6 Simple Methods for Pureeing Strawberries (Without a Blender)

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There are many reasons why you would need to puree strawberries. They can be used in smoothies, for pies, as jam, and just about anything else.

Unfortunately however, you may not always have a blender handy to get the consistency that you want from your strawberries. Chopping them up could work, but you may not want them to be chunky.

You may be thinking to yourself how will I puree my strawberries now? Luckily for you, we have all the answers you need right here.

Youll be shocked to discover that you have most of these items handy already!

1 – The Muddling Technique

6 Easy Ways to Puree Strawberries (Without a Blender)

This is a technique that is used mostly by bartenders when making delicious cocktails, but it can also be used in place of a blender. You can muddle strawberries using a mortar and pestle.

Make sure you cut the strawberries as small as you can to make the muddling easier. Strawberries that are bruised are also easier to muddle since they are going to be much softer.

Then, put them inside the mortar and pestle, and begin to muddle. Dont forget to cut off the strawberry leaves as they will not be a welcome surprise in your strawberry puree!

2 – Using a Food Mill

6 Easy Ways to Puree Strawberries (Without a Blender)

A food mill is usually used for making soups or even salsas. In fact, they are usually reserved for tomatoes. However, they can serve just as well when pureeing strawberries. In fact, this is the preferred method for some when it comes to making apple sauce.

The good thing about a food mill is that you can puree the strawberries to a smooth consistency thanks to the tiny holes inside of it.

3 – A Sieve

A sieve is another great option for pureeing strawberries. Best of all, the sieve will be able to strain out any seeds left behind by the strawberries that always end up getting stuck in your teeth. Its a win-win situation!

For best results, push down the strawberries with a fork to force them through the sieve. You can always run hot water over them to make them go down a little bit easier.

4 – Use a Food Processor

Even if you dont have a blender but you do have a food processor, youll be able to puree your strawberries just as well. Be sure to test out a few of the blades that come with your food processor to find the one that works best for you.

You can always try and cook your strawberries a bit beforehand so that they are easier to break down.

5 – Use a Chef’s Knife

Many people already have a chefs knife at home, but dont know that the blade isnt the only handy part about it. The knifes handle is made heavy and sturdy to be able to smash ingredients.

For example, many people practice this using garlic. However, whos to say you cant use this same method with your strawberries?

6 – Steamer Basket

As we mentioned earlier, your fruits and vegetables are easier to break down when they are cooked. A steamer basket will do just that.

Just place your strawberries inside of the basket, then close it and submerge it into boiling water. After a few minutes, you can take them back out again.

Once you do, place them under cold running water to cool down. You can then puree them using a rolling pin.

If the fruit is still a little bit too stiff, you can always add hot water to the mixture to help it break down easily.

Pureeing Other Fruits or Vegetables

If you are looking for a way to puree other fruits and veggies, you can always use the same methods we just discussed. However, some of these will require peeling before you try and puree them.

Apples for example, wont break down very well when the peel is still attached. Most veggies are the same way.

As mentioned earlier, you also want to make sure you are chopping up your ingredients as finely as possible so that they are easier to blend.

Different Ways to Use Pureed Strawberries

The good thing about strawberry puree is that it can easily be stored. In the fridge, it can be stored for up to five days.

In the freezer, however, strawberry puree can last up to three months. As a result, this means youll get a lot of use of it.

Put it in an airtight container to keep it fresh. You can also put it in ice cubes to make it easier to store and use.

As mentioned earlier, pureed strawberries can be used in a series of recipes. It can easily be spooned over a bowl of ice cream or on top of yogurt. However, it can also be used in other recipes.

So, why not start with the best one?

Strawberry margaritas are some of the best cocktails out there, and a perfect use of your strawberry puree. To make it tastier, you can always add lemon juice and a bit of granulated sugar to it.

Afterward, add it to your cocktail mixer and mix it up with tequila and some lime juice.

Strawberry applesauce is another tasty treat that can be made using strawberry puree. You can even combine it with other fruits and turn it into baby food for your kids.

Coffee cake is another delicious way to use up your strawberry puree. You can simply use a regular box of cake mix, but instead of using all of the water that the mix calls for, use the strawberry puree in place.

This will add a nice kick to your cake and will have all of your guests wondering what your secret ingredient is!

Our last recipe is one that everyone can get behind strawberry cheesecake. You can either use the strawberry puree inside of the mix, or drizzle it on top of the cake when serving.

If you decide to use it in the mix, simply add it in with the rest of your ingredients and blend. Remember to strain it first to get rid of all the seeds.

You can also use any extra puree as a decoration on top of your cake, or even turn it into a frosting.

Final Thoughts

The good thing about strawberries is that their consistency is soft and easy to blend. If you dont have a blender but want to make strawberry puree, there are other alternatives to using a blender.

To recap: a pestle and mortar is one of the easiest ways to puree your strawberries without using a blender. Muddling a fruit as soft as a strawberry doesnt take much, although you will be left with some seeds.

However, you can always put this mixture through a strainer.

You can also always use a food mill or even a sieve to puree your strawberries. Even a food processor or a regular old chefs knife can get the job done!

No matter what route you take, theres no doubt that your strawberry puree will turn out tasty. Whatever recipe you choose to make with it will have people begging for more.


How to make a fruit puree without a blender?

How to Make a Puree Without Using a Blender
Chop up your ingredient(s) as finely as possible with a knife.
Crush with a mortar and pestle, rolling pin, masher, or the back of a spoon or fork to turn it into more of a paste.
Push through a fine-mesh sieve with the back of a spoon.

How do you mash strawberries without a masher?

You can use a fork, a pastry blender, or potato masher. To begin with have your strawberries cleaned, stemmed, and quartered. To use a fork, grab a hold of the fork down low so that you have more leverage and just begin to mash the strawberries using the side of the bowl to press against it.

How do you strain puree strawberries?

For an even smoother strawberry puree, line you mesh sieve with cheesecloth and strain your puree by pouring it through the cheesecloth and press it down with a rubber spatula.

How do you crush strawberries?

To crush the berries, I prefer to use a potato masher or rigid pastry blender. If using a food processor, pulse lightly to still have a nice amount of chunkiness, with small bits of fruit. Do not puree. Add exact amount of sugar to the crushed berries and stir to combine.

Can you puree strawberries without a blender?

Not everyone has one though, so it’s good to know that you can make homemade strawberry puree without a food processor or blender but it’ll take longer. Simply hull your strawberries and then use a masher or even a fork.

How do you blend fruit by hand?

Wash the fruits, peel, and chop them into pieces. Now in a jar, add the fruits and blend them with a hand blender. Gradually add chilled milk, cinnamon, and blend all the ingredients until smooth. You can add honey to enhance the sweetness of the smoothie.

Can you puree strawberries by hand?

Simply insert your strawberries in the basket, shut it, and immerse it in hot water. You may take them out again after a few minutes. After that, run them under cold running water to cool them. Then, using a rolling pin, purée them.

How do you crush strawberries without a blender?

Use a fork or potato masher to help the strawberries break down.

How to make a strawberry quick?

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milk.2 ounces strawberry schnapps.
1 ounce Irish cream.
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