6 Fantastic Uses for Leftover Ravioli Filling

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Making handmade ravioli is something that your family will enjoy. Ravioli is a highly substantial and enjoyable meal to have for supper.

When creating ravioli filling, you could get a little carried away. If you have too much filling, you will not be able to use it all.

Is there anything you can do with the ravioli filling to prevent it from going to waste? Or will you just have to be extra cautious not to create too much the next time?

Continue reading to find out what to do with the filling. It should provide you with some tips to avoid wasting anything.

1 – Freeze the Filling to Use it Next Time

6 Great Things to Do with Leftover Ravioli Filling

Of course, freezing the filling is one of the more practical options. If you freeze the ravioli filling, you should be able to use it again the next time you make ravioli.

In general, freezing the filler will be a breeze. You’ll only want to wait until the filling cools to avoid moisture concerns.

Once the ravioli filling has cooled enough, you may store it in an airtight container. You’ll want to use a plastic airtight container that can also be frozen.

Place the container in the freezer after ensuring that the lid is tightly fastened. You should be able to keep it in the fridge for a few weeks or a month until you want to make ravioli again.

However, there are certain limitations to this that you should be aware of. Some of the filler components will not freeze properly.

If you include veggies in your ravioli filling, such as spinach, squash, or pumpkin, you may not want to freeze the filling. These filling materials are too watery, allowing moisture to escape.

Because of the water leaking out, it might cause the filling to deteriorate quicker. Furthermore, the foods may not taste nice after being frozen.

If you want to freeze the filling, you should avoid using materials that are high in water. If you do not use such substances, everything should be alright.

2 – Use the Filling as Pasta Sauce

Another straightforward and reasonable approach is to use the ravioli filling as a pasta sauce. When served with pasta, ravioli filling recipes are often delicious.

You may just prepare some spaghetti as usual. Add the contents to the pasta and sprinkle with olive oil and butter to finish.

This should enable you to make a quick and tasty spaghetti sauce. You’ll be able to make another supper out of the ravioli filling.

You shouldn’t have to squander the filling if you don’t want to. Simply discover new ways to include it into various dishes.

3 – Stuff the Fillings Inside of Dough

Why not insert the fillings within the dough? Your ravioli filling may assist you in making some unique creamy breads.

Essentially, you will be producing bread with a filling within. It will be something you can pick up and consume on the run.

This concept is comparable to the microwaveable pizza pockets available in supermarkets. However, your handmade ravioli filler pockets will be much more delicious.

Making them will be simple since you will just wrap the dough around the filling and seal it. The dough may then be baked at the right temperature.

If you want to try something new that will make you feel like you’re eating something different, this is a good option. It should also be a major hit with your kids.

4 – Put the Filling in Pasta Shells

Pasta shells are quite popular, and it would be incredibly simple to just place the ravioli filling inside pasta shells. Cook the shells until they are al dente, then spoon in the contents.

You may eat the shells by themselves for a delicious lunch or supper. Some folks like to serve the pasta shells with salads.

In any case, this is a fairly simple dish that will allow you to use up any leftover ravioli filling. You won’t have to go to much difficulty since buying spaghetti shells is simple.

The main disadvantage is that this meal may taste a lot like ravioli. If you’ve just tried ravioli, you may feel like you’re not doing much experimenting.

5 – Just Make More Ravioli

Of course, you could just make additional ravioli to use up the remainder of your filling. It may take you a little longer to create more, but you will be able to utilize the filling as planned.

Depending on the circumstances, this may be the best option. If you have any leftover ingredients, it shouldn’t be too difficult to create extra ravioli to stuff with the filling.

Alternatively, you might go out and get additional ingredients to create more ravioli. All you have to do is make sure you consume everything.

Invite a friend or family member over to assist you in finishing the ravioli. Everyone will appreciate the effort you put in.

6 – Just Eat it

This may seem simple and weird at first, but the ravioli filling is quite tasty on its own. Simply make sure it’s hot and consume it with a fork or spoon.

