7 Best Professional Cake Pans for Bakery-Quality Cakes

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Making the right cake can make any terrible day better. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned baker, you are aware that there is a lot that goes into making an exceptional cake. And the one item you must invest in is a high-quality cake pan.

Baking pans, like other baking utensils, have grown significantly, allowing a wide range of options. They are available in a variety of forms as well as materials.

They’ve been designed to not only provide practicality and longevity, but also to add some flare to your baking experience.

However, keep in mind that not all baking pans are made equal. I mean, there will be a distinction between high-quality items and those that will not withstand repeated usage.

In brief, a high quality cake pan will consistently produce a flawlessly cooked and uniformly browned cake that will not adhere to the pan.

Choosing high-quality cake pans does not have to be complicated or perplexing. We are convinced, thus we have produced a list of the top professional cake pans that guarantee to give excellent results every time.

1 – USA Pan Bakeware, Round 9 Inch (Top Pick)

7 Best Professional Cake Pans for Cakes Fit for a Bakery

On Amazon, you may get a solid circular cake pan with a slightly corrugated base. The pan is composed of heavy-gauge aluminized steel and has an Americoat nonstick coating.

The nonstick coating is devoid of BPA, PFOA, and PTFE, making it easy to release baked items with little mess. The pan is 9 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches tall, making it one of the greatest alternatives for creating spectacular layer cakes.

Furthermore, the straight sides eliminate the need for you to trim your cake while assembling it.


  • The base’s fluted shape promotes nonstick characteristics.
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to use and clean


  • edges that are swiftly rolled yet do not drainWater may be trapped around the rim.
  • Logo on base may cause food to stick
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2 – Cuisinart AMB Non Stick Round Cake Pan, Silver (Budget Pick)

7 Best Professional Cake Pans for Cakes Fit for a Bakery

If you buy more than one, this 9-inch Cuisinart nonstick pan, which is also available on Amazon, might be your answer to producing the ideal layer cake.

This pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel and has a durable nonstick coating on the interior and outside to ensure that cakes and other baked items are easily removed.

The professional quality steel structure ensures equal heat distribution over the cake pan for consistent baking outcomes. Even at high temperatures, the curled edges prevent warping.

The pan is also dishwasher safe and scratch resistant, however it is always suggested that nonstick bakeware be used with only silicone or plastic utensils.

The pan’s sides are straight, resulting in a smooth-edged layer cake with no need for extra trims. This pan may be used to make single and double layer cakes for any occasion.


  • High performance steel construction
  • Durable non-stick coating
  • Corrosion resistant metal
  • Easy to clean


  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Coating may wear off after few uses
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3 – Chicago Metallic Professional Non Stick Round Pan

This 9-inch round cake pan is made of heavy-weight aluminized steel, which ensures uniform heat conduction for consistent baking results.

The pan is a high-quality nonstick product that enables baked items to release easily and reduces cleanup time.

This product is highly recommended for experienced bakers since it not only has a solid structure but also lasts a long time. With this baking pan, you won’t need to buy any more since it will last you a long time.

The pan is dishwasher safe, but it may also be hand cleaned to prolong its life.


  • High performance product
  • Straight sides with a 2 inch height are great for layer cakes.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The engraved name on the cake’s base will be visible.
  • The same thing might make getting the cake out of the pan difficult.
  • Dark color may make sides set before the middle

4 – Elite Bakeware NonStick Pans Set with Silicone Handles

This nonstick cake pan set has three pieces with silicone handles for easier handling. These cake pans have a superior nonstick covering that enables for easy release when flipped over.

This pan set is composed of high duty industrial quality steel and is guaranteed to give excellent results every time. Each pan is 9 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in depth.

These strong strength pans are suitable to use at temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and will not damage or warp. Because the pans are tapered, they stack into one another for easy storage.

This set is suitable for both novice bakers and impassioned bakers who want a robust, durable cake pan for many baking chores.


  • Silicone handles for easy gripping
  • Oven safe up to 475 degrees
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Rust and warp poof
  • Set of three pans


  • Tapered pans may not be good for layer cakes.
  • Tapered shape makes for 8 inch base instead of 9
  • Coating may come off after few uses

5 – Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Heritage Bundt Pan

This well-known Bundt cake pan is an easy way to add some flair to your baking. This pan produces a visually stunning cake, and its swirl shape creates an exquisite piece whether frosted or without.

A tiny sprinkling of powdered sugar can also serve beautifully to spruce up your cake without too much work.

The pan is composed of genuine cast aluminum, which produces an excellent outcome and performance. It has a nonstick interior that enables the cake to be readily removed and allows for easy cleanup.

One key advantage of this cake pan is its heat reflecting coating, which guarantees that the cake browns evenly. The pan is big enough to make a nice-sized cake with elaborate decoration.

This Nordic Ware Bundt pan is created in the United States and is simple to clean and wash by hand. To maintain this pan in good working order for a long period, all you need is a mild detergent.


  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean
  • Good size
  • Produces evenly browned cakes


  • Limited time warranty

6 – Air Bake Natural Cake Pan with Cover

This rectangular cake pan by T-FAL measures 139 inches and is made entirely of aluminum.

