7 Fantastic Ways to Use Up Leftover Angel Food Cake

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Julia Child was correct when she observed that a gathering without cake is simply a meeting. Angel food cake is both tasty and adaptable, suitable for any event (even a business conference!).

Angel food cake has an incredibly light flavor and fluffy texture on its own, but it is much better when topped with any of hundreds of options.

Many summer guests, in particular, will have a couple on hand for a simple, seasonal dessert. But what if your visitors don’t finish it all?

We all hate wasting food, therefore in this post we’ll share some fantastic ways to use angel food cake. Do anything except toss it out! Top it, convert it into something different, or cook it again!

How Long Will Angel Food Cake Keep?

7 Great Things to Do with Leftover Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake often does not have a lengthy shelf life. It is best consumed on the same day it is prepared.

However, angel food cake may be stored in an airtight container for approximately two days after it is made if it has not been topped.

Remember that your angel food cake will not decompose after two days (if it has begun to rot, you will see splotches of mold on it). That is the maximum amount of time it can be kept fresh.

You can keep using your angel food cake for several more days for lots of other dishes, such as these below:

1 – Make Churros, French Toast, and More

7 Great Things to Do with Leftover Angel Food Cake

Churros are fried dough treats from Mexico that are covered with sugar and often cinnamon. However, instead of using dough, you may make them using leftover angel food cake.

French toast is a great option since youre supposed to use day-old or stale bread to make it. It will be more sweeter and fluffier if you use the angel food cake from the night before.

Making bread pudding with leftover angel food cake is perhaps one of the most common uses for leftover angel food cake. Bread pudding, as the name suggests, is made using a baked item, and it’s a terrific way to use up leftover or stale angel food cake.

Lemon bars, like many other sweets, may be made using angel food cake.

Finally, a torte is a kind of dessert that we will discuss. A torte (a popular European dessert) is very similar to a cake, except that a cake uses mostly sugar, butter, flour, and eggs, but a torte uses sugar, butter, flour, and eggs but little to no flour and instead utilizes nuts or breadcrumbs.

From the remaining angel food cake, make the flour replacement for a torte. You may discover precise recipes that will guide you through the process.

2 – Cover it in Moist Goodies

Covering the remaining angel food cake in any form of rich or wet topping is comparable to the principle behind creating bread pudding. You don’t even need to prepare anything else; just combine the toppings and serve.

Choose the traditional strawberries. But not just any strawberries; you want them sweetened and bursting with juice. When you place them on the cake, the juiciness of the strawberries compensates for the drier cake.

Top angel food cake with peaches and cream for another classic summer dessert. If your cake has gone little stale, canned peaches with all of their wonderful juice work well again.

Make yourself a yogurt parfait! When coated with creamy yogurt and fresh, luscious berries, no one will realize that the angel food cake on the bottom is little stale.

Another excellent use for leftover angel food cake is as an ice cream topping, whether whole or crumbled. Who doesn’t like having two desserts?

As an after-dinner treat, drizzle some sweet liqueur over it to make it extra delicious.

Many toppings and topping combinations may be employed to give leftover angel food cake fresh life. Have fun playing with your favorite things and various combos.

3 – Make a Trifle

Making a trifle is an excellent way to use up leftover angel food cake. A trifle is a type of dessert that layers some kind of sponge cake with fruit, whipped cream, jelly, and custard; the leftover angel food cake makes a great stand-in for a traditional sponge cake.

Trifles have even more flavor combinations than toppings: pineapple orange trifle, blueberry lemon trifle, caramel and toffee trifle, and even a peanut butter cup trifle. The options for meeting any taste preferences are limitless.

4 – Fill it and Frost it

Another way to breathe new life into leftover angel food cake is to fill it with fruit or another topping, frost it with creamy frosting on all its sides, or both.

Layer the icing even more: slice the angel food cake lengthwise, frost in between the pieces, and re-stack the layers of cake with the frosting in the center.

5 – Fry it up

Like French toast, you may reheat leftover angel food cake on the griddle or in a skillet.

Toss the angel food cake bits in a batter, then sugar them and bake them in your air fryer. It will taste even better than deep frying, and you will save a ton of calories and fat.

6 – Do Something Different: Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska is a very decadent dessert that consists of a cake layer covered with a generous amount of ice cream and then a layer of meringue on top, caramelized at extremely high temperatures and served before the ice cream melts.

