How to Make Fudge Without Condensed Milk

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Fudge is a rich, sweet, and delectable treat. Its rich chocolate taste and silky, creamy texture are unparalleled in the world.

Many classic fudge recipes call for condensed milk, also known as sweetened condensed milk: basically, canned milk with the water content drained and extensively sweetened to preserve and flavor it.

But what if you don’t want condensed milk in your fudge for any reason? Can fudge be made without it, and would it taste the same?

The good news is that the fudge can be made without the condensed milk. Furthermore, making the changeover normally does not significantly complicate your cooking procedure.

First, we’ll go over the fundamentals of fudge and condensed milk: what they’re composed of, how they’re manufactured, and why you would want or need to avoid the condensed milk in particular.

Then we’ll go through condensed milk substitutes, recipes that don’t need condensed milk at all, and ultimately, vegan fudge.

Typical Ingredients in Fudge

How to Make Fudge Without Condensed Milk

There are several recipes and methods for making fudge, which is fantastic since it allows for easy customization according on taste preferences and dietary requirements.

Fudge is made out of four fundamental ingredients: chocolate, a sweetener (typically sugar), a fat (usually butter), and dairy (milk, sometimes sweetened condensed milk).

Most fudge recipes will ask for some combination of these four ingredients, even though the parts are occasionally merged into one ingredient; for example, if frosting is used to create fudge, it already includes sugar, fat, and sometimes even chocolate.

Condensed milk may be used as both the dairy and the sweetness, however it is typically necessary to add another ingredient.

What Is Condensed Milk and Why Is it Used?

It’s really rather straightforward. Condensed milk is just regular milk that has had all or most of the water removed from it: the milk is boiled over low heat until the water evaporates.

Following that, sugar or another sweetener is added to the milk to both sweeten it and extend its shelf life.

Many baking recipes call for sweetened condensed milk. It aids in the production of creamy, more solid baked products, as well as the sweetening of them.

That description sounds like the ideal fudge: sweet, creamy, solid, and smooth. There are several reasons to create fudge using sweetened condensed milk, but we’ll start with the reasons not to.

Reasons Not to Use Condensed Milk

There are many reasons why you should avoid using condensed milk in fudge or anything else. After all, this component may appear in your next key lime pie or fruit tart recipe.

The first reason is practical: since condensed milk includes dairy, anybody with a dairy allergy or intolerance cannot consume it or anything prepared with it. Furthermore, vegans are not permitted to consume any items produced from animals.

Condensed milk has a lot of calories. Fudge isn’t exactly a low-calorie dessert, but any method you can cut it down is a good thing. After all, you may now eat more of it!

Condensed milk is very sweet. Again, you want your fudge to be sweet, but some people think that adding condensed milk makes the fudge taste too sugary, and the rich chocolate flavor is lost.

any artificial additives. While there is some debate regarding how dangerous these elements are in tiny doses, many people are attempting to limit their exposure to them as a precaution.Finally, some (but not all) sweetened condensed milk brands include high fructose corn syrup.

What Can Replace Condensed Milk in Fudge?

There are several methods for making fudge without using condensed milk. Fudge recipes that use ordinary milk instead of condensed milk usually incorporate another sort of sweetness, such as more sugar, powdered sugar, or vanilla extract.

You may also create extremely simple fudge using store-bought ready-made frosting, such the sort used on cakes and cupcakes. However, keep in mind that these frostings generally include multiple non-natural additives, so if reducing them is the reason you’re avoiding sweetened condensed milk, this is not the option for you.

If you want to just replace the condensed milk in an existing recipe for fudge or another dessert, cream of coconut (not coconut cream, which is an altogether other item) is your best choice. However, keep in mind that it will lend a hint of coconut taste to your fudge.

Rather of substituting sweetened condensed milk for cream of coconut in a recipe, seek for a fudge recipe that expressly asks for cream of coconut.

There are other food firms that create sweetened condensed coconut milk, which is a more accurate substitute. This item may have to be purchased from a vegan supermarket or ordered online.

Make Your Own Condensed Milk

Condensed milk may also be made from scratch. This is particularly useful if you came on this post because you have a fudge desire and a delicious recipe but no sweetened condensed milk on hand.

Alternatively, use pure vanilla extract.You’ll need to locate a decent condensed milk recipe (search for one that has received positive feedback from numerous people), but basically you mix milk and sugar and cook gently, allowing it to decrease by roughly half. Then, if necessary, add butter and

You may also create your own using other milks such as soy, rice, oat, and almond. Make careful you use a recipe that expressly specifies for the sort of milk you want to use.