Because it is comprised of two metal sheets that trap air inside, the pan has strong duty insulation. The trapped air reduces the temperature of the pan where it comes into contact with any cake batter.

The lower aluminum layer insulates by preventing the oven heat from below, while the top sheet keeps the cake from being overheated.

When compared to typical insulated bakeware, this innovation also lowers baking time by 15% and results in a moister cake when cooked. The pan also includes a cover, so it may be used as a storage container.

This is an excellent size pan for baking sheet cakes for graduations, birthdays, baby or wedding showers, anniversaries, or any other event when you would want to engrave a message on the cake.

A word of warning: never wet the cake pan since water may get between the metal sheets. If this occurs, put it upside down in a 250° oven for roughly 30 minutes, or until the water is gone.


  • Heavy duty insulated bakeware
  • Comes with lid
  • Rust proof
  • 10 year warranty


  • Non-stick coating may darken over time
  • Recommended for use with only plastic utensils

7 – Cake Boss Professional Non-Stick Bakeware

This is a collection of three circular cake pans in sizes 6, 8, and 10. The aluminized steel sides and rolled rims of the set make the pans stronger and more solid.

Every pan has a quilted surface that reduces wear and provides uniform heat distribution. As a consequence, the cake is uniformly browned and does not adhere to the pan.

The pans’ nonstick coating allows for simple removal of baked products and fast cleanup. The pans may be used at high oven temperatures.


  • Quilted surface for even browning
  • Strong aluminized steel construction
  • 3 different sizes suitable for tier cakes
  • Rolled rims for easy, strong grip


  • Logo printed on base shows up on delicate cakes
  • Because pans cook at a higher temperature than normal, the baking temperature may need to be decreased.

Before you buy

Because not all baking pans will suit your requirements, consider the sort of cakes you want to make as well as how often you intend to use the pan.

Based on these factors, here are a few simple tips to help you make the proper decision:


Cake pan materials are typically available in three varieties: stainless steel, aluminum, and silicone, each with its own set of advantages.

  • Stainless steel: Cake pans made of this material are long-lasting and stain-resistant. Excellent for frequent bakers.
  • Aluminum pans transfer heat effectively and create a cake that bakes evenly. Also suggested for regular baking tasks.
  • Silicone: A relatively recent rival in comparison to the other two, silicone bakeware has a rapidly developing fan following that appreciates how simple it is to clean and store. Silicone pans are also freezer, fridge, oven, and microwave safe, as well as corrosion and stain resistant. The main issues raised are the pans’ stability given silicone’s elasticity, and that silicone may not brown cakes as uniformly as metal.


Cake pans come in a variety of forms, so you can easily choose one that meets your baking requirements.

Round pans, for example, are ideal for producing layer cakes. Sheet cakes are best made in rectangular cake pans. These are perfect for designing cakes since the rectangular base gives a nice level, firm canvas to exhibit your artistic abilities.

Although square pans are a more common alternative for preparing brownies, they may also be used to produce a non-round tiered cake.

Another choice is springform, which comes in round, square, and rectangular forms. These pans have detachable sides and are great for preparing cheesecakes.

Then there are speciality pans, which come in a variety of designs and forms such as hearts, stars, trees, and flowers, to mention a few.

They also come in a variety of character forms, like Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty, among many others. These cake pans are intended for bakers or caterers that work in the baking industry.

Looking for tiered cake pans? Check out our buying advice for the finest tiered cake pan.


What baking pans do professional bakers use?

What kind of baking pans do expert bakers use? Professional bakers often advocate using anodized aluminum pans. It boasts a nonstick covering that swiftly warms and cools. These pans also cook more evenly than conventional glass bakeware.

What cake tins do professionals use?

Fat Daddio’s Round Cake Pan is used by professional bakers.

What kind of pan is best for baking a cake?

Metal bakeware is the best heat conductor; metal baking pans heat and cool fast, making them perfect for baking cookies and cakes.

What do you call a baking pan used for elegant and special cakes?

A circular cake pan with a detachable bottom and sides is known as a springform pan.

What is the best surface for bakers?

Marble has traditionally been the preferred baking surface, although it may scratch if not handled carefully. Granite is another excellent option since it is both heat and water resistant. Finally, quartz is becoming more popular. It is very long-lasting (stain, scorch, and scratch-resistant) and very simple to maintain.

What pans do they use on Masterchef the professionals?

Chef Marcus Wareing knows a thing or two about fine cookware after more than 30 years in the field, so it’s no surprise that he utilizes Circulon’s award-winning cookware in his professional kitchens.

Do professional bakers use box cake?

Many of the best bakers utilize boxed cake mixes, which may surprise you.

Is stainless steel or aluminum better for baking?

Aluminum is a good heat conductor, therefore aluminum-made pots and pans will heat up quicker on the stove and cool down rapidly, becoming safe to handle in a shorter time period. Aluminum has a larger heat capacity than stainless steel, which is an intriguing fact.

Which pan is used most in baking?

This is one of the reasons why aluminum bakeware is so popular. Ideally, you should purchase in high-quality aluminum pans made of a uniform, thick sheet of metal: this will ensure that your baked items bake evenly in the pan.

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