6 Ways to Froth Oat Milk (Without a Frother)

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You don’t need to purchase a frother to enjoy frothed milk in your coffee or other beverages at home. Purchasing a frother may be prohibitively costly, a poor investment for the amount of time you will use it, or an unneeded equipment.

The good news is that there are several methods to froth oat milk at home using items that you most likely already have in your kitchen.

What Makes Milk Froth?

6 Ways to Froth Oat Milk (Without a Frother)

It is not always as straightforward as making bubbles to foam milk. There’s a reason those bubbles might occur, and it’s not only due to the addition of air to milk.

Cow’s milk froths significantly more easily than oat milk. This is because the lipids and proteins in cow’s milk make it easier to froth.

The fat content of milk is what allows it to froth easily. Milks with low or high fat content (such as skim milk and heavy cream) are the simplest to foam.

Cow’s milk may retain froth because of the proteins. The protein forms a layer around the foam bubbles, enabling them to remain stable for an extended length of time.

What Makes Oat Milk Froth?

Oat milk is more difficult to froth than cow milk since the constituents do not have the same elements. Oat milk’s primary constituents are oats and water.

The oats are steeped in water to create oat milk. The length of time the oats soak in the milk may vary depending on the recipe.

While oat milk may froth, it will be more difficult to get the same level of froth as cow’s milk can. The best option is to look for oat milk that is designed for foaming.

A barista version of oat milk is available in several places. This means it is designed to froth and will be much simpler to deal with than conventional oat milk.

However, you are not required to purchase a certain kind of oat milk. When attempting to froth it, regular oat milk should work just fine.

1 – Froth Oat Milk in a Jar

This is a really easy way of foaming oat milk that just requires a jar, which most people already have.

The first step is to ensure that your jar is the correct size for frothing oat milk. While any size jar may froth oat milk, you must ensure that there is enough space in the jar for the quantity of oat milk that you want to froth.

In general, leaving around half to two-thirds of the jar unfilled will allow the oat milk to froth.

Pour in as much oat milk as you need, being careful not to fill the jar more than halfway.

Then, all you have to do is shake the jar to make foam. It may take a few minutes to obtain the desired quantity of froth, but this will depend on how much milk you have.

Make sure you’re not frothing too much oat milk at once. Because you must shake the jar by hand, make sure the quantity of oat milk in the jar is light enough that you can shake it for a long length of time.

Once the oat milk has frothed, remove it from the jar and place it in a microwave-safe bowl to heat.

2 – Froth Oat Milk in a Blender

To froth oat milk in a blender, just pour oat milk into the blender and turn it on high.

You must leave enough area in the blender for the oat milk to froth, but this should not be a problem since blenders have a large capacity level.

However, since it takes less time to froth a smaller quantity of foam, you should not attempt to combine more than two drinks worth of oat milk in a blender at a time to ensure that each drink has an equal amount of foam.

After you’ve blended the oat milk until it has a nice quantity of froth, pour it into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it.

3 – Froth Oat Milk in a Food Processor

Frothing oat milk in a food processor is almost identical to frothing oat milk in a blender. However, since food processors are often broader than blenders and can add more air, they may be simpler to operate.

Aside from that, they employ the same procedure. Pour in as much oat milk as needed and mix on high.

Make sure to pay attention to the maximum capacity of the food processor while pouring the oat milk, and that the oat milk and foam do not exceed the maximum quantity.

When you’ve finished mixing and made as much froth as you desire, pour the oat milk into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it up.

4 – Froth Oat Milk with an Electric Mixer

This approach may be done with either a hand electric mixer or a stand mixer. If you have whisk attachments, they will speed up the frothing of the milk, so connect them to your hand mixer or stand mixer.

Fill a big mixing bowl halfway with oat milk. If you have a microwave-safe bowl, try to use that to mix it in to make it easy to heat afterwards.

Then, on high speed, mix it until enough foam forms.

When you’ve achieved the desired amount of foam, heat the frothed oat milk.

If the bowl you used to froth it in is microwave safe, keep it in there while you heat it up. If it isn’t, just place it in a microwave-safe bowl before cooking.

