5 Best Stand Mixers on the Market Right Now (for Kneading Bread Dough)

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Looking for the finest stand mixer for kneading bread dough on the market? Do you need a machine that can process numerous loaves at once? You’ve arrived to the correct location!

With an estimated history of 30,000 years, baking bread is without a doubt one of the world’s oldest culinary traditions.

Of course, the manner we cook bread has changed dramatically over the years, but the fundamentals stay the same: the aroma of freshly baked bread is warm, homey, and indisputably delicious.

If you like baking bread, your kitchen is undoubtedly well-stocked with all of the necessary ingredients. If you are new to baking bread, you should check into some of the most popular bread-making items on the market.

I’ve compiled a list of the top stand mixers for kneading bread dough that will assist you with your bread baking.

The Basics

5 Best Stand Mixers Available Today (for Kneading Bread Dough)

Before we look at what’s available and worth investing in, you may want to consider some fundamentals about what sort of appliance would best suit your requirements.

In essence, there are two excellent bread preparation equipment that will be of great use to you.

The first is the bread machine, which effectively performs all of the work for you, and then there are stand mixers, which may help you with the dough kneading stage of the process as well as being helpful for a variety of other purposes.

Which one will be more effective for you? Consider your alternatives.

Bread Machine or Stand Mixer

Using a bread machine entails loading all of the ingredients into the machine, choosing the appropriate setting, and you’re ready to start. It requires little work on your side and often produces very excellent, consistent results.

It is a time-saving tool that guarantees you a freshly cooked loaf of handmade bread every day. The sole disadvantage of this device is that it can only create one loaf of bread at a time.

This choice will suit most home bakers, but if you bake often and want to make more than one loaf of bread each day, you should consider a stand mixer.

Also, if you are the kind of baker who enjoys the bread-making process and wants greater control over how your bread turns out, the stand mixer is a superior choice.

This equipment assists you in kneading bread dough to perfection, removing the majority of the elbow grease from the process.

Once you have a well-kneaded dough on your hands, you may prepare your bread as you wish.

Which Stand Mixer Is Best Suited For Bread

There are varied performance levels even among stand mixers. Each level caters to a varied baking capacity and frequency. As an example:

  • Light duty stand mixers are equipment meant to perform light-duty tasks for the occasional baker, such as preparing a cake or a batch of cookies every now and then.
  • Medium duty stand mixers are better suited for persons who love a variety of baking duties on a regular basis but are not significantly engaged in bread production.
  • Heavy duty stand mixers, on the other hand, are a considerably better fit for serious bread producers. This is because bread doughs are heavier doughs that need rigorous and vigorous kneading.

If bread is your primary priority, opt for a heavy duty mixer that fits the following requirements:

  • Includes a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 5 quarts or more.
  • Offers more than 400 watts of power
  • Should ideally have all metal gearing
  • Has a delayed start function to prevent ingredients from flying around.
  • Features multiple speed options
  • Comes with a warranty

Keeping these aspects in mind, here are my top picks for the finest stand mixers for kneading bread dough.

Best Stand Mixer for Kneading Bread

1 – Ankarsrum Electric Stand Mixer (Top Pick)

If you need a heavy-duty mixer, I suggest starting with the Ankarsrum Electric Stand Mixer (see on Amazon). This stand mixer has been around for decades and is from Sweden.

Not only have its functions and performance developed throughout time, but so have its names. This stand mixer has formerly been known as the Verona, Electrolux Assistant, and Magic Pill.

This stand mixer is ideal for bakers who take their bread seriously. It has a large 7.5 litre stainless steel basin that holds 18 cups of flour.

This readily converts to 10.75 pounds of bread dough, which will provide 5-7 loaves of bread.

Its powerful engine kneads large dough without straining or grinding the gears, and it also eliminates the risk of feared smoke emerging from your machine.

massage movement and a dough scraper that folds the dough.The stand mixer comes with two attachments, one of which is a roller for conventional kneading.

There are many more accessories available for this device, transforming it into a true kitchen center.

This stand mixer is visually beautiful and suited for bigger dough and bread recipes, offering durability and performance while kneading wonderfully elastic dough every time.

The unit has a sleek stainless steel appearance and gives the kitchen a vintage air.

Unlike typical designs, which have the attachments on the device rotate, this mixer has a revolving bowl.


