Can Fondant Be Freezed? (And how to Thaw It Correctly If You Do)

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If you are wanting to decorate a cake and want to ensure that the design is all you are looking for in terms of looks, it is likely that you will want to depend on fondant for the bulk of the design.

Fondant is a very popular substance that is used to quickly and efficiently decorate cakes or to provide a platform for more detailed embellishments. While fondant is often used to design cakes, it may be difficult to know how much you should use.

Even if you prepare ahead of time and measure everything out, there is always the risk that you may wind up with more fondant than you know what to do with.

After all, it’s better to make too much fondant and save some for later than not enough and have to scrimp on the embellishments. That being said, if you have leftover fondant, you may be unsure what to do with it or if it can be preserved.

If you don’t decorate cakes regularly and just created the fondant for a one-time event, and you don’t intend on using it again, you could be more likely to toss it away and do nothing about it.

On the other hand, if you create cakes on a regular basis, whether for a living or for pleasure, you’ll probably want to save the fondant for later.

Storing fondant allows you to not only save money on the materials for another batch of fondant, but it also means you’ll have some smaller bits to utilize on more complicated cakes.

With this in mind, you may be asking what is the best method to preserve your fondant. Bakers store their ingredients in a variety of ways, and putting items in the incorrect spot might result in a lot of wasted food.

After everything is said and done, the manner you store fondant will be determined by the kind of fondant you use.

What Types of Fondant Are There?

Most bakers will come across two different varieties of fondant. Rolling fondant has a dough-like consistency and produces a smooth, frosted, and satiny surface. Something is either purchased or produced from scratch.

Another form of fondant is known as a quick-pour fondant. This fondant is often highly sweet, glossy, and brightly colored. Since this form of fondant must be utilized quickly, it is nearly never purchased in a shop and is almost always produced from scratch.

Both forms of fondant have their unique attributes that you should consider while decorating a cake since each fondant has various features. One fondant is more textured, allowing you to cut, shape, and mould it into cake embellishments.

The second form of fondant is virtually a liquid that dries out to produce a lovely fondant, which means it can’t be used for decorating as much as it can for covering a cake.

How Long Will Frozen Fondant Last?

When it comes to keeping fondant, rolled fondant should never be placed in the fridge or freezer since it will change the consistency and texture of the fondant.

This implies that if you’re wondering how long you can freeze rolled fondant, the answer is none. Rather, dip the fondant with vegetable shortening, wrap it in plastic wrap, and store it in an airtight container.

Quick-pour fondant, on the other hand, may be frozen and utilized at a later date. It is incredibly easy to freeze this sort of fondant.

In general, cover the fondant in plastic wrap and set it in an airtight container; from there, just place the container in the freezer and let it rest.

It is normally advised that you refrigerate quick-pour fondant, but if you don’t have room in your fridge or intend on keeping it for an extended amount of time, freezing it may be a preferable option.

When putting it to another cake after it has been frozen, conduct a quick taste test to ensure that it hasn’t altered substantially in flavor, texture, or consistency.

When it comes to frozen fondant, you can expect it to last many weeks in the freezer. If you are concerned about the fondant’s quality, you should check on it on a regular basis by heating it up and observing if anything has altered substantially.

But, since fondant does not need much upkeep, you may leave the container full of fondant in the freezer until you are ready to use it again.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Fondant Out?

When it comes to utilizing the fondant again, you will finally determine that you are ready to utilize the remaining of the fondant that you had previously put in the freezer.

Since you cannot necessarily pour a lump of frozen fondant onto a cake or dessert, you must first fully defrost it so that it preserves its quick-pour capabilities.

When thawing your fondant, it is usually preferable to be careful rather than too ambitious, which means you may reheat it at a lower temperature for longer rather than scorching it and making it unusable.

When you try to defrost your fondant, you’ll want to heat it carefully and keep an eye on it as it reheats to ensure that it doesn’t get too thick.

Heating it on a low level for a longer amount of time will often provide better results than heating it rapidly since it is simpler to continue heating the fondant than it is to fix overheated fondant.

Your fondant will eventually acquire a consistency that allows it to be poured over your dish and used as you normally would.


How do you thaw frozen fondant?

Thaw in the fridge first!

I took the cake out of the freezer and placed it in the refrigerator the night before it was to be picked up (still wrapped in plastic wrap). I probably left it there for around 12-14 hours.

Can you freeze and thaw fondant?

Fondant decorations may certainly be frozen. You should ensure that they are tightly packed and in an airtight container, and that they may be frozen for many months. What exactly is this? If you have the room, you may even add your décor to freezer bags and freeze them flat.

How long does it take fondant to thaw?

Let the fondant to air-dry or lay it in front of a fan if it seems sticky or has condensation on the real cake – do not touch, wipe, or handle it • Enjoy!! Let the cake to defrost in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours, still in its box.

Why should cakes covered in fondant not be refrigerated or frozen?

Because of the low temperatures in the freezer, bringing the fondant cake to room temperature, even if covered, will be a significant difference. Thus, if you’re going to freeze your fondant cake, make sure you put it in the fridge the night before. The following day, bring it out to room temperature.

Does fondant freeze well?

When it comes to keeping fondant, rolled fondant should never be placed in the fridge or freezer since it will change the consistency and texture of the fondant. This implies that if you’re wondering how long you can freeze rolled fondant, the answer is none.

Is it OK to put fondant in the fridge?

No, fondant does not need refrigeration. It should, in fact, avoid any touch with your refrigerator. Leftover fondant should be kept at room temperature in an airtight container. If you want to cover a cake with fondant, avoid using any contents that need refrigeration.

Will fondant stay hard in the fridge?

Fondant decorations may be prepared up to a month ahead of time. Nonetheless, I would handle them with extreme caution since they are really delicate. In the refrigerator, fondant hardens up rather than drying out. When it reaches room temperature, it will stay unchanged and will still need time to dry.

Can I make fondant decorations in advance?

Creating fondant and gumpaste embellishments or figures is a great method to get a head start on cake decorating. They may be produced anytime from a day to several months before your cake’s due date.

Will fondant harden in the freezer?

When you make cake decorations, you need them to solidify so that they keep their shape. You must also allow the fondant on the cake to dry before painting or decorating it. Since fondant attracts moisture, it cannot be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

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