading blade
  • 13 different settings
  • Gluten free setting


  • The size is pretty huge, and it will take up a lot of counter space.
  • Is an expensive machine

5 – Cuisinart CBK 200 Bread Maker

The Cuisinart CBK 200 Bread Maker is another outstanding bread maker that made our list. This machine has 16 preset menu settings, allowing you to accomplish a lot with your bread maker. This model has gluten free, low carb, and artisan dough settings, among others.

Although many bread machines with gluten-free settings are capable of the task, the Cuisinart device seems to do better. It has a utilitarian, stainless steel box design. The machine is much lighter than others, making it easier to maneuver about the kitchen.

Unlike many other types, this one has a detachable top that makes cleaning a breeze. The machine also has side handles that make it easy to lift and store.

The stop button is an intriguing feature that allows you to remove your pizza dough after it has finished kneading.The break

The machine includes a robust paddle that is strong enough to perform kneading activities while also rotating enough to bring the dough together neatly.


  • Power failure back up
  • Removable paddle
  • Comes with recipe booklet
  • Features side handles for convenient handling
  • Built to North American electrical specifications
  • Quality appliance without breaking the bank


  • Mix-ins may only be introduced at the start of the cycle; there is no automatic option.
  • Machine beeps loudly, with no volume control
  • The control panel seems very confusing
  • LED display is small

Final thoughts

When you buy a good bread machine, you effectively turn your kitchen into a bakery. Bread machines may be used for a variety of applications, including doughs, jams, pastries, and even cakes.

You may choose from our suggested items not only for flawlessly kneaded pizza dough, but also for specialized breads.

Of course, the price will vary depending on how many features you want in your machine, but we believe we have done a good job of providing you with a realistic range to work with while maintaining the integrity of bread making.

since a result, we suggest that you go for newer versions of your favorite brands, since newer models have convenient features like as dispensers, gluten-free options, and pizza dough settings. These features are becoming more common in recent versions, and they will only make your work simpler.

So, which one do you prefer? Please let us know in the comments section.


Will bread dough work for pizza dough?

While their constituents are quite similar and they each serve a unique function, they may be used interchangeably in most situations. In their most basic form, ordinary bread dough and most pizza recipes are basically basic dough recipes with a few minor variations.

What is the difference between a bread maker and a bread machine?

According to some, the distinction between a bread machine and a bread maker is because a bread maker typically has just one function: bake bread. A bread machine, on the other hand, often includes extra capabilities, such as creating pizza dough or jam. In reality, these words are interchangeable.

What’s the difference between bread dough and pizza dough?

The primary distinction between pizza dough and bread dough is how they are treated. They also have diverse recipes with varying proportions of salt, water, and oil. They’re both produced with whole wheat flour, white flour, and some are even sourdough.

Which yeast is best for bread machine?

The finest yeast for a bread machine is instant yeast.

Instant yeast is ideal for use in a bread machine since it dissolves “instantly.” That means you may add the fine, dry yeast granules and other ingredients to the bread maker without first dissolving them.

Is bread flour better than all-purpose flour for pizza dough?

Use bread flour to make a chewy pizza crust.

Bread flour has 11 to 13% more protein than all-purpose flour. As we now know, more protein content equals higher gluten content, therefore utilizing bread flour in your pizza dough will result in a flexible dough that is less prone to break.

What is the best flour for pizza dough?

00 Flour. The shining star of Neapolitan pizza is Tipo “00” Flour. A decent, quality “00” flour normally contains approximately 12% protein; nonetheless, it is the exceedingly fine milling that distinguishes it from other flours.

Will it be cheaper to make your own bread with a bread machine?

Making bread from a machine is somewhat less expensive than purchasing it, as long as you consume enough bread to offset the cost of the gadget. I consider this as a wise buy for households who go through bread rapidly, such as big families or residences with several roommates.

What are the disadvantages of a bread maker?

Cons of Using a Bread Machine

The initial cost of a bread machine. Because retail breads sometimes include chemical preservatives, homemade bread generally gets stale sooner. Inability to manufacture huge bread loaves. Many bread makers have a maximum bread loaf capacity of 2 pounds.

Is it cheaper to make your own bread with a bread maker?

In a word, if you purchase basic, inexpensive sandwich bread, it’s usually cheaper than making it yourself. However, when two loaves identical to what you might bake at home are compared — one prepared with high-quality components and one made with lower-quality ingredients — home baking becomes significantly cheaper.

What are the 2 types of pizza dough?

Pizza dough comes in two varieties: yeasted and flatbread. Within those two categories, however, there are several varieties of pizza dough, each with its own method of heating, slicing, and toppings.

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