Can You Use Silicone Molds in an Air Fryer?

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You may have be aware of the many advantages of silicone bakeware and air fryers (which we will discuss more below), but you may not have considered combining these two kitchen essentials. whether you’re wondering whether silicone molds may be used in an air fryer, keep reading to find out.

Silicone Cookware

Can Silicone Molds Really Be Used in an Air Fryer?

Many professional and home chefs swear by silicone cookware for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If silicone molds or baking dishes are bent or damaged, they will restore to their original form. Furthermore, if they strike the floor, they will bounce rather than shatter.
  • Low Maintenance: Silicone cookware and bakeware is dishwasher-safe and requires no additional maintenance to stay in excellent shape.
  • Even Cooking: Silicone molds effectively transfer heat, allowing food to cook fully and evenly.
  • Cool Touch: While silicone bakeware and cookware cooks food uniformly, it does not hold heat and is cool enough to touch minutes after it is removed from the oven.
  • Thermal Stability and Resistance: Silicone plates can withstand temperatures ranging from -76°F to 446°F, allowing them to move from freezer to oven without splitting or warping.
  • Silicone bakeware and molds are safe to use in the microwave (even directly from the freezer) if they do not include metal trim, which very few do.
  • Silicone molds and cookware are odorless and flavorless on their own, and they do not retain scents or tastes from dishes made in them. Silicone will not stain or discolor anything cooked in it.
  • Food Safety: The FDA considers silicone to be food-safe. It is non-toxic and will not contaminate food.
  • Storage: Because silicone plates and bakeware are lightweight, unbreakable, and scratch-resistant, they are simple to store.
  • Nonstick Finish: Silicone molds and other products are inherently nonstick, so there is no need to grease them with butter or oil. It also implies that muffins and cupcakes do not need paper liners.
  • Price: Because silicone cookware is affordable and simple to make, transport, and store, it is comparatively inexpensive, particularly when compared to other high-quality kitchen equipment.

Air Frying

Many chefs and bakers like silicone cookware and bakeware, and air fryers are no exception. These adaptable gadgets are highly valued in kitchens around the nation.

Air fryers use the same fundamental mechanism as convection ovens, although most have heating components just on the top. They do have fans that circulate heated air over the meal.

This speeds up the cooking process and results in a crispy exterior. It may also cause a Maillard reaction, which occurs when a reducing sugar and an amino acid are heated, resulting in better color and taste.

Food produced with an air fryer typically resembles food prepared in a deep fryer, however air-fried food uses far less oil and is hence lower in fat and calories.

Food is cooked rapidly, uniformly, and thoroughly with air fryers. This is one of the reasons for their popularity.

However, air fryers are useful for much more than just French fries. A few examples of items that may be made in an air fryer are:

  • Chicken wings
  • Roasted butternut squash
  • Meatballs
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Baked goods

Baking in an Air Fryer

As stated above, it is feasible to make great baked items with an air fryer! Cupcakes, muffins, donuts, cinnamon buns, cookies, cakes, pastries, and much more are included.

Baking in an air fryer is a unique experience with distinct benefits, but there are certain adjustments to be aware of.

An air fryer will not heat up the whole home as some ovens can, which is particularly desired in the summer heat. You also don’t have to pre-heat the air fryer as you would a regular oven.

This makes air fryer baking faster and easier than oven baking. Most of the time, the air fryer consumes less energy than a big oven, making it more cost effective.

Air fryers, as previously said, provide a crispy, crunchy crust-like surface. This is popular on cookies and pastries like cinnamon rolls, although it may be less appealing on cakes.

Air fryers are also more effective with smaller culinary items. Again, cookies and mini-muffins do better than layer cakes.

However, if you simply want a few cookies or muffins, this is a positive. Preparing a small batch of sweets in an air fryer is considerably easier and faster than in a big oven.

Many cookie doughs keep well in the refrigerator. You could make a batch and store it in the refrigerator to enjoy fresh-baked cookies direct from the air fryer whenever you want.