  • 5 quart stainless steel bowl
  • 600 watt motor
  • Removable power cord
  • Lots of attachments included
  • Different colors available
  • 7 years manufacturers warranty


  • To use attachments properly, read the instructions carefully and do not rely on intuition.
  • Not suitable for use in non-bread recipes or with lighter doughs.
  • Comes with a substantial price tag

2 – Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer

The Breville BEM800XL, which is also available on Amazon, is a powerful and durable appliance that comes with all of the basic attachments, including a dough hook, wire whisk, and normal paddle.

Furthermore, the stand mixer incorporates a flexible edge beater and a splashguard for simple scraping and splatter protection.

The planetary mixing movement ensures complete bowl coverage and a clean performance.

This Breville stand mixer offers 12 distinct mixing speeds that are controlled by a simple turn crank, as well as a pause option that allows you to momentarily stop the machine. The mixer also incorporates a tilt release mechanism to make it easier to remove the bowl from its stand.

The 5 quart stainless steel bowl has a locking recess to keep it firmly in place while in use. This huge dish is large enough to fit most recipes, even those with larger amounts.

The item has a timer with an LED display. The mixing speed utilized for the function is also shown on the screen. Because the timer is automated, it will turn off on its own after the timer expires.

The mixer also includes an integrated cable storage compartment in the back for easy storage.


  • Flexible edge beater and splashguard included
  • LED screen for easy display of settings
  • Automatic digital timer
  • Tilt release button
  • Planetary mixing action
  • 550 watt motor
  • 12 speed option


  • No additional attachments
  • May not be ideal for everyday bread baking
  • Only 1 year warranty

3 – KitchenAid Professional 600 Series, 6 Quart

A KitchenAid product would be missing from any list of kitchen equipment. So, for bread-making requirements, I suggest the KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer.

This stand mixer has a stronger motor than most other KitchenAid mixers and a bowl lift mechanism that allows it to handle huge volumes of thick, dense mixes.

If you like working with the conventional bowl lift design, this is the appliance for you.

A variety of features are included in the professional 600 series, including an electronic speed sensor, auto shut off, soft start, and a Locked Rotator Protection Device.

In addition, it has a multifunctional attachment hub with over 15 possible attachments, making it a flexible and practical item. All gears are composed of tough metal for long-lasting performance.

One of its most notable characteristics is the adjustable screw, which enables the beaters’ height to be lowered or elevated as desired.

The stainless steel bowl has a comfort grip for easier lifting of thick mixes. The dish is dishwasher safe and simple to clean.

Although it is not a professional quality stand mixer, this model is undoubtedly one of the better solutions for really active home bakers.

Consider this KA 600 series item to create a fashionable statement in your kitchen, which may also be one of the more affordable mixers on the list.


  • 575 watts of power
  • 6 quart mixing bowl
  • Bowl lift design
  • Metals gears
  • Ten different speeds
  • Lots of different features
  • Available in more than 10 colors


  • Hand wash the burnished beaters and dough hook.
  • Some concerns over noise level of the machine
  • Only 1 year warranty

4 – Kenwood Chef Major Titanium 7 Quart

This Kenwood stand mixer offers heavy duty performance, just as its name suggests. It is one of the few heavy-duty stand mixers with a tilt mechanism.

The Kenwood Major has 800 watts of power and is made of heavy-duty metal castings and gears. And, based on my recommendations for a solid stand mixer, this one absolutely qualifies.

It is a great equipment for a kitchen that bakes a lot of bread on a regular basis. The gadget has planetary gearing and 8 distinct speeds to operate with.

When you buy it, it comes with the normal attachments of a dough hook, whisk, stainless bowl, and a splashguard. A extra spatula and a recipe book are also included in the packing.

It also has a distinctive splashguard design, with the guard spanning the full top of the bowl and an opening flap for adding ingredients.

The motor’s power balances the mixing bowl’s capacity of 7 quarts well. You may simply quadruple your bread dough recipe and the machine will knead it without issue.

To prevent overheating, the Kenwood Major has two motor ventilation ports that let hot air to leave without being trapped within the machine.

With a weight of 29 pounds, this little appliance is one of the heaviest alternatives offered. As a result, it will be tough to move about the kitchen, so locate a permanent location for it.

The device comes with a one-year complete guarantee and a three-year limited warranty, making it one of the most comprehensive warranties available for standing mixers.

The one disadvantage of purchasing this item is that Kenwood is a UK-based corporation, therefore getting in touch with customer care will be difficult.


  • 800 watts power
  • 7 quart bowl
  • Additional attachments included
  • Unique splashguard design
  • All pieces except base are dishwasher safe


  • Slightly heavy machine at 29 pounds
  • Recipe measurements are particular to the United Kingdom and must be converted.
  • Being headquartered in the United Kingdom, it may be difficult to get prompt customer assistance.

