6 Delectable Recipes for Leftover Cookies or Cookie Dough

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Did you create a large batch of cookies and now have extras? Consider yourself fortunate! There aren’t many people that have leftover cookies, and there are so many things you can do with them.

Having leftover cookies is a gift, and they will not be wasted. Try one of these fantastic ideas for using them in a unique and tasty manner.

How to Store Cookies

Whatever you want to do with your cookies, you should always keep them correctly. This will help your cookies stay fresher for longer.

Even if you have extra cookies, you want them to keep as fresh as possible. Thus, after your cookies have been removed from the oven and thoroughly cooled, follow these storing instructions.

  1. Put the cookies in an airtight jar with a cover. Keep strong-flavored cookies, such as gingerbread or peanut butter cookies, away from the milk cookies (like sugar cookies). The ideal solution is to give each kind of cookie its own container.
  2. In the jar containing the cookies, place a slice of white bread. This will absorb any extra moisture in the container and keep the cookies from becoming soggy.
  3. Store the cookies at room temperature, fully sealed, for 1-2 weeks. The cookies may also be stored in the fridge for 2-3 weeks or frozen for around 2 months.
  4. If you want to freeze the cooked cookies, be very cautious to close the cookie container; you don’t want the cold air of the freezer to dry them out!

Now that you’ve properly kept your cookies, eat as many as you can or try one of these ways to help you use up your remaining cookies.

1 – Freeze the Cookie Dough

If you have any leftover cookie dough that you have not yet baked, you may simply store it for later use. Shape the dough into individual-sized cookies (scoop and shape the dough as if you were going to bake the cookies- but don’t!).

Put the cookie dough balls in an airtight container or a zipped bag. Then, anytime you want a freshly made cookie, just set the frozen cookie ball on a baking sheet, let it thaw for a few minutes, and bake as normal!

This is one of the simplest ways to eat fresh-from-the-oven cookies whenever you want. This a fantastic method to use up extra cookie dough!

2 – Make a Pie Crust

A cookie pie crust may be made in one of two ways: using leftover baked cookies or with leftover cookie dough. All choices are excellent and will result in a distinctive pie crust.

Pie Crust with Baked Cookies

To create a pie crust out of leftover baked cookies, start by making cookie crumbs. In a food processor, pulse the leftover cookies until fine crumbs form.

If the cookies are still too soft and don’t make fine crumbs, roast them at 200 degrees F for around 15-20 minutes to dry them out further.

To prepare the crust, mix the finely ground cookies with the melted butter. 5 tablespoons melted butter is required for every 1 cup of cookie crumbs.

Stir well before pressing the mixture into a pie pan, pushing the crumb crust up the edges of the pan. The crust is now prepared for filling!

Cookie Dough Pie Crust

If you have leftover cookie dough, just press it into a pie pan, pressing it as flatly as possible along the bottom and up the edges. Make the dough as even as possible to ensure that the crust bakes evenly.

Cover the cookie dough in the pie pan with foil, then fill with pie weights or dried beans (you can try these other simple alternatives as well). Bake the cookie dough crust at the same oven temperature and time as you would normally bake the cookies.

Take the pie weights and foil from the crust and set it aside. You’ll have a nicely cooked cookie crust that’s ready to go!

3 – Make Ice Cream Toppings

Leftover cookies are great ice cream toppings. This applies to almost every kind of cookie, as well as every type of ice cream! Use a sharp knife to cut the leftover cookies into smaller pieces, or pulse the cookies in a food processor.

Save the cookie topping in an airtight jar and use it to top ice cream anytime you like! It’s OK if the cookie bits get little dry since the ice cream liquids will soak right into them, softening them again!

4 – Chocolate Bark With Cookie Pieces

Making a fresh, chocolaty dessert using leftover cookies is a fantastic way to repurpose them. Chocolate bark is a simple treat that looks elegant and can use up any leftover cookies you may have.

Set aside the cookies once they have been chopped or crumbled. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, removing it from the heat when it is almost completely melted (don’t forget to stir regularly to keep the chocolate from burning!).

With an offset spatula, cut an 8-inch circle. Spread the melted chocolate thinly on a parchment or silicone mat, approximately 1 inch thick.

