8 Simple Ways to Dry Fondant Fast

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Fondant is a fantastic sort of icing used to mould and embellish cakes. It is formed of sugar, water, corn syrup, and glycerol and resembles dough or clay when rolled. It may also be poured and used as a dessert filling.

Fondant is made by supersaturating water with sugar. When water is heated to boiling point, it can retain twice as much sugar as it can at normal temperature.

They are boiled together until they form a soft ball. Then you roll it out and adorn your cake with it.

Tips for Using Fondant

Fondant may be flavored, molded, twisted, sculpted into ornamental things, and tinted, making it a flexible technique to adorn your cake. To ensure that the fondant adheres to the cake, use a sticky surface before applying it. You may add buttercream to make it stick and taste wonderful.

Before covering the cake with rolled fondant, let it to cool fully. This will assist to tighten the crumbs and strengthen the cake.

Because fondant is made of sugar, it must be applied on the cake within a few days after serving. If you do it too long in advance, the moisture in the cake may cause it to break down.

Storing Fondant

Because fondant dries rapidly, keep it covered with plastic. You may keep it covered in plastic wrap at room temperature for one or two months, but don’t refrigerate or freeze it.

If it becomes too firm, microwave it for a few seconds to soften it.

Does Fondant Harden on its Own?

When fondant is exposed to air, it hardens, but the rate at which it hardens depends on the humidity and temperature of the air. It takes longer to dry in humid settings.

When you make cake decorations, you need them to solidify so that they keep their shape. You must also allow the fondant on the cake to dry before painting or decorating it.

Because fondant attracts moisture, it cannot be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. When you take it out, it will melt and become goopy, losing its clean professional appearance. You’ll need to find another technique to help it dry before storing it at room temperature until it’s time to serve.

How to Dry Fondant Fast

If you leave fondant out at room temperature, it will dry in 24 to 30 hours. There may be situations when you need to expedite the procedure. Consider the following suggestions for quickly drying fondant.

1 – Roll it Thin

Fondant that has been rolled thinner will dry quicker. The thicker chunks will stay soft on the interior and must be handled with extreme caution. You won’t have to wait nearly as long if you roll it thinner.

Roll it thin, shape the ornaments, and place them on a flat surface. You can really dry them on a grid rack.

2 – Dry Fondant with Your Oven Light

Place your fondant on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake it. Turn on the oven light and let it alone. If you use thinly rolled fondant, it may dry in under an hour.

Using this strategy will save you a significant amount of time. Just make sure no one switches on the oven while the fondant is drying.

3 – Use a Table Lamp

A table light is another option for swiftly drying fondant. You don’t need a high-watt light; a modest table lamp would suffice. Place the table lamp above the fondant, roughly the same distance as the gap between the center rack of the oven and the oven light.

As long as your kitchen’s humidity isn’t too high, you should be able to dry thin smaller pieces in about an hour, and bigger parts in two or three hours.

4 – Dry Pieces of the Decorations Separately

If you want to assemble an animal or other decoration, you need let it dry first and then use edible glue to assemble it. If you put it together before it’s dry, the core of the pieces may not dry. Because the exterior dries quicker than the interior, this might cause cracking.

5 – Try Using a Fan

You may speed up the drying process by moving the air around the fondant. Place the fondant on a baking sheet coated with waxed paper and place it near to a fan on a counter.

It may take a few hours to dry, but it will be quicker than without the fan.

6 – Use a Hair Dryer

This approach is suitable for embellishments that have already been put on the cake. Set your hair dryer to cold or low heat and keep it six inches away from the decorations. Move it around to help the air flow.

7 – Use a Food Dehydrator

If you have a food dehydrator, this is the greatest method for quickly drying fondant. If you put the fondant decorations inside, they will dry in 10% of the time it would normally take.

If you don’t have a food dehydrator and want to get one, you have various choices ranging from a basic digital dehydrator to the Ninja Foodi Smart XL (which can perform a variety of other things, including baking).

8 – Add a Drying Agent to Your Fondant

You may add a variety of drying agents to your fondant to help it dry quicker. Tylose and gum paste are two options that will aid in the drying of the fondant.

You should also put cornstarch on your work area and hands while working with fondant to keep it dry.


Can I put fondant in the oven to harden it?

Simply set the fondant piece on a baking sheet coated with parchment paper, place it in the oven, shut the door, and turn on the oven light. Easy! Larger items might take many hours to dry, whilst smaller ones can be done in an hour. A desk lamp will suffice.

Can I use hair dryer to dry fondant?

Make use of a hairdryer!

Make sure your hair dryer is set to the cold setting or your icing may melt. This approach is not ideal for drying huge or thick pieces of fondant, but it is ideal for drying little bits of fondant.

How long does it take for fondant to dry?

Depending on the thickness, air-drying fondant might take up to 36 hours. To allow for ample drying time, make your fondant 3-5 days before you want to serve your cake. More drying time is required for handmade fondant. Homemade fondant takes several days to completely solidify but may be built on in 24 hours.

Can you put fondant in the freezer to harden?

Because fondant attracts moisture, it cannot be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. When you take it out, it will melt and become goopy, losing its clean professional appearance. You’ll need to find another technique to help it dry before storing it at room temperature until it’s ready to serve. What exactly is this?

Can you put fondant in fridge to harden?

Fondant decorations may be prepared up to a month ahead of time. However, I would handle them with extreme caution since they are really delicate. In the refrigerator, fondant hardens up rather than drying out. When it reaches room temperature, it will stay unchanged and will still need time to dry.

Will fondant dry after sweating?

If the cake has noticeable sweat stains, use a clean paintbrush to add icing sugar to the moist regions. If you have the time, leave your cake out to dry the sweated parts.

Will fondant dry if you leave it out?

Fondant will begin to dry as it sits out. Make your fondant decorations or figures at least two days ahead of time and let them to dry at room temperature.

Does fondant need to set overnight?

Royal icing is widely used on wedding cakes to glue fondant components to a rolled fondant iced cake and for fine decoration. The cake must be thoroughly chilled before being coated with rolled fondant, ideally for 24 hours. This will make the crumbs tighter and the cake more firm.

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