5 – Hobart N50

The Hobart N50 is a professional stand mixer. I chose to include it on our list because it has the potential to be the perfect bread-making companion for home bakers who bake every day and want a dependable machine to knead dough for them.

However, this item is rather expensive (see current prices on Amazon) and not for everyone’s budget.

Despite being a professional mixer, this item is big enough to fit in a larger household kitchen. This unit’s gear-driven gearbox is designed for heavy-duty applications and ensures reliable performance.

Although the functioning gear is silent and strong, the device itself may weigh up to 50 pounds.

There are three speeds to choose from depending on your preferences. It has a fixed speed motor, which means the mixer will have full power even at low speeds.

Despite having a lower wattage motor (348 watts), the machine generates greater torque and power at all speeds than a higher wattage engine.

A cast aluminum flat beater, a stainless steel wire whip, and a cast aluminum dough hook are all included as standard accessories.

Because Hobart used to make Kitchen Aid before Whirlpool took control, you may use most of your Kitchen Aid accessories with this device.


  • Stainless steel 5 litre dish with huge loop handle
  • Comes with a fixed speed motor
  • User friendly machine
  • Can be used with most Kitchen Aid attachments


  • The unit weights about 50 pounds, making it difficult to move from one location to another. It will need a permanent location in the kitchen.
  • Only a one year warranty
  • Only a few can afford its hefty price tag

And the takeaway from all of this is….

Heavy duty stand mixers are an investment, so choose the right choice. If you make bread more than three times per week, you should invest in a machine that will assist you with all of the kneading.

My suggestions above will not only make your work simpler, but they will also offer you greater control over the overall result.

You may pick a product that will take your bread making talents to the next level by keeping in mind the regularity of your baking activities, the money you want to spend in, and if you want extra features or not.

Happy Baking!


What is the best mixer attachment for kneading dough?

Dough hook attachments, as the name implies, are great for kneading bread and pizza doughs, but they may also be used to combine pasta dough. While not as adaptable as the flat beater attachment, it significantly decreases the time and effort required to knead dough.

What mixer is good for making bread?

The Best Heavy-Duty

If you bake a lot of bread, the high-performance KitchenAid Pro Line 7-quart Stand Mixer is an excellent choice. It’s a larger, more powerful version of the iconic KitchenAid design that can mix up to 8 pounds of dough at once.

How do I choose a stand mixer for bread dough?

sturdy enough to keep place during kneading dough.ability to handle any variety of dough without trouble.
Durable, long-lasting mechanism that will not wear out after repeated dough mixing.
Speeds may be adjusted to prevent over-kneading.
HeavyThe finest bread dough stand mixer will include the following features:
A powerful enough motor

Are stand mixers good for kneading dough?

While some people like the rhythmic action of hand kneading, there are benefits to using a stand mixer. It takes less time to use a stand mixer since you can combine and knead the dough in the same basin. Kneading by machine is also gentler on the wrists and hands.

Is KitchenAid good for kneading dough?

While manually kneading dough might take up to 10 minutes, a KitchenAid® stand mixer can have your dough smooth and elastic in around 1 12-2 12 minutes. By combining and kneading in the same stand mixer bowl, you may decrease strain on your arms and hands and expedite the process.

What is the best surface for kneading dough?

Kneading bread dough requires a big, smooth work surface. A wood board, a marble slab, or even a smooth countertop or table may be used as the work surface. Before kneading the dough, make sure the work area is clean.

Which type of mixer is mostly used in bakery?

Spiral Blender

Because of its versatility, the spiral mixer is one of the most often used kinds of mixers. In a spinning bowl that revolves around a spiral-shaped blade, it thoroughly mixes dough with minimum friction.

Is a stand mixer worth it for bread?

It is feasible to mix bread dough without a stand mixer, but utilizing a stand mixer elevates your bread making with an equipment specifically built for the purpose. Kneading dough with a stand mixer saves time over kneading by hand.

How long do you knead bread dough in a stand mixer?

On a practical level, kneading dough by hand may take up to 25 minutes—and some well-developed forearm muscles—but just approximately 8 minutes in a stand mixer with the dough hook. If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can still create a decent loaf of bread from most doughs by hand.

What stand mixer speed for kneading dough?

When kneading yeast dough, it is critical to use just Speed 2, never higher or lower. If you knead the dough for too long, it will begin to climb up the “c” shaped dough hook. The dough should be formed into a ball and should clean the sides of the basin.

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