Be advised that baked Alaska is not for the faint of heart. You’ll also need to discover a recipe that works with your oven (size and maximum temperature), but nothing beats this delicacy for those who adore it.

7 – Do Some Good

You may always give any leftover angel food cake to a food pantry or deliver it to first responders to say thank you. If it is a store-bought cake that is still wrapped, there is a fair likelihood that it will be accepted by a food pantry or another charity.

If not, offer it to a neighbor or other friend who may need some cheering up.

What Not to Do with Leftover Angel Food Cake

Composting leftover angel food cake is not something you want to do. This is true for the majority of baked items because the sugars utilized attract the incorrect sort of bugs.

Most importantly, don’t push yourself to consume it. We eat sweets because the whole experience is pleasurable; forcing ourselves to consume stale goodies we no longer want defeats the point.

How to Avoid Angel Food Cake Waste

Lets finish up by looking at how to reduce food waste by eliminating leftover angel food cake in the first place.

You can bake a small batch, or better yet, make angel food cupcakes and freeze any cupcakes or leftover batter. In a bread loaf pan, create a little angel food cake.

Are you throwing a party? Request that everyone bring a dish so that you just have your own leftovers at the end of the night.

Alternatively, send visitors home with a goody bag that includes some angel food cake. Get some cheap plastic or paper plates ahead of time and share the leftovers among your late-night guests.

Enjoy Your Cake!

Whether you utilize one of these strategies to reduce leftovers or one of these ideas to be creative with leftover angel food cake, the most essential step is to enjoy your cake!


How to fancy up angel food cake?

Toppings to accompany Angel Food Cake
Berries in season, such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.
Blueberry syrup, cherry sauce, raspberry sauce, blackberry sauce, or strawberry sauce.
Topping of pineapple.
Whipped cream (homemade or Cool Whip).
Curd made with lemons.
Nuts candied.
Sugar in powder form.
Biscoff cookies, crushed.

Is it good to freeze angel food cake?

– Angel food cake may be frozen. Because angel food cake does not include butter or heavy oils like most other cakes, it loses moisture rapidly and may become dry and crumbly. As a result, it’s ideal to freeze it as soon as possible so that it keeps its soft, moist quality after freezing.

What is the secret meaning of angel food cake?

Egg whites provided the cake “a texture so airy that the confection supposedly has the sublimity of angels.”[1] Angel Food Cake followed a long history of conferring heavenly or holy titles on baked products and sweetmeats with its moniker.

How long does a store bought angel food cake last in the fridge?

Angel food and pound cakes typically last the longest in the fridge if stored properly, up to 5 days. For maximum freshness, cream-filled or buttercream-iced cakes should be served within 2 days after baking. You may freeze the cake for up to three months to prolong its shelf life even more.

Is angel food cake healthy for you?

However, certain sweets, such as angel food cake, are naturally lower in calories and fat, so a full-size serving on occasion won’t wreck an otherwise balanced diet. The beaten egg whites give angel food cake its lift. Because there are no egg yolks or butter, the cake is low in fat.

What do you flip an angel food cake on?

The egg whites cause it to rise, and its structure is not established until it cools. Allowing it to cool upside down prevents it from collapsing. Many angel food cake pans have feet around the sides for just this reason. Inverting the central ring onto the neck of a bottle, on the other hand, will work.

How long until angel food cake goes bad?

Freshly made angel food cake will stay in the fridge for approximately a week if properly kept; cover with foil or plastic wrap while refrigerating to prevent cake from drying out.

How long does angel food cake last from the store?

To avoid deterioration, if you wish to store your cake at room temperature, it should be eaten within two days. Cakes may be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week, or frozen for at least three or four months.

How do you freeze cake to keep it moist and delicious?

Wrap your cake in plastic wrap (two layers don’t hurt!) after it’s completely cool. Alternatively, store in resealable plastic freezer bags. You can freeze a cake in its pan if you like. Wrap the pan completely with plastic wrap, then in aluminum foil. Make sure your cakes are labeled.

Why is angel food cake pan in 2 pieces?

Angel food and other foam-type cakes benefit from two-piece pans. Thicker batters are less likely to attempt to seep out the seams, making it simpler to pull them out when cooked.

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