5 – Froth Oat Milk with a Whisk

Using a whisk to combine oat milk is akin to using a hand electric mixer or a stand mixer. It will take much longer to do it by hand, but the result will be the same.

In a large mixing basin, combine the oat milk and the honey. If you have a big enough microwave-safe bowl, use it.

Whisk the oat milk until a sufficient amount of froth has formed. Because you are doing this by hand, it will most likely take some time, so be patient.

Bubbles will begin to develop, and foam should follow shortly afterwards. When there is enough froth, stop whisking the oat milk.

If you already have it in a microwave-safe bowl, you are ready to cook it up. If you don’t, just move it to a microwave-safe bowl before cooking it.

6 – Froth Oat Milk with a Hand Immersion Blender

It is feasible to froth oat milk using a hand immersion blender, although it may be messy. If you can use an alternative approach, you should do so before using a hand mixer since it will be much simpler.

However, frothing oat milk using a hand immersion blender isn’t all that awful. All you need to do is choose a tall enough bowl so that the milk does not fall out easily.

Pour the oat milk into a tall bowl, ideally one that is microwave safe to facilitate heating, although this is not required.

Then, froth the oat milk with the hand immersion blender. Make sure not to raise the hand immersion blender too far out of the oat milk, otherwise it will spray oat milk all over the place.

You may heat the milk once enough froth has formed. If you don’t have your oat milk in a microwave-safe bowl, put it in one before heating it.

How to Use Frothed Oat Milk

Frothed oat milk is ideal for a variety of hot beverages.

When espresso is added, you may prepare beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

It may also be mixed into coffee to produce a cafe au lait.

There are various tea-based beverages to which you may add frothed oat milk. When you have frothed oat milk, it’s simple to make a chai tea latte or a matcha green tea latte.


How do you froth oat milk without a frother?

broomstick blender

If you have an immersion or stick blender, you can also use it. In this manner, foaming your oat milk is quite similar to using a whisk. Just make sure the blender’s head is buried in the oat milk to avoid drenching your kitchen!Immersion

What can I add to oat milk to make it froth?

Coconut oil—a little amount, around 1 tsp, can give your homemade oat milk latte more richness and frothiness! Coconut oil’s nutritious fats not only create a creamy, frothy texture, but its MCTs also provide our bodies with instant energy and a morning cognitive boost.

How do you froth oat milk with a whisk?

5 – Use a Whisk to Whistle Oat Milk

In a large mixing basin, combine the oat milk and the honey. If you have a big enough microwave-safe bowl, use it. Whisk the oat milk until a sufficient amount of froth has formed. Because you are doing this by hand, it will most likely take some time, so be patient.

What can I use to froth milk without a frother?

8 Methods for Frothing Milk
1 – Shaking the contents of a jar. The first technique is quite straightforward.
2 – Hand whisking. Warm your milk and briskly whisk it by hand.
3 – A stand mixer. Warm the milk.
4 – A foaming wand. Warm up some milk.
Blender is number five.
6 – Use an immersion blender.
7 – Use a pump frother.
The French press is number eight.

Can you froth oat milk by hand?

A hand immersion blender will froth oat milk similarly to a hand electric mixer. It will make precisely frothy oat milk to pour over espresso for a delicious latte or other coffee recipes.

Can you froth cold Oatmilk?

The quick answer is that you can use a conventional milk frother to froth oat milk for lattes and other café drinks. In fact, oat milk is a perfect substitute for dairy milk since it has the same creamy “mouthfeel” and rich flavor.

Can you make Oatmilk cold foam?

Because oat milk has a thick texture, it froths better than any other nondairy milk. You can produce cold foam using oat milk; but, it will not have the same precise texture as heavy whipping cream.

Does oat milk steam well?

Oat. Because oat milk is poor in protein, it requires a longer steaming duration than cow’s milk to produce stable microfoam. It works effectively at most temperatures, up to 65°C. Adding additional air when you start steaming will provide a constant, smooth texture, similar to almond milk.

How long to microwave oat milk before frothing?

Shake the jar while the lid is still on: Screw the lid on. Shake the jar vigorously for 30 to 60 seconds, or until the milk is frothy and has about doubled in volume. 30 seconds in the microwave: Remove the jar’s lid.

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