5 Easy Ways to Dry Lettuce (Without a Spinner)

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You’ll utilize lettuce in a variety of ways to prepare meals. Lettuce is sometimes used to create sandwiches, but it may also be used to produce excellent salads.

Whatever the case may be, it is critical to wash your lettuce. You must do this for safety reasons, but you must dry the lettuce afterward.

To dry heads of lettuce, many people utilize simple devices called as spinners. They are simple to use and quite inexpensive to acquire.

If you do not have access to a spinner, you may be unsure how to dry the lettuce. Fortunately, once you know what you’re doing, it’s not that tough.

Continue reading to find out how to dry lettuce without a spinner. This will inform you what to do so that you get everything correct.

1 – The Swinging Method

5 Easy Ways to Dry Lettuce (Without a Spinner)

A clean dish towel of some kind is required for the swinging approach. Before you begin, make sure you have a clean dish towel ready to go.

Choose a location for the dish towel, such as your kitchen counter or a neighboring table. Place the wet lettuce leaves on the dish towel, keeping them in the middle.

Twist the towel after bringing the four corners together. This will trap the leaves within the towel, preventing them from moving.

Take all four ends of the dishtowel in one hand and whip it around like a lasso. Pretend you’re attempting to rope a bull as in old Western movies.

As ridiculous as it may seem, it is a fairly simple technique to dry lettuce leaves. You’ll be whipping the water off the lettuce in no time by swinging the towel around like a lasso.

The only issue is that you may end yourself slinging water. To prevent causing a mess, some people choose to swing outdoors.

Gather the lettuce leaves in a towel, then walk outside on your porch or deck to do the swinging phase of the method. This eliminates the need to clear up surplus water in the kitchen.

When you’re finished, bring the towel inside and place it on your kitchen counter or table. Remove the cloth and inspect your lettuce leaves.

After swinging them around in the towel, they should now seem dry. They’ll be ready to use, and you’ll be able to have a delicious supper.

2 – The “Roll-up” Method

5 Easy Ways to Dry Lettuce (Without a Spinner)

After washing your lettuce, the roll-up technique is a common and straightforward approach to dry it. Place a clean dish towel on the kitchen counter or a nearby table.

Place the lettuce head on the towel and shake some of the water off the leaves. You’ll only keep the lettuce in a single layer on the cloth.

Next, roll the cloth so that the lettuce leaves are rolled up. Because you’re not aiming to compress the lettuce, you should be gentle.

Apply moderate pressure on the towel without overdoing it. If you apply too much pressure, the lettuce may quickly bruise.

When finished, unfold the cloth and your lettuce should be dry. Once you’re accustomed to utilizing this strategy, it won’t take you long.

3 – The Shakedown Method

In some respects, the shakedown approach is comparable since you’ll need a clean dish towel or another sort of towel to get started. Place a clean towel on the counter or kitchen table so it is ready for use when you need it.

Wash your lettuce and then drain it in a strainer. Drain the lettuce until it is barely damp on the surface to ensure that it is not oozing water.

Take a clean cloth and drape it over the colander. Shake the colander in all directions while standing over the sink.

The towel will collect any spilled water, and you will dry the lettuce by shaking it off. To properly remove all of the water from the lettuce, you must shake in numerous directions.

When you’re finished, take off the towel and inspect your lettuce. If it seems dry enough, you are ready to use it in whatever recipe you are preparing.

4 – Pat the Lettuce Dry

Patting down lettuce is another frequent method of drying it. If you’re washing a complete head of lettuce, this may be the simplest method.

Simply grab a clean towel and prepare to use it after you’ve finished washing the lettuce. Remove the lettuce from the water and set it in a dish or on a sheet pan.

Transfer the lettuce to a work area with adequate space to dry it off. Remove the lettuce from the water by patting it down with a clean cloth.

If you want the lettuce to be as dry as possible, you’ll need to be a little more careful. This may also take some time, but it is simple to do.

Continue patting the lettuce down until it is dry. If the lettuce is still wet, you should be able to look at it and touch it with your fingertips.

