5 Best Stand Mixers (That Are Not a KitchenAid)

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A stand mixer is a multi-functional, useful kitchen gadget that can accomplish a variety of tasks for you. Most can combine, mix, whip, and knead, and depending on the design and other functions, some stand mixers can ground meat as well.

While certain name brands, such as KitchenAid, are popular among devoted consumers, they may be expensive. There have also been some complaints about the brand’s durability, specific design elements, and the plastic body Food Grinder attachment, which, although durable, will not last forever.

However, the most important element seems to be the expense of acquiring a KitchenAid equipment, particularly for inexperienced bakers.

So, what other alternatives do home bakers have that are both economical and reliable? In this article, we will try to look at some of the top stand mixers that are not KitchenAid but yet provide comparable functionality to America’s favorite brand.

Though some models might be rather expensive, you can also discover others that are reasonably priced among our recommendations. So, for those of you ardent home bakers, we suggest investing in a stand mixer, which will let you to spend your time in the kitchen with this hands-free, multifunctional, and effective kitchen appliance.

Continue reading for some ideas on what to look for before making a purchase, or skip through to our selections.

Some considerations

5 Best Stand Mixers (That Are Not a KitchenAid)


Among the factors to consider when selecting a mixer, how you want to use it should preferably be the first. If you bake often and in big amounts, search for a mixer with a large capacity bowl and a strong engine.

It is critical to consider capacity. If your jobs are tiny and you get a bigger mixer, you will find it difficult to make smaller amounts. If you bake large portions and wind up with a somewhat undersized unit, split your recipe and prepare it in stages.


According to conventional belief, the larger the wattage, the better the power performance in terms of kneading and mixing. This, however, is not always the case.

Mixers may employ more power than competing models on occasion, although output may be lower than indicated. In other words, it indicates the power of the motor, but the listed watts is what the mixer uses rather than what the motor generates while in operation.

So, if two motors with different motor wattages operate at the same level, it may be better to select the one with the lower wattage since it produces the same outcomes while using less power.


kneading requirements are met efficiently. Stand mixers are normally classified into three types based on their durability and performance, ranging from light to medium-duty to heavy-duty machines.This is vital since you want your stand mixer to be able to manage your mixing.

The first of the three is an excellent choice for folks who only bake on occasion and nothing denser than cakes and biscuits. Medium-duty stand mixers are better suited for frequent bakers, but heavy-duty stand mixers are great for regular bakers who like working with stiffer and denser doughs.


Because stand mixers have a broad price range, you should understand what factors impact the price. For example, a low-cost model may simply have a single mixing action, but a high-priced one may include a spiral or revolving motion.

As a general rule, light duty stand mixers are better suited for individuals on a budget, while medium duty mixers are better suited for those who like regular baking and are not afraid to spend money on the correct product.

Heavy duty stand mixers will, of course, cost more than their lighter duty counterparts, but they will also provide superior durability, more features, and the promise of lifetime.

Other features

Stand mixers with unique features are usually appealing. Look for features such as a tilt head mechanism that locks, overload protection, and all-metal gears and construction.

Most stand mixers have numerous speed settings to make it simpler to work on different jobs, and most models come with conventional attachments such as a dough hook, whisk, and beater.

While many stand mixer models have a variety of smaller accessories, several manufacturers also include bigger attachments such as a meat grinder, sausage or pasta maker, and ice cream dish. These are usually high-end items that will turn your regular stand mixer into a multipurpose piece of equipment.

If your mixer comes with these attachments, you will have greater functionality while using fewer equipment. Let’s connect this to the power performance point since you’ll need to make sure your appliance has enough power to operate these functions.

Some limitations

5 Best Stand Mixers (That Are Not a KitchenAid)

Not all stand mixers are built to handle all types of dough. When shopping for a new stand mixer, consider the sort of usefulness you want. If you want to deal with denser or stiffer doughs, make sure the unit’s motor is powerful.

Because not every stand mixer can handle harder doughs, the motor may overheat and stop. To minimize motor burnout, strictly observe the manufacturer’s guidelines on how long the mixer should be operated in one go.

It is crucial to note that not every mixer has built-in overload protection and is not intended to operate continuously for an extended length of time.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are our top picks for the finest stand mixer that isn’t a KitchenAid.

Best Non-KitchenAid Stand Mixer

1 – Cuisinart SM 55 Stand Mixer (Top Pick)

Among medium-duty stand mixers, this Cuisinart model (link to Amazon) has a sturdy build. This machine is made of heavy-duty die cast metal and has a strong 800 watt robust motor that can handle most chores efficiently. The machine has a 12-speed setting and a delayed start mode for easy operation.

