Are Ramekins Oven Safe?

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Are Ramekins Oven Safe?

For many newer home cooks, soufflés are the ultimate aspirational recipe. That’s because the versatile dish, which can be savory or sweet, hits on so many foundational techniques that it’s an ideal teaching tool. But to make them, of course, you need the right cookware. To rise properly, soufflés need a heavy, straight-sided vessel with a fluted rim.

Uses for these small dishes, also sometimes called ramekins, go far beyond the eggy French classic. They’re perfect for any time you want to construct a charcuterie board or cheese board. Use them for your olives, nuts, or honey. You’ll also probably need them if you are interested in molten chocolate cakes. And if you like to measure all your ingredients before you start cooking, these are the perfect little dishes for that mise en place action.

Best Overall: Emile Henry 8.5-Ounce Ramekin Set

Are Ramekins Oven Safe?

This set of two ramekins will make a special addition to your cookware collection. Made in France from high-fired Burgundian clay, the manufacturing process yields a ramekin that’s remarkably resilient, even against sharp changes in temperature. The high-gloss glaze is ultra-tough, resisting chips, scratches, and stains, so even though these ramekins are on the pricey side, they’re great for everyday use.

Right off the bat, we noticed that these ramekins are heavy. While testing, they retained heat rather well, allowing for even cooking and keeping food warm on the table. We were able to bake or coddle eggs slightly under and leave them on the table to finish cooking while we served coffee.

We found that it was easy to make individual portions of soufflés due to the depth and the large capacity. The heat transferred well and the soufflés cooked through to desired doneness. Our crème brûlée cooked to a creamy perfection. These ramekins are dishwasher safe and come with a 10-year warranty. As we tested, we didn’t notice any changes in the gloss, and the set stayed chip-free and scratch-free.

Price at time of publish: $28

Material: Ceramic | Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.4 inches | Capacity: 8.5 ounces

Best Budget: Prepworks by Progressive Porcelain Stacking Ramekins

These ramekins are not only the best budget pick, but they’re also among the most classic options out there. The straight, ridged sides and fluted rim are a staple in professional restaurants and catering kitchens for a reason: They get the job done. They come six to a set, and you’re sure to find yourself reaching for them in all kinds of situations that show off how versatile this cookware can be.

While testing these ramekins, we took them directly from the freezer to the oven to bake soufflés. They withstood the temperature change rather well, and the soufflés baked evenly with a nice rise. Cleaning was easy; we simply loaded them in the dishwasher and set it to wash. We did not notice any changes in the finish and the ramekins felt sturdy afterward.

Price at time of publish: $19

Material: Ceramic | Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.63 inches | Capacity: 5 ounces

Best Design: Delling Geometric 8-Ounce Porcelain Ramekins

The eye-catching pattern on these dishes makes them perfect for going from the oven to the table. Made from thick, ultra-sturdy bone china, these ramekins do well in recipes where even heat is a must. These are thermostable, which means they go beyond just oven safe—the manufacturer says they’re safe up to 1,400 degrees. The first thing we noticed about these ramekins was the width and the size. Since they are large enough to work for many types of dishes, we used them to serve soups, small chopped salads, and for dips and snacks. The ramekins are microwave-safe, but they did get very hot within a minute.

Price at time of publish: $15

Material: Bone China | Dimensions: 3.95 x 3.95 x 1.97 inches | Capacity: 8 ounces


If you’re looking for oven-safe ramekins that can handle high temperatures and are versatile enough for various recipes, Emile Henry 8.5-Ounce Ramekin Set is a great option. Made from high-fired Burgundian clay, these ramekins offer excellent heat retention and are resistant to chips, scratches, and stains. They are perfect for making individual soufflés, crème brûlée, and other delicious desserts. Plus, they come with a 10-year warranty, ensuring their durability.

If you’re on a budget, the Prepworks by Progressive Porcelain Stacking Ramekins are a reliable and affordable choice. These classic ramekins can withstand temperature changes and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. They are great for baking soufflés and serving condiments or small portions of desserts.

For those who value style and design, the Delling Geometric 8-Ounce Porcelain Ramekins are an excellent option. Made from thick bone china, these ramekins are not only oven safe but also microwave safe and can handle high heat up to 1,400 degrees. Their eye-catching pattern and generous size make them perfect for serving a variety of dishes.

Regardless of your choice, ramekins are a versatile and essential tool for any home cook. Whether you’re making soufflés, individual desserts, or serving appetizers, having oven-safe ramekins in your kitchen will elevate your cooking experience.

To find a wide selection of oven-safe ramekins, including the ones mentioned in this article, visit

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