5 – Lay Lettuce Leaves on a Paper Towel

You may also look at easy, slow methods of drying lettuce. If you don’t mind waiting, you may wash your lettuce leaves and pat them dry with a paper towel.

Arrange your paper towels on the kitchen counter or table. Then, arrange the lettuce leaves in a single layer on the paper towels to dry naturally.

You may also do it on a sheet pan lined with paper towels. It doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t mind the lettuce leaves flying away.

It’s usually best not to have a fan going near the leaves since you don’t want them blown off the paper towels. That would hasten the air-drying process, but the lettuce leaves are so light that they may blow away.

You should stir the lettuce leaves every now and then to ensure that they dry evenly. This isn’t too difficult, but it’s important to remember to do it for the greatest outcomes.

This procedure will most likely take an hour to dry the lettuce. It may be too sluggish for some, but it is simple enough that you may not mind.

Using a Spinner Is Easier

Using a spinner is the most efficient method to dry lettuce in a timely manner. It enables you to do tasks swiftly and without generating a mess.

It’s okay if you don’t have a salad spinner right now. There are other alternatives accessible to you, but it may be worth considering acquiring one since they are not expensive.

Salad spinners are used in restaurants because they enable staff to dry greens fast. They are simply handy, and they are also easy enough to use that even inexperienced cooks will find them useful.

A typical salad spinner for your house will cost about $20. If it can make your life a little easier, it’s probably worth the tiny expense.

Place the lettuce leaves in the spinner and pull the cord several times. The spinner will spin many times, and your salad will dry rapidly.

If you have a spinner, this should take around 90 seconds to complete. This implies that utilizing a spinner is far quicker than the other options discussed here.

Even if you don’t need a spinner to dry lettuce, it’s easy to understand why having one would be useful. You may make your own choice now that you know all of the facts.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to drying lettuce, you have many possibilities. If you choose to go that way, you may utilize easy measures like patting the lettuce down with a cloth.

Another technique would be to place the lettuce on paper towels and let the air to dry the lettuce leaves. This will take around an hour, although you will not be required to accomplish anything.

More complicated ways, like as swinging or rolling the lettuce in a towel, will need some expertise. These procedures are not difficult, but you must follow them precisely to get the greatest results.

The simplest solution is to just get a salad spinner. It’s alright if you don’t have one, but utilizing one will save you a lot of time.


What can I use instead of lettuce spinner?

The mesh bowl inside a spinner removes the water from the lettuce and allows it to drain into the bigger bowl. Food blogger Jill Santopietro (via Chowhound) advised using a clean cotton pillowcase as a salad spinner alternative if you don’t have the kitchen gadget on hand.

How do you clean a head of lettuce without a spinner?

Swish the greens in cold water.

Fill a big basin or a clean sink halfway with cold water. Swish the lettuce or greens around to loosen and eliminate any dirt. Dirt and detritus will sink to the bottom, while the greens will float above it all.

How do restaurants get their lettuce dry?

Air and moisture

To keep crisp, lettuce need a decent quantity of ventilation as well as a little moisture. That’s why restaurants keep their lettuce in perforated containers that enable air circulation while it’s stored in the fridge.

Can you air dry lettuce?

Stack a clean dish towel or paper towels on top of a rimmed baking sheet (or simply on your table). Spread the leaves out on the towel and let them air dry for approximately 30 minutes. That’s all. If they’re very damp, wipe them with another towel before allowing them to air dry.

What could be the best alternative in drying salad greens without salad spinner?

Laying out on paper towels to dry

About this method: It is exactly what it sounds like. In a sheet pan, spread out some paper towels and sprinkle wet lettuces on top. To ensure that the water does not collect and that the greens dry uniformly, toss the greens every now and then.

How do you keep lettuce dry and crisp?

Keep your lettuce crisp and fresh with proper air circulation and a minimal quantity of wetness. The simplest (and most efficient) method is to line a strong glass or plastic container with paper towels before scattering your greens on top. Refrigerate after covering with a matching lid.

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