Many consider the Cuisinart SM 55 to be a smart mixer since it has a timer that counts down, three separate power outlets, and an auto cutoff option. The countdown timer is a valuable tool for recipes that provide timing instructions for kneading dough.

The three power outlets have three speed settings: high, medium, and low. The high speed outlet is for using the food processor and blender attachments, the mid speed outlet is for using the citrus juicer, and the low speed outlet is for using the pasta maker attachment and meat grinder.

These multi-functional capabilities combine to make this stand mixer an all-in-one kitchen powerhouse.

The 5 quart bowl is large enough to accommodate larger amounts and has handles for easy removal and insertion. A splash shield is also provided to help keep messes in the kitchen to a minimum.

You may complement your kitchen décor with one of three different hues.


  • 5 quart bowl
  • Three speed outlets
  • Planetary action
  • Countdown timer, a very helpful feature
  • 3 year limited warranty for unit
  • Motor has a 5 year full warranty


  • Slightly hefty to handle on a regular basis; may need a permanent location instead.
  • Tad bit more expensive than other similar models

2 – Hamilton Beach Electrics 63227 All Metal Stand Mixer (Budget Pick)

This stand mixer (link to Amazon) is a medium-duty, reasonably priced device that can handle most mixing chores, with the exception of the most difficult, such as bread or pizza dough.

The model has a clean, minimalist style and is a fair size kitchen equipment. Except for the pour shield, the device is made of metal, which increases its longevity. It also has a locking bowl to allow you greater control over how you manage your recipe.

A 400 watt motor with 12 variable speeds allows for more accuracy while operation.

This appliance is designed for hands-free mixing and comes with a paddle, whisk, and dough hook, enabling it to function effectively with most mixing chores. All of the accessories, as well as the bowl, are dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. For thorough bowl coverage, the circling attachment head delivers planetary mixing action.

This type has a tilt head mechanism that lifts the motor head up and away for simple bowl access. There are also non-slip feet underneath the device to avoid it from sliding about while in use.

With this beautiful stand mixer, you can simply enjoy seasonal or holiday baking.


  • Planetary mixing action
  • Non-slip feet
  • Comes with splatter shield
  • 12 speed settings
  • 3 year warranty
  • Decent performance for its price tag


  • May not always lock securely
  • Slightly heavier than other similar models
  • Not too many additional attachments

Other Stand Mixers to Consider

3 – Cheftronic SM 986 Stand Mixer

The Cheftronic Stand Mixer has everything you need to get started in the kitchen. It has a 5.5-quart stainless bowl as well as a strong engine with six speeds. There is also a pulse feature provided to allow you to whip, beat, knead, or combine.

The device has a tilt-head design that makes it easier to add ingredients. The base’s silicone suction cups keep the item firmly even at fast speeds. There’s also a handy, clear, removable splash shield that keeps counter space clean while allowing you to see how your mix is doing.

The equipment comes with a variety of attachments, including the typical whip, hook, and beater. In addition, the flex edge beater may be used as a spatula to scrape the bowl after you’re finished.

Should the motor overheat, the item has built-in safety protection. This function turns off the machine automatically, eliminating smoke and blown circuits.

In terms of functionality, the Cheftronic Stand Mixer attachments reach the bottom of the bowl easily, minimizing the need for extensive scraping and saving time on cleaning.

At such a low price, this stand mixer is certainly worth a go.


  • Built-in safety protection
  • Suction cups to hold unit in place
  • It is user-friendly and lightweight, making it simple to store.
  • Good functionality
  • Quiet motor
  • 2 year warranty
  • 30 day return policy, no questions asked
  • A fairly decent basic machine


  • The accompanying instructions are poorly worded.
  • Splash guards may be difficult to remove due to their tight fit.
  • Because the mixing bowl lacks a handle, it is difficult to remove.
  • Not too many versatile features

4 – KitchenWare Station M-B7

The KitchenWare Station stand mix, maybe the underdog on our list, has 620 watts of motor power, making it perfect for working with big amounts. The equipment includes a stainless steel bowl as well as three typical blending tools: a hook, whip, and beater.

The anodized aluminum body makes it a durable piece of equipment. There are 20 mixing speeds to choose from, as well as 4 stainless steel gears included in.

A clear pouring screen is also included for convenient and mess-free pouring. The base features an iron plate that keeps the mixer in place and makes it more stable.