Sprinkle the cookie pieces over the chocolate while it is still wet. Let the chocolate to solidify before breaking it into pieces and enjoying! You’ve just made your very own cookie candy bar!

5 – Make Cookie Brownies

When your cookies have gone stale and are no longer enticing to eat plain, it is time to consider preparing brownies!

Cookies are a terrific accompaniment to brownies, combining two delicious, traditional treats. Just choose cookies that complement the chocolaty richness of a brownie (chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookieyou have plenty of alternatives!)!

Make the brownie mix as normal, then fold in the cookie pieces. Spoon the batter into your prepared pan and bake as usual!

When the brownies have been baked and cooled, cut into the dessert and enjoy a cookie and a brownie with each piece.

6 – Make Cookie Butter

Maybe you’ve spotted cookie butter at the grocery store and considered purchasing a jar or two. You don’t need to purchase cookie butter if you have leftover cookies—you can make it yourself!

To begin, pulse your remaining cookies in a food processor until they are nice and tiny. In a mixing dish, combine the crumbs, heavy cream, brown sugar, and melted butter.

3 cup cream, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, and 1 tablespoon melted butter. Combine all of the ingredients until a smooth dough forms. Your cookie butter is complete! 1 cup of cookie crumbs for every 2 cups of cookie crumbs

Put it over toast, use it to sandwich two cookies together, or eat it by the spoonful topped with whipped cream! Your old cookies get a new lease of life, and it’s wonderful!

As you can see, having extra cookies is never an issue. In fact, leftover cookies can be transformed into some delicious new dessert alternatives.

So, which will you attempt first? Difficult choice; best go bake some more cookies so you have extras! Enjoy!


What can you use old cookies for?

These are five creative uses for stale cookies.
Combine them in a milkshake. Better than milk and cookies…
Prepare a cookie crust for the pie. PIN IT. …
Combine them with chocolate bark. PIN IT. …
Improve your brownie recipe. PIN IT… Create your own cookie butter. PIN IT.

What can I do with too much cookie dough?

Make these sweets even simpler by using leftover cookie dough:
Truffles made from cookie dough.
Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes made with cookie dough.
Cheesecake made with cookie dough.
Brownie Bombs with Cookie Dough.
Chocolate Cookie Dough Bars.

Can I use 6 day old cookie dough?

Homemade cookie dough should be refrigerated in tiny containers for two to four days or frozen for two months.

Where do you put leftover cookie dough?

Depending on when you wish to bake your cookies, we suggest keeping them in a small sealed jar in the fridge or freezer. Any cookie dough left on the counter at room temperature will be fine for 2-4 hours but may go bad after that, particularly if it is already over its “best by” date.

What do Girl Scouts do with leftover cookies?

Any unsold cookies are given to food organizations or charity in the community. When the coronavirus drove soldiers to abandon their in-person cookie booths for safety concerns in 2021, leftover cookies became a major problem. They were stuck with 15 million cartons of unsold cookies.

Can you eat 2 year old cookies?

Packaged items (cereal, pasta, cookies) will be safe beyond the ‘best by’ date, although they may grow stale or acquire an unpleasant taste. When you open the packaging, you’ll notice whether the food has degraded in quality. Many food dates allude to quality rather than safety.

What tastes good with cookie dough?

Use edible cookie dough as a “dip” for your favorite sturdy crackers, pretzels, or even fruit such as apples and pears! When you combine the cookie dough and cream cheese, you get a more “dippable” dip.

Can you reuse cookie dough?

Reuse and reduce: After one batch of cookies is finished, take them from the parchment paper and use it again to roll, cut, and bake another batch. You may also re-use leftover dough up to two times. Just knead the extra dough together, re-roll it, and cut cookies.

Is it bad to eat a lot of edible cookie dough?

You may become ill if you consume unbaked dough or batter produced with germ-infested flour. Only when flour is baked or cooked can germs die. In 2016, 2019, and 2021, the CDC examined outbreaks of E. coli illnesses connected to uncooked flour or cake mix.

Can you eat 2 year old frozen cookie dough?

Yet, according to United Regulations, raw cookie dough may be frozen for 9 to 12 months. Much longer, and you should definitely toss it away, which means it’s time to make another batch.

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