Standard recipes must be adapted for use in an air fryer. The temperature should be reduced by 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and the baking time should be reduced by 20%.

It’s also a good idea to check your baked products for doneness on a regular basis, since air fryers cook fast and most baked goods may move from done to overdone in a matter of minutes. You’ll be able to relax a little here after you’ve become accustomed to baking in an air fryer.

Can Silicone Molds Be Used in an Air Fryer?

We now understand why baking in silicone molds is beneficial, as well as how and why baking in an air fryer is beneficial. The issue now is whether silicone molds can be utilized in an air fryer.

Yes, the answer is yes! Silicone molds are excellent for air fryer baking.

As previously stated, most silicone molds can withstand temperatures in excess of 440 degrees Fahrenheit. Few air fryers reach temperatures beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit (the fast frying and crispy crust are due to forced circulation of hot air, not only great heat).

This implies that silicone molds may be used in air fryers without risk. They will not leak harmful chemicals into the food or emit offensive scents.

The fact that they cool fast is particularly advantageous when making baked items in the air fryer. Because neither the air fryer nor the silicone bakeware hold much heat when the fan is switched off, you’ll be able to remove your delights simply and securely.

Cupcake liners are available. Although it is unlikely, they might catch fire in the air fryer.One thing to keep in mind while baking with silicone molds in the air fryer is to avoid using parchment paper or muffin liners.

However, since silicone molds are naturally nonstick, no paper items are required. There is also no need to butter or oil the molds.

When you use silicone baking molds with an air fryer, you can produce delightful baked goodies without adding extra oil and calories.

This is a unique combination that few people consider, so you may be the first of your friends and family to try it. Create delectable baked items in an altogether new manner!


Can you use a silicone insert in an air fryer?

Can Silicone Liners or Mats Be Used in an Air Fryer or a Regular Oven? Yes, since these silicone components are often heat resistant up to 430°F.

How do you use a silicone basket in an air fryer?

To use, just insert the silicone air fryer liner in the basket, prepare your meal as usual, and once done, remove your food and rinse the liner with soap and water or wipe it clean. The air fryer basket does not need to be cleaned!

Can you use a silicone steamer basket in an air fryer?

A silicone steamer basket is an excellent method to prepare veggies in the air fryer. It may also be used to cook dumplings or steam fish.

What containers can I use in an air fryer?

However, before you put anything in it, keep in mind that you may use any ovenproof dish or container in an air fryer, whether it’s made of glass, ceramic, metal, or silicone. You are also permitted to use metal foil, which might aid in cleaning.

Is it better to use silicone mats or parchment paper in an air fryer?

Because parchment has a reasonably high heat conductivity, it enabled circulating heat to enter the meal while still retaining crumbs and fat. Although silicone has a lesser heat conductivity, certain versions were thin enough to enable heat to flow.

Can you use aluminum foil in an air fryer?

The simple answer is yes, aluminum foil may be used in an air fryer.

Is it good to use parchment paper in air fryer?

Yes! “You can use either rolled parchment paper or air fryer-specific parchment paper with holes.” “It’s a great way to cut down on cleaning time,” adds Laurie Fleming, author of The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners.

Can I wrap chicken in foil in air fryer?

“Can I wrap chicken in foil in the air fryer?” Yes! Yes, and we have four delectable air fryer chicken breast foil packs for you to taste! Chicken breast cooked in foil in the air fryer is juicy and flavorful.

What containers not to use in air fryer?

Although you may have seen individuals use paper plates in air fryers, we do not encourage it. While the paper plate may or may not catch fire, the oil and food particles that will surely accumulate on it may cause it to smoke and perhaps catch fire. So, to be on the safe side, use a heat-resistant dish.

Can you put glass in an air fryer?

Any glass used in an air fryer should be oven-safe and tempered. Glasses constructed of borosilicate glass, such as the well-known brand Pyrex, are the ideal alternatives for air fryer cooking.

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