  • Transparent pouring shield
  • Large capacity bowl
  • Durable and powerful unit
  • Sturdy iron base
  • User friendly, easy operation
  • Tilt head feature


  • Only one color available
  • Not much brand recognition
  • May be too heavy for some users

5 – Kenmore Elite 6 Quart Stand Mixer

This Kenmore model has a lot of mixing power and a lot of storage space. It is an ideal kitchen equipment for the regular baker who enjoys experimenting with new recipes.

The item has a 6 litre stainless steel bowl with a raise stand. The machine is driven by a 600-watt motor and has ten speed options. The speed flexibility enables you to work on recipes with pinpoint accuracy.

This stand mixer is large enough to handle larger quantities of dough with ease. Dishwasher-safe accessories include a removable pouring shield, wire whip, flat beater, and much more.

To avoid tipping, the bowl lift stand mixer employs a crank to precisely lower and elevate the bowl. The item also has an LED screen for improved viewing and a 5-year guarantee. Depending on your requirements, the timer may be set to count up or down.

Recommended for baking aficionados who don’t mind trying out new or difficult recipes.


  • 6 quart stainless steel bowl
  • LED panel- timer counts up or down
  • 10 speed option
  • 600 watt motor
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Dishwasher safe attachments
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty


  • Difficult to store because of size
  • May not work well for smaller batches
  • Scraping needed to clean bowl after use

In conclusion

Whether you desire to be a professional chef or like to bake for special occasions, the perfect stand mixer may make your life so much simpler. Choosing the proper mixer will give your baking abilities more creative variety and become your go-to option for daily demands.

So, before you buy a stand mixer, think about our suggestions. After all, if you want these appliances to survive a long time, you need make a good investment in them.


Is KitchenAid still the best?

We’ve been using the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer since 2013, and it’s still the finest option for most home bakers and chefs. The Artisan is a strong machine that can aerate light batters and blast through heavy doughs without straining.

What stand mixers do bakers use?

This tutorial includes the KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer.
Cuisinart. Stand Mixer with High Precision.
KitchenAid. 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer from the Pro Line Series.
Smeg. Vintage Stand Mixer.
Artisan by KitchenAid. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, 3.5 Quart.
Instant. Pro Stand Mixer.
Gourmet Wolf. Mixer Stand.

What is the life expectancy of a KitchenAid stand mixer?

KitchenAid stand mixers have an average lifetime of 10 to 15 years. However, their lifespan is mostly determined by how often they are used and how well they are maintained. “A KitchenAid mixer should last you many years if you don’t abuse it,” David explains.

What is so special about a KitchenAid mixer?

Did you know that a KitchenAid® stand mixer can also be used to grind meat, shred poultry, slice, dice, and spiralize vegetables? A KitchenAid® stand mixer is one of the most flexible additions to your kitchen, thanks to a large choice of accessories and attachments and a robust, high-speed engine.

What is the best alternative to KitchenAid stand mixer?

Best Overall Alternatives to the KitchenAid Stand Mixer in 2023. 63391 Hamilton Beach Blvd.
BEM825, Bakery Chef by Breville.
WGSM100S by Wolf.
Smeg SMF02.
Precision Master SM-50 by Cuisinart.

What brands are the same as KitchenAid?

Whirlpool Corp. (WHR) is a significant home appliance manufacturer that offers goods under a range of brands including Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air, and Consul.

What stand mixer does Ina Garten use?

KitchenAid 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, Classic Series

They’re a complete kitchen workhorse and make cake recipes like Garten’s seem easy. They also relieve tension from more difficult baking undertakings, such as macarons and Italian-meringue buttercreams.

What is the best stand mixer for a reasonable price?

Our Favorite Stand Mixers
Overall winner: KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer.
Hamilton Beach All-Metal Stand Mixer is the best buy.
KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5-Qt Stand Mixer is the best compact.
The most affordable option is the Costway Stand Mixer.
Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer is ideal for large batches.

Is Costco KitchenAid mixer different?

The 600, 610, 620, 6000, 6500, 7qt residential, 7 qt commercial, and 8 qt variants are all virtually the same. They have the same form factor and, with the exception of the 6000, are compatible with the same beaters and bowls. The key differences are the engine, gearbox, bowl, and beater (which must match the bowl size).

Is KitchenAid a high end appliance?

Do KitchenAid appliances qualify as high-end? Whirlpool’s cheap luxury range, KitchenAid, is positioned directly below JennAir appliances. When compared to manufacturers such as Cafe or JennAir, KitchenAid products are more affordable.

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