Is Vegan Fudge a Thing?

Yes! There are several methods to create fudge without using animal products.

If you’re preparing vegan fudge, it’s best to use a vegan fudge recipe rather than substituting vegan components for dairy and animal ingredients.

Keep in mind that you will need to substitute the butter in order to produce vegan fudge. Fortunately, there are various butter replacements available, but they are not always 1:1.

Some vegan recipes call for nut butter, coconut cream, and cocoa powder, while others call for vegan butter and soy milk. In the next part, we’ll look at some additional recipes that don’t need condensed milk.

Sample Recipes for Fudge Without Condensed Milk

We’ve gathered several excellent, well-reviewed recipes for creating fudge without condensed milk. Let’s go through different fudge situations to assist you decide on a recipe to make your own condensed milk-free fudge.

As previously said, the issue that has brought you to this post might simply be a lack of sweetened condensed milk in your cupboard. Unless you bake often, it isn’t something that many people have sitting around.

Instead, use full milk and powdered sugar.

Don’t have any whole milk? No worries; try chocolate milk or even ordinary low-fat milk.

Speaking of decreased fat, there are also low-fat or fat-free fudge recipes available. However, no guarantees on taste!

For our lactose-intolerant pals, try one of the vegan recipes above or any of a variety of other vegan fudge recipes. If your system tolerates butter but not conventional milk, consider using soy milk in a recipe.

We can’t get enough of the vegan fudge! Vegan dishes using cream of coconut, in particular, highlight the rich, deep chocolate taste.

Fudge is delicious, but it is a costly habit. Try making fudge with just a few components; have those items on hand for when a desire comes.

Follow Your Recipe Exactly

A recipe for fudge prepared without condensed milk must imitate not only the flavor of condensed milk, but also the texture of the fudge. This may be tough to do and often requires specific instructions.

As a result, it is critical that you carefully follow the directions for any dish you pick. Methods are often employed to alter the chemical interactions between the materials in order to get a certain result.

Your Final Step: Enjoy Your Fudge!

To summarize, fudge is virtually as diverse as it is tasty, with several methods to create it.

Whether you choose a vegan recipe, replace condensed milk, develop your own, or experiment with another approach, the most essential element of baking is having fun. Plan to experiment with a few different fudge recipes until you discover the ideal treat for you and your loved ones!


What can I use instead of condensed milk in fudge?

Combining milk, butter, and sugar is a decent replacement for condensed milk. The sugar sweetens it, while the butter thickens it luxuriously.

What can I use as a substitution for sweetened condensed milk?

Heavy cream (or heavy whipping cream) is already thick like sweetened condensed milk. What exactly is this? To make a creamy rich alternative, combine 1 cup of heavy cream with 14 cup of sugar. This may be used in place of sweetened condensed milk in any recipe.

Can I use regular milk instead of evaporated milk in fudge?

Unfortunately, it cannot be substituted in a fudge recipe. While evaporated milk may be used in lieu of ordinary milk in many situations, the opposite is not true. Also, keep in mind that evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk are two very distinct items.

What is the secret to good fudge?

The key to making excellent homemade fudge is to simmer the ingredients to the correct temperature to make a sugar syrup, and then cool the mixture thoroughly so that the fudge texture is smooth and solid, yet soft enough to cut.

How do I substitute condensed milk for regular milk?

Two cups of milk will be decreased by half to around 1 cup, therefore use twice the quantity of milk called for in your recipe. A 14-ounce can contains about 4 cups of milk. Here’s how to make homemade sweetened condensed milk!

What can I use instead of condensed milk and evaporated milk?

Regular milk, lactose-free milk, cream, half and half, and powdered milk are all suitable dairy substitutes for evaporated milk.

Can evaporated milk be substituted for sweetened condensed milk?

Milk (Evaporated) vs.

Sweetened condensed milk has 60% less water but includes 40% more sugar. They cannot be swapped for one other due to the significant taste difference. Always double-check the can you took off the grocery store shelf to ensure it has the substance you’re searching for.

Is honey a good substitute for condensed milk?

It was suggested that honey may be used as a substitute for sweetened condensed milk as a reinforcer since honey is a similarly manipulable reinforcer and does not deteriorate as quickly as sweetened condensed milk.

What is the same as sweetened condensed milk?

Condensed milk is quite thick and sweet, so substituting a can of evaporated milk will not provide the same result. Depending on how much condensed milk your recipe asks for, heavy cream with some sugar is the ideal option.

Can I use heavy whipping cream instead of milk for fudge?

Heavy cream – This gives it a creamy texture and adds a little fat. You may also use full milk instead of cream.

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