If you’re fussy, you may not believe this is a suitable option. True, the filling tastes better when it’s within the ravioli, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste fine on its own.

You may just consume the filling so that it does not go to waste. If you don’t have any other ingredients on hand, this may seem like a fair answer.

It’s not spectacular, but it’ll at least allow you to consume the yummy filling without having to toss it away. Don’t squander the ravioli filling if you don’t have to.

Final Thoughts

Making too much ravioli filling is a very regular issue. It’s all too simple to create a little too much.

You don’t have to worry about wasting the ravioli filling if you don’t want to. There are many things you can do to guarantee that it is utilized.

You may, of course, freeze the ravioli filling and use it later. However, if you choose water-heavy veggies as components, this may not be achievable.

You may even eat the ravioli filling since it is completely edible. It’s not spectacular, but it’s simple to eat with a fork or spoon.

If you wish to incorporate the filling into a new meal, try it as a spaghetti sauce. You may mix it with spaghetti to make a delicious cream sauce.

Some people even pack the filling into dough to form ravioli pocket snacks. This may be a fun small dinner to grab and enjoy on the fly.

You have alternatives, and you don’t have to waste the extra filling. It will be alright as long as you don’t wait too long to utilize the filling.


What to do with leftover ravioli filling?

You may prepare a quick creamy sauce for your pasta by combining the creamy contents with some olive oil and butter while the pasta is still hot. You could also pack them into almost any sort of dough, such as puff pastry, pizza dough, bread dough, and so on, and bake them in the oven to make another kind of creamy bread.

What can I do with leftover ricotta ravioli filling?

If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, try these dishes using leftover ricotta!
Pancakes with lemon ricotta.
Pasta with artichokes, spinach, and ricotta.
Shells stuffed with mint ricotta.
Pound Cake with Lemon Blueberries and Ricotta.
Spaghetti with lemony peas and ricotta.
Frittata with Zucchini Ricotta.

Can I freeze cheese ravioli filling?

Yes! If you make a ravioli filling using ricotta cheese and additional components such as Parmesan cheese, eggs, and herbs, you may freeze it. Excess liquid may need to be drained away after thawing, but it will be OK otherwise.

What is ravioli filling made of?

Ingredients for Ravioli

Ricotta, cream cheese, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, an egg, and dried parsley make up the filling. For the sauce, combine olive oil, garlic, prepared basil pesto sauce (purchased or homemade), heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, and a jar of marinara sauce. For the egg wash, combine one egg and…

What to have with filled ravioli?

8 Classic Side Dishes to Serve with Ravioli
Bread from Italy. I all, you’re already providing an Italian entrée, so why not go the whole hog? …
Onions Cipollini.
Rabe broccoli.
Wrapped Asparagus with Prosciutto.
Vegetables that have been baked in the oven.
Frico Zucchini Chips.
Bread with Garlic.

How long can you keep ravioli filling in the fridge?

Toss leftovers with your favorite sauce before putting them in the refrigerator if you aren’t intending to consume them straight away. The ravioli will no longer hold together as a result of this. Allow the ravioli to cool before storing them in shallow airtight containers in the fridge. Use within 2-3 days.

Should ravioli filling be cooked?

It is safe to consume raw beef.

When creating your own, you may question whether you need to boil the meat before filling the ravioli. The answer, according to UPROXX, is no. Although many people cook it beforehand, the raw meat seems to cook just well within the boiling ravioli.

How do you eat leftover ravioli?

Leftover filled pastas, such as ravioli and tortellini, work well in a casserole. Make a basic white sauce (or use leftover red), then top with vegetables and cheese and bake.

Can you freeze fresh filled ravioli?

How to Freeze Fresh Ravioli. To get frozen. set your handmade ravioli in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and set in the freezer until hardened. The frozen ravioli may then be stored in an airtight freezer-safe storage container in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Why not freeze ravioli?

Cooked ravioli contains much more water than uncooked ravioli. This implies that if you flash freeze it and then bag it, it will rapidly get freezer burnt. To avoid this, always freeze cooked ravioli in sauce.

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