9 Best Affordable Stand Mixers Available Today

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A stand mixer is something that every baker should have, whether you are an experienced baker or just starting out.

As a professional pastry maker, my stand mixer is something I absolutely cannot live without!

Think again if you believe that all stand mixers are pricey or out of your budget range! There are several low-cost alternatives available to you that will make your baking life simpler.

Why Do I Need a Stand Mixer?

9 Best Affordable Stand Mixers Available Today

Before I begin evaluating stand mixers, I’d want to highlight all of the advantages of purchasing this kitchen item.

The capacity of a stand mixer to operate on its own is the first feature that everyone in the baking industry values. You don’t have to stand over a bowl churning or holding an electric hand mixer any more.

You may put your ingredients to the bowl, turn a switch, and walk away while the stand mixer mixes and mixes and mixes! You’ll be doing less physical work!

Stand mixers are a multitasker’s dream. You may measure ingredients, clean the kitchen, or prepare an entirely other recipe while the mixer is creating your batter, dough, or icing.

As a result, you will finish recipes quicker and be able to bake more! Stand mixers are all about efficiency.

Stand mixers are more powerful than hand mixers. A stand mixer with a powerful motor can whisk up the toughest butter and cut through the roughest dough.

This is particularly vital when attempting to make ultra light and fluffy butter for cookies or knead bread dough like a master.

If you’re accustomed to mixing ingredients by hand, you’ll be surprised at how well a stand mixer works and how much better your baked products come out when they’re well-mixed.

Stand mixers are an excellent purchase for anybody who enjoys baking. Most come with a basic 12-month guarantee, and many offer optional extended warranties.

That being said, stand mixers should be built to endure and consistently churn up batter after batter.

Things to Consider

When shopping for stand mixers, consider what you want your mixer to accomplish for you and what you will be preparing with it.

If you just want to prepare simple cake mixes or whisk up salad dressings on occasion, a smaller and lighter mixer would suffice.

If you want to produce tough bread dough, you’ll need a mixer with a powerful engine that can properly knead the dough.

Each stand mixer’s attachments should also be evaluated. I use a paddle attachment to cream items together and find it much more efficient than conventional beaters.

If you intend on creating a lot of cookies, a mixer with a paddle attachment could be a good investment.

If you want to keep your mixer on the kitchen counter all the time, a streamlined design may also appeal to you. Many mixers come in a range of colors, so if you need it to complement your decor, choose a mixer with a variety of options!

Now that you’ve determined what you need, let’s go on to the actual evaluations!

1. Murenking Stand Mixer MK36 (Top Pick)

With a 500 Watt motor, this mixer is capable of mixing difficult doughs (looking at you, bread makers!). The Murenking also claims to be a silent mixer, so don’t be put off by the large motor!

The accessories that come with this machine are my favorite parts about it (apart from the low price). A large whip, a Y-shaped paddle, and a large dough hook are all features seen on much more expensive mixers.

Because the attachments do not get near to the edges of the mixer, you will need to scrape down the bowl on a regular basis to thoroughly combine the components.

The Murenking stand mixer (see on Amazon) features 5 suction cups on the bottom that hold the counter and keep the machine from rolling around when mixing- a unique feature I haven’t seen anywhere else (this mixer appears to be built for bread makers!).

A cool little mixer from a great smaller company.

2. Hamilton Beach 64651 6 Speed Classic Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 6 speed stand mixer (see on Amazon) is a fantastic product at an unbeatable price. This mixer offers everything you need, including a stainless steel bowl, 6 speeds, a rapid burst option, and a strong engine.

While it is essentially a stand mixer with all of the functions of a stand mixer, it also functions as a hand mixer- how great is that?! The machine’s top actually pulls off, allowing you to quickly mix in any bowl, wherever in the kitchen.

The Hamilton Beach mixer has a whisk attachment, normal hand mixer beaters, and a dough hook attachment, allowing it to mix a variety of baked items.

While I wish it came with a paddle attachment (my favorite stand mixer attachment), a trustworthy brand name stand mixer at this low price and with such a stellar track record just cannot be topped!

3. Dash Everyday Stand Mixer

The DashEveryday Stand Mixer boasts a lot of functions at a low price. At first glance, you can see the Dash mixer on your counter since it is sleek, trendy, and comes in a variety of bright colors.

Aside from its appearance, this lightweight mixer boasts a huge 3 quart bowl that is ideal for mixing large amounts of cookie dough. The Dash’s six variable speeds and two kinds of mixer attachments make it ideal for any recipe.

4. Sunbeam 2594 Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam stand mixer stands out from the crowd because to its strong engine and revolutionary soft star technology.

If you’ve ever switched on an automated mixer only to have the automatic high speed spray batter or scatter flour all over the kitchen, you’ll enjoy how the Sunbeam stand mixer gradually increases to full speed. With this machine, there will be no more batter messes to clean up!

The Sunbeam mixer can also tilt the bowl off center, making it easier to add ingredients. Did I mention there are 12 different speed settings?

