5 Easy Ways to Make Canned Refried Beans Thinner

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It’s convenient to be able to open a can of beans and cook them up. Overall, the ease of canned refried beans will be difficult to argue against.

The only issue is that canned beans do not always taste the best. You could believe they’re off at times, and the beans are sometimes much too thick.

It will be more difficult to appreciate refried beans if they are overly thick. You’d want them to be a little thin and really creamy.

Is there anything you can do to attempt to change things? Is it possible to thicken canned refried beans?

Continue reading to find out how to thin canned refried beans. This should make it easy for you to appreciate them rather than feeling like you have to cook handmade beans every time to have a nice experience.

You Must Add Liquid to the Beans

5 Easy Ways to Make Canned Refried Beans Thinner

If you want to make the refried beans thinner, you must add liquid. It is critical to tackle this correctly otherwise the beans may get watery.

Runny refried beans may be as unsatisfactory as beans that are much too thick. Fortunately, when you know how much liquid to add, it’s simple to get it perfect.

One cup of liquid is required for every thirty ounces of refried beans. By adhering to this ratio, you will be able to thin things out in a really natural manner.

Things shouldn’t come out too thin if you keep an eye on how much liquid you’re adding to the beans. If you go overboard with the liquor, there’s a significant probability that things won’t turn out so well.

Fortunately, this will be a rather simple procedure. You only need to decide the sort of liquid to use with the beans.

1 – Using Water

5 Easy Ways to Make Canned Refried Beans Thinner

Using water to thin down refried beans is the most common method. This is a safe path to follow since it ensures that no other tastes are added to the mix.

If you don’t want to change the flavor of the refried beans, adding water is a good option. If you stick to the aforementioned proportions, you will obtain excellent outcomes.

Using water will be the simplest technique to do the task. You should always have access to flowing water, which eliminates the need to go out and acquire a unique ingredient.

It will be simple to get the beans to be exactly the thickness you want. The water will not change the flavor of the beans, but it will change their consistency.

Just be cautious not to overdo it with the water. You don’t want the beans to be too runny or you won’t be happy with the results.

2 – Use Buttermilk

When attempting to thin down refried beans, buttermilk is a fantastic option. You may thin the beans with buttermilk using the same ratio as previously indicated.

For every thirty ounces of refried beans, add one cup of buttermilk. When you’re done, the beans will be much thinner.

You will also have significantly affected the flavor of the beans. Some individuals believe that adding buttermilk to thin out the beans may improve their flavor, but this is just subjective.

3 – Try Using Heavy Cream

If you want your refried beans to be thinner, you may add pretty much whatever liquid you choose to get the job done. The majority of individuals end up drinking water or milk.

Those are all good possibilities, but you may want to try heavy cream. Heavy cream will help you make the refried beans taste even better than before without making them too sour.

The most frequent form of milk used to smooth down refried beans is buttermilk. It’s acceptable to use, although it may drastically change the flavor of the beans.

Using heavy cream will be much different. You’ll get very creamy, delicious beans without the buttermilk’s slight sourness.

4 – Sour Cream Can Work

When it comes to thinning down the refried beans, sour cream may also be used. This is something you may add to the refried beans later anyhow, depending on what you’re making with them.

This is classified as a semi-liquid rather than a liquid. It is still possible to thin down the beans until they reach the desired consistency.

Simply add a little amount of sour cream at a time while stirring the beans. Check the consistency of the beans and stop when you’re pleased with the results.

The disadvantage of this technique is that adding sour cream might cause the beans to come out quite differently than usual. If you use too much sour cream, your refried beans will have a distinct sour cream flavor.

Even a little amount can change the flavor of the beans. If you’re concerned about offending the flavor, sticking to water is a better option.

5 – Use Broth

Using broth to thin out the beans will most likely be an excellent method to thin them out. This will have an effect on the flavor of the beans, but it will most likely be a favorable influence in the eyes of most people.

You may use almost any sort of broth you desire. Some individuals like beef broth, while others prefer chicken broth.

It will give the beans a meaty taste. That may complement some recipes, and it may make sense depending on how you want to use the refried beans.

Simply whisk the broth into the refried beans as if you were thinning them with water. You should have no trouble getting the beans to be thinner.

Taste the refried beans to evaluate whether you like the flavor. If everything works well, broth may become your go-to method for thinning down the refried beans.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to make refried beans thinner would be beneficial. You don’t have to put up with the beans being way too thick when you have the instruments to change their consistency.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is the sort of liquid or semi-liquid you will use to thin down the beans. Some people like to use simply water, while others use broth, heavy cream, sour cream, or buttermilk.

Each sort of liquid or semi-liquid has advantages and disadvantages. Some alternatives may significantly modify the flavor of the beans, while others will be neutral.

Examine the many possibilities open to you and then select what you want to do. It’ll be simple to get the beans exactly perfect if you keep to the appropriate ratio.

It will be much simpler to achieve the desired consistency range the next time you prepare refried beans. Your next dinner party will undoubtedly be a smashing success.


What can I do to thin out refried beans?

You only need to decide the sort of liquid to use with the beans.
1 – Making Use of Water. Using water to thin down refried beans is the most common method.
2 – Make use of buttermilk.
3 – Experiment with heavy cream.
4 – Sour Cream Can Be Used.
5 – Make use of broth.

How to make canned refried beans creamier?

Adding chicken broth to refried beans will assist to make them creamier and more flavorful.

How to spice up canned refried beans?

Beans should be seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, and sea salt. Then, add 13 cup of water to thin the mixture. (Canned refried beans are usually excessively thick and must be thinned. Add a dash or two of your favorite hot sauce to make them spicy.

How do you thin out bean dip?

Use canned refried beans instead for a fast and easy refried bean dip. You may need to thin it up with a little broth or water, and you may need to add a little more spice than the recipe asks for.

Can refried beans be runny?

Preventing Runny Refried Beans. The easiest approach to cure runny refried beans is to avoid getting them runny in the first place. To accomplish so, you must limit the quantity of water you put to your beans. Using the liquid left over after boiling the dry beans, hydrate your prepared refried beans.

How to make canned beans better?

dry beans with a little of olive oil (or avocado oil) and your preferred spices. smashed whole seeds (coriander, cumin, fennel, mustard, and so on), woodsy herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage), red pepper flakes, smashed garlic cloves, and, of course, salt and pepper may be added.rinseddrained toss

Why are restaurant refried beans so good?

Why are restaurant refried beans so delicious? For all that delicious taste, most restaurants add additional fat, such as bacon fat, bacon grease, butter, or other sorts of fat. However, you do not need to add any additional fat to these homemade cheater style refried beans!

Do you add milk or water to refried beans?

Instead of water, use milk.

In the recipe below, I use milk instead of water to make my refried beans. It’s just enough to make them creamier and more flavorful. If you want nondairy, just substitute water or chicken or vegetable broth for the milk.

What kind of seasoning do you put in refried beans?

Seasoning Refried Beans. Fresh garlic, ground cumin, ground chili powder, salt, and fresh lime juice flavor these handmade refried beans.

Can you add baking soda to refried beans?

Baking soda, in addition to brining and soaking, may work wonders on beans, saving you up to an hour of cooking time. Just don’t add more than a pinch—too much and the beans will taste soapy and nasty.

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