How to Deliver a Pie (With Confidence)

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Do you have plans to open your own bakery soon, or do you merely produce delicious pies? You may need to mail your pies to clients, friends, or family members who wish to eat them.

The issue is that transporting a pie seems to be difficult, and you want it to arrive at its destination in one piece.

What can you do to properly mail a pie so that it doesn’t get all messed up in transit? There are a few things you may do to secure the greatest possible outcomes.

Continue reading to find out how to mail a pie such that the recipient is pleased.

Bake the Pie in the Right Type of Tin

How to Ship a Pie (With Confidence)

The most practical approach to begin is to bake the pie in the appropriate sort of pan. There are pie pans that have a domed cover that you can simply attach. The majority of the time, these domed lids are constructed of plastic.

When you go to the grocery store to purchase a pie, the pies will have these standard sorts of domed lids that attach to the tin that the pie is in. You may bake the pie in an aluminum pie pan that connects to a domed cover, which will make shipping it safer.

Of course, baking the pie in a pan like this isn’t the only item to consider before delivering it. You will also need to take additional actions to get decent outcomes.

Continue reading to learn all you can about keeping your pies secure.

Cover the Pie with Plastic Wrapping and Freeze it

You’ll want to wrap the pie in plastic wrap and then freeze it. The plastic wrap should cover the pie pan and domed lid, as instructed before.

When you’ve carefully wrapped it, store it in the freezer for at least an hour.

The following day, just take it out of the freezer to prepare it for the real shipping procedure. The remainder of this shouldn’t be too difficult, and you’re nearly there.

Use Packing Materials

It will be preferable to utilize packaging materials to prepare your pie for shipping.

To get the greatest results, tape some packing materials to the top of the domed lid to prevent it from slipping about. This will not take long, and if you don’t have any other choices, you may use anything like old newspapers.

The pie is then placed in a box and packed as firmly as possible using packaging materials. Some people use packing peanuts, but you may just as easily pack it firmly with old newspapers or other similar items.

If you pack it correctly, it will be less likely to move about and get damaged during delivery.

The box should then be closed and carefully taped up for the travel. You want to make sure it’s tightly taped up so that the top of the box doesn’t come open. When in doubt, more tape is preferable than insufficient tape.

Next, write up your shipping label, or print it if you’re going that way. It will be ready to ship after it has been put on the box.

It is suggested that you drive immediately to the shipping company and choose the next-day shipping option to get your pie to its destination.

You may also look into the many shipping companies in your region to discover which one is the finest to work with. Certain transportation firms may be more familiar with baked products than others.

You’ll want to make sure the courier knows that the item you’re transporting is a pie and must be treated carefully.

The package might be marked with a delicate sticker or anything similar. Some shipping firms may include a notice indicating that the shipment contains baked goods.

So strive to provide accurate information to the organization so that everything is handled properly.

Some Pies Don’t Ship Well

It is crucial to note that not all pies will transport easily in this manner. Cream pies, for example, are more prone to be ruined along the route.

Every pie that has a meringue will have issues, and there isn’t much you can do about it if you’re simply a regular pie maker.

Whether your pies are cream pies or meringue pies, you might think about another solution. Some individuals have successfully sent them by enclosing them in a secure packaging that also includes cooling elements.

You may also make special shipping arrangements with couriers to transport things that need refrigeration.

Fruit pies, pumpkin pies, double-crust pies, and other pies, on the other hand, will ship completely well utilizing the procedures described above. Just be sure to properly pack everything and you shouldn’t have too much issue delivering the pies.

Everything will be ok as long as they are delivered out quickly.

Ship Your Pies with Confidence

Hopefully, the preceding primer provided you with enough knowledge to send your pies with confidence.

So long as you’re cautious, standard pies like fruit pies should be extremely straightforward to send. Shipping cream pies and meringue pies may need contacting a specialized courier to ensure that they reach fresh and unharmed.

It’s simply nice to know you can transport pies to relatives who miss your baking or to folks who want to purchase your baked products. Whatever the situation may be, by addressing things properly, you will be able to get positive outcomes.

Employing the proper packaging materials and just keeping the pie from sliding about within the box will make a significant impact.


What is the safest way to ship a pie?

You’ll need to offer enough cushioning inside the shipping box to keep your pie box in place. Cover the pie box with bubble wrap and set it in the shipping box’s middle. Wrap the box with loose fill and ice packs to keep the pie cool throughout transportation.

Can you send pie in the mail?

Wrap the pie in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer.

You should also freeze the pie to guarantee that it arrives fresh. It is important to remember that you should not mail your pie at room temperature. When your pie has been wrapped and frozen, place it in an individual box.

Can you ship a pie to another state?

The greatest baked products to transport are nut pies, cookies, and bars. Baked items may be sent. Most baked products will retain their freshness and shape if properly wrapped and sent by priority mail or overnight delivery. When sending baked goods, it is preferable to freeze them. Items that are sturdy, such as fast bread, unfrosted cakes, and fruit

What is the appropriate packaging for pie?

Pie packing preserves the flavor.

Fortunately, special cardboard pie packing boxes may be utilized to avoid this. Packed pies are protected from outside air and moisture thanks to a fat-resistant layer that offers an additional barrier. This cardboard is ideal for chilling and is completely food safe.

How do I send homemade food by mail?

Follow these instructions for perishable items cooked at home and mailed:
Sent in a strong box.
Pack a chilly source, such as frozen gel packs or dry ice.
When use dry ice:…
Wrap the package twice with brown paper.
Label the exterior of the box using permanent markers.
More to come…
•Mar 30, 2015

How do you ship baked goods safely?

Wrap the food in wax paper or plastic wrap, lay it in a plastic bag, and store it in a cushioned food box. Cakes should be packed tightly into pans. Make sure the candies are in individual bonbon cups or sheets, piled and separated with wax paper. Check that the food box has no headroom.

How do I ship cooked food overnight?

Wrap Baked Products to Form an Airtight Seal…. Use Adequate Insulation…. Package Things That May Melt, Thaw, or Contain Liquid.
Choose the Best Refrigerant for Cold or Frozen Products.
Pad and Pack to Reduce Movement…. Fruit Shipment Advice.
Send Perishables Quickly… Track Your Order.

What baked goods are best for shipping?

The Most Delicious Baked Treats to Send (and Those You Never Should)
Cookies. If you’re looking for a food gift for a cookie monster, try spritz cookies, meringues, gingersnaps, or biscotti, which are cooked till dry in consistency.
Breads and cakes. Jams and sauces. Brownies and bar cookies.
Sep 19, 2020

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