This inexpensive mixer has a number of little features that make it well worth purchasing.

5. VonShef Stand Mixer

The silicone scraper beaters were the first thing that drew us in. They not only mix nicely, but they also scrape down the edges of the six-quart stainless steel bowl!

A splash guard prevents the contents from overflowing while they mix, and a cool plastic lid keeps your machine clean when not in use.

The VonShef is also rather weighty, which is ideal for a stand mixer. This means it won’t slide around much on the counter while mixing thick recipes.

While the VonShef accessories lack durability and choices, you do have a large range of color options to match your mixer to your kitchen!

6. Ensue 6 Speed Stand Hand Mixer

If you’re searching for a stand mixer, this is a low-cost, basic alternative available on Amazon. While it is just one step above than a hand mixer, it accomplishes the job of mixing without forcing you to stand over the bowl all the time.

If you want to prepare basic mixes and doughs, this mixer will do the job well, and the price is unbeatable!

7. Costway Tilt Head Stand Mixer

This mixer is new to the market, but it is already proving to be a good pick. With its stainless steel accessories and spacious 5 quart bowl, the Costway Tilt Head Mixer can swiftly produce large volumes of batter.

The 800 Watt motor (now that’s a strong motor!) is controlled by six speeds. The mixer will not move about on the counter thanks to the anti-slip foot.

Available in white or black, this is a simple, user-friendly stand mixer with few bells and whistles.

8. Gourmia EP700 6-Quart Planetary Stand Mixer

This mixer will not only appear futuristic on your countertop, but it will also get the job done. I appreciate the simplicity of this mixer and the fact that it can still whip up a good batch of cookies with 6 speed settings and a great sized 7 quart stainless steel bowl.

When you switch on the mixer, the smoothstart stops batter from flying all over the place and causing a mess (it begins slowly and gradually increases to the speed you specify). The attachments are also nonstick coated to make cleaning simpler.

This is a rather big machine, so make sure you have enough counter space before purchasing the Gourmia!

9. KitchenAid K45SSOB Classic Series Stand Mixer

While this mixer is by far the most costly on the list, I had to include it since KitchenAid really established the bar for other stand mixers.

The 59-point mixing action guarantees that every batter is properly mixed, and the long-lasting attachments should never need to be replaced- they can handle whatever batter or dough you throw at them!

There are also over 15 extra accessories available for this machine, allowing it to be used as an ice cream maker, a meat grinder, a pasta machine, and so much more!

In all my years of professional baking, I have never encountered someone who regretted purchasing a KitchenAid. If you want to become a more serious baker, spend the additional money and get a KitchenAid mixer!

Just because you aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a stand mixer doesn’t mean you don’t deserve many of the advantages that those pricey devices bring.

With any of the aforementioned solutions, you will not only dramatically enhance your time spent in the kitchen, but you will also have money left over to spend on other baked delicacies!


What is the best stand mixer for a reasonable price?

Our Favorite Stand Mixers
Overall winner: KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer.
Hamilton Beach All-Metal Stand Mixer is the best buy.
KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5-Qt Stand Mixer is the best compact.
The most affordable option is the Costway Stand Mixer.
Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer is ideal for large batches.

Is there anything better than the KitchenAid mixer?

The Hamilton Beach Seven-Speed Stand Mixer (available on Amazon for $129.99) is our absolute favorite alternative to the KitchenAid Artisan. It’s simple to use, works well, and comes at an affordable price.

Is Costco KitchenAid mixer different?

The 600, 610, 620, 6000, 6500, 7qt residential, 7 qt commercial, and 8 qt variants are all virtually the same. They have the same form factor and, with the exception of the 6000, are compatible with the same beaters and bowls. The key differences are the engine, gearbox, bowl, and beater (which must match the bowl size).

What is the best wattage for a stand mixer?

Most of the high-quality stand mixers we looked at have wattages ranging from 250 to 1000 watts. If you want to use a stand mixer for more intensive baking tasks, 500 watts or above is a strong alternative for most professional bakers.

Which is the number 1 mixer brand?

750W Mixer Grinder

It comes with a 750W engine and four different jars. It costs Rs. 13,499 and has 50% sound reduction technology.Overall winner: PHILIPS HL7777

What brand is the same as KitchenAid?

Whirlpool Corp. (WHR) is a significant home appliance manufacturer that offers goods under a range of brands including Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air, and Consul.

Are Cuisinart and KitchenAid the same company?

Is Cuisinart the same as KitchenAid? KitchenAid and Cuisinart are both well-known kitchen equipment brands. They sell numerous comparable items, such as meat grinders and puree machines, but they are run by distinct companies.

Is KitchenAid still the best?

We’ve been using the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer since 2013, and it’s still the finest option for most home bakers and chefs.

Which is the most popular KitchenAid mixer?

The Artisan series is KitchenAid’s most famous and popular line of stand mixers, with a broad range of color choices and finishes ranging from matte to glossy. The tilt-head design makes it simple to operate, and the huge 5-quart bowl capacity allows you to make up to 9 dozen cookies each batch.

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