9 Tasty Ways to Make Cupcakes (Without Frosting)

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Cupcakes have been around since the 1700s and they have been tantalizing our taste buds ever since. Cupcakes are small cakes commonly baked in lined cups. They are the perfect handheld dessert, and one of the most popular dessert options among children.

While the cake portion of the cupcake is essential to its identity, the topping of a cupcake is just as important. Frosting is the most typical and easiest way to ice your cupcake.

When youre in the mood to bake cupcakes but you dont have any icing on hand, there are several other options to top your delicious confections.

1 – Sprinkles

9 Tasty Ways to Make Cupcakes (Without Frosting)

Most people believe that you cant have sprinkles on a cupcake without frosting, but that simply isnt the case. When you have sprinkles but no frosting, apply the sprinkles to the cupcakes once they are out of the oven. This will melt some of the sugar in the sprinkles, cementing them to the cupcake.

Flat, circular sprinkles will easily meld to the top of your cupcake, making a fun topping that wont slip off.

2 – Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar is extremely finely milled sugar. It has many uses in baking and is an ingredient in frosting. Every recipe for buttercream frosting entails combining butter and powdered sugar.

This seems simple enough, but sometimes you just dont have the time or energy to make your own icing.

In those instances, you can frost your cupcakes with just powdered sugar. Youll need to sift the powdered sugar before applying it to the cupcakes. Measure out one quarter of a cup of powdered sugar. Pass the sugar through a sifter once.

To dress the cupcakes, pass the powdered sugar through the sifter again as you hover the sifter over the cupcakes. You may need to move back and forth or side to side to ensure that each cupcake is equally dusted.

If you sprinkle the powdered sugar over the cupcakes while theyre still warm, the sugar will begin to melt into the cake. If you prefer the powdered finish, wait until the cupcakes are cooled.

3 – Chocolate Candies

When you want to skip the frosting and dive straight into sweets, top your cupcakes with chocolate candies. There are pure chocolate sprinkles that are meant to sit on top of your cupcake and be enjoyed. Chocolate chips are also great to put on top of cupcakes.

Chocolate candies with hard shells are also a fun topping for cupcakes. They provide a crunchy element and switch up the texture of the cupcakes.

4 – Meringue

Meringue isnt just for pies. This mixture of well-beaten egg whites and sugar is baked until crisp. Meringue is a perfect topping for cupcakes, especially lemon cupcakes.

To make meringue suitable as frosting, youll need to whip six egg whites with one cup of sugar in a heat-safe bowl over hot water.

As you whip, the sugar will dissolve and the eggs will begin to stiffen. They wont form stiff peaks at this point just yet, but whipping the eggs over a low heat will cook the eggs slightly, making them suitable for consumption.

Once the sugar has dissolved, remove the bowl from heat. Now, you must add one teaspoon of cream of tartar. Continue beating the mixture until stiff peaks form, approximately ten minutes. You can spoon or pipe the meringue onto the tops of your cupcakes.

Since the eggs are tempered, you can go ahead and eat the cupcakes with the fluffy mixture on top.

If youre looking for a more traditional meringue, torch the meringues with a handheld torch, or broil the cupcakes for three to four minutes in the oven. You should not broil the meringue if your cupcakes are in paper cupcake liners.

These thin liners are not meant to be subjected to extremely high heat and they could burn.

5 – Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is the perfect topping for sundaes, so why not use it in other desserts? The most convenient way to frost your cupcakes with whipped cream is to use the canned version.

Canned whipped cream is pressurized and uses nitrous oxide to shoot the cream out of the can.

Canned whipped creams also come in chocolate, making a perfect addition to chocolate cupcakes. If you dont have canned whipped cream, the stuff in the tub is just as great. In fact, with non-canned whipped cream, you have even more versatility for flavoring options.

To create flavored whipped cream, add whatever herbs and spices youd like to the whipped cream and fold it in. You can also add fresh fruit or fruit purees.

When your cupcakes are for a themed occasion, you can also add food coloring to the whipped cream. By combining different ratios of primary color food coloring, you can make almost any color your heart desires.

Keep in mind that whipped cream does melt under heat, so it should not be applied to cupcakes that are warm unless you want them to be a runny mess.

To ensure that your whipped cream icing stays put, you can chill the cupcakes after frosting or you can create dollops of icing on parchment paper and freeze them prior to placing them on top of your cupcake.

6 – Glaze

Glazes are often used to decorate Bundt cakes because the thin topping provides a sweet layer without hiding the impressive and interesting shape of the cake. To make a basic glaze, combine powdered sugar and milk. Whisk the mixture until a viscous liquid forms.

Your glaze is now ready to use to drizzle and pour over your cupcakes. If you want more flavor, you can jazz up your glaze. Syrups and extracts can be added to the glaze to liven up the flavor; just remember that you may have to add more sugar to restore the correct consistency to your glaze.

Citrus zest and juice are also great ways to add flavor to your glaze.

7 – Ganache

If youre all out of chocolate frosting, fear not. You can make a perfect chocolate topping for your cupcakes by whipping up a ganache.

There are only two ingredients in a chocolate ganache: heavy cream and chocolate. Combine equal amounts of each ingredient over low heat until they are thoroughly combined.

You can use semi sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Once the ganache is melted, its ready to use. Pour your warm ganache over your cupcakes to coat them. Allow your cupcakes to cool and your ganache to harden before enjoying your cupcakes.

Leftover ganache can be stored in the fridge and will keep until the expiration date of the cream used within. This leftover ganache can be enjoyed by itself or piped into treats to create chocolate filling.

8 – Marshmallow Cream

Marshmallow cream is melted-down marshmallows that create a fluffy spread. This delightfully sweet spread can be used to ice cupcakes in lieu of frosting. You may find that you like marshmallow cream more than you like frosting!

Marshmallow cream is just as convenient as frosting in a can, but it has more versatility than icing. It can be folded into cold desserts, applied to the tops of warm desserts, or even spread on a piece of bread and enjoyed alone.

9 – Fruit

Youre looking for a fresh way to top your cupcakes. Frosting sounds too sweet, and adds a lot of calories on its own. You can top your cupcakes with fresh fruit instead.

For strawberry cupcakes, slice fresh strawberries into thin slivers and arrange on top of your cupcakes. Orange cupcakes can have small pieces of orange on top to continue the flavor profile and freshen up the dessert.

The fruit doesnt have to be fresh off the vine to be a delicious topping for your cupcake. You can cook down your own fresh or frozen fruit to make a compote.

Compotes are quite simple to create. Place your fruit into a saucepan and add your desired amount of sugar. Cook the sugared fruit over low heat until the fruit breaks down and begins to thicken.

Allow the mixture to continue to cool and thicken. Then spoon it over your cupcakes when theyre ready to be topped.

You dont even have to cook your own fruit mixture to make a topping for your cupcakes. You can use already prepared jellies and jams. Nearly everyone has a jar of jelly in their fridge. You can utilize jelly as a topping for cupcakes by spreading it over the top of your cakes.

White and yellow cake bases leave your flavor profile open, making it easy to use whatever jelly you like. Marmalade jelly, strawberry preserves, raspberry jam and more can be used to frost your cupcakes.

Lemon curd is also a fantastic way to utilize fruit to top your cupcakes. Its sweet yet bright in flavor, and you can buy it in jars ready to use.

You dont need frosting to have cupcakes. You can use virtually anything to top your cupcake. Even more options than the ones youve just learned about include hazelnut spread, cookie dough, and even edible flowers.


What can I put on cupcakes instead of frosting?

Top 5 Cupcake Toppings Besides Frosting
Melted Peanut Butter and Nutella.
Melted Jelly or Jam.
Honey and Sprinkles.
Powdered Sugar Design.

How to make cupcakes without icing?

How to Decorate Cupcakes Without Icing
Add a dollop of whipped cream.
Dust on powdered sugar.
Drizzle on some glaze.
Add some fresh fruit.
Drizzle on some caramel sauce.
Layer white chocolate and coconut.
Spread on peanut butter and Nutella.
Add chocolate ganache.

What is the secret to super moist cupcakes?

For soft and moist cupcakes, use high-quality dairy products such as plain yogurt or sour cream, replacing buttermilk, sour cream, or milk. Substitute ingredients in a 1:1 ratio, but you should thin your yogurt and sour cream with water closer to the replaceable ingredient.

What else can I put on cupcakes?

12 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Sprinkles. I know this one is pretty obvious.
Chocolate. You could also decorate your cupcakes with chocolate molds like these chocolate footballs I made on top of these superbowl cupcakes.
Buttercream Flowers.
Cake Crumbs.
Fruit. Candy.
Homemade Sauce or Drizzle.

What is a good substitute for buttercream frosting?

Marshmallow Frosting – This is perhaps your best bet. It is still sugary, but it’s lighter and it can still be piped. Cream Cheese Icing – Another classic frosting. Whipped Cream with Cream Cheese – For a rich but lighter-tasting topping, you can bulk up whipped cream with cream cheese to help it hold its form.

How to make fake icing for cupcakes?

Make an equal mixture of plaster of Paris and water. The amount of plaster of Paris and water that you need will depend on the amount of frosting that you want to make.
Add more plaster of Paris, in small amounts, until you reach the desired consistency of frosting.
Frost an artificial cake with the fake frosting.

What do you put on top of vanilla cupcakes?

How to Decorate Cupcakes:
Vanilla Cupcake Frosting – our go-to cupcake frosting.
Swiss Meringue Buttercream – well worth the extra effort.
Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting – whipped and decadent.
Blackberry Frosting – you’ll love the flavor and color.

Does a cupcake have to have icing?

If you don’t want use frosting, you can top cupcakes with powdered sugar, whipped topping, ice cream, or a drizzle of ice cream topping.

What does adding an extra egg to cupcakes do?

Add an Extra Egg

The additional fat in the egg yolk helps create a more tender and moist cake that is full of flavor. The extra egg also helps the cake have a more stable texture, which is great if you want to bake it up as a layer cake instead of a sheet cake or cupcakes.

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