How to Make Scones with Pancake Mix

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Overall, making scones isn’t difficult. Even inexperienced cooks should be able to bake scones since the recipes available online aren’t very difficult.

That said, you may want to discover a method to make things even easy for yourself. Can you make scones using pancake mix that you have on hand?

Would scones prepared from pancake mix work out well? Or would this be a bad idea?

Continue reading to discover more about scones and how to create them using pancake mix. Once you’ve figured out what you’re doing, making scones out of pancake mix should be straightforward.

Using Pancake Mix as a Base

How to Make Scones with Pancake Mix

creating scones using pancake mix enables you to skip numerous steps that you would typically do while creating scones. You don’t need to bother about slicing the butter.

It is not also required to refrigerate the dough. Most individuals will find it much easier to create scones as a result of this.

However, the scones made using pancake mix are not the same as conventional scones. They’re undoubtedly good, but keep your expectations in check.

They may be a tasty snack, but they won’t be a perfect match for the conventional scones you’re used to. Even yet, these pancake mix scones are so simple to prepare that you won’t be able to resist.

Using pancake mix as a basis for scones is a wonderful idea. You’ll save a lot of time and be able to prepare scones even quicker than normal.

You may use a ready-made pancake mix that just needs water. Making these scones is a straightforward procedure.

How to Make Pancake Mix Scones

How to Make Scones with Pancake Mix

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit before you begin. You’ll make the scones while the oven is heating up.

You’ll also need a medium-sized mixing basin. Using a whisk, combine the pancake mix, sugar, and baking powder in a mixing dish.

You should not use an electric mixer for this. To complete the task, just use a hand whisk.

This is done to lighten up the pancake batter. The scones are supposed to be fluffy.

It’s time to add some heavy cream now. Combine this with the beaten eggs and vanilla extract.

This mixture must be beaten until it is halfway mixed. You may now add any extras you wish to go with the scones.

You might, for example, add chocolate chips. You might also add chunks of fruit or other things to change up the taste of the scones.

When you’re through with the ingredients, be sure to thoroughly combine everything. The batter will not be smooth, but this is acceptable.

You never want to over-mix scone batter. As a result, the scones will be rough and dry.

Place the mixture in a skillet and pat it down. Using a sharp knife, cut the scone mixture into four equal pieces.

In the pan, the pieces should be separated by about an inch. Line the baking sheet with parchment paper.

It’s acceptable to bake the scones on a baking sheet as well. Many people are used to baking their scones in skillets.

Brush the scones with heavy cream or butter on top. It is entirely up to you the substance you desire to use.

This gives the scones a nice gloss. When you’re done, start baking the scones.

How Long Do the Scones Take to Bake?

It takes around twenty minutes to bake pancake mix scones. After about twenty minutes of baking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the scones should be done.

It’s a good idea to check on the scones after fifteen minutes in the oven. Just a quick glance to see how things are going.

You may always use a toothpick to see whether the scones are done. If the scones are done baking, a toothpick inserted into the center will come out clean.

When everything is ready, set the scones aside to cool for a few minutes. After the scones have cooled somewhat, you may serve them to your family and friends.

You may also eat the scones by yourself. It all depends on whether or not you want to share.

You Can Make Icing

Of course, if you wish, you may prepare frosting for the scones. Some folks choose to top their scones with icing.

Making frosting is as easy as making a powdered sugar coating. Drizzle the glaze over the scones and they’re ready to eat.


If you don’t want to create frosting, you may just use toppings. Scones may be topped with a variety of ingredients.

Some folks just serve scones with whipped cream on top. This may be tasty, but it will increase the calories in the dessert.

Similarly, melted chocolate makes an excellent scone topping. This is going to be delicious, but if you’re concerned about making your scones too unhealthy, you may want to hold back.

If you’re just looking to enjoy a delicious dessert, you may add anything you like. You may want honey on your scones, or you may prefer plain scones with a pat of butter.

It all depends on what tastes you like and what you want to accomplish. Many individuals even top their scones with different sorts of fruit.

Another popular topping is jam. Many various varieties of scones will pair well with jam or jelly.

Pancake scones come with the same topping possibilities as conventional scones. Have fun and make sensible decisions.

Final Thoughts

Making scones using pancake mix is a breeze. Without any effort, you may have tasty pancake mix scones.

Making scones this manner eliminates part of the labor involved in getting the scones ready. There’s no need to refrigerate the scones or cut in the butter.

It will save you time, but it will not taste the same as conventional scones. In any case, it’ll be a tasty snack to share with your family.


What is the secret of making good scones?

The less you knead the mixture, the less the gluten will tighten, resulting in scones that are loose and crumbly rather than tight and bouncy. Make certain that you filter the flour and baking powder into the mixing basin. This implies the two will be well blended, giving you a higher likelihood of an equal increase.

What to avoid when making scones?

5 Scones Baking Mistakes to Avoid
Using anything other than cold substances. Start with cold ingredients — cold butter, cold eggs, and cold cream — for the flakiest scones.
Using just all-purpose flour.
The dough was overworked.
The dough was not chilled before baking.
Baking them in advance.

What 2 types of flour may be used to make scones?

For a higher-rising scone that retains its form well in and out of the oven, use all-purpose flour. Substitute cake flour for all-purpose flour to produce more delicate, lower-rising, cake-like scones. Reduce the liquid by 1 to 2 teaspoons in the recipe, using just enough to bring the dough together.

Should scone mix be wet or dry?

The scone batter should be rather moist and sticky, since this loose texture contributes to the lightest, fluffiest texture once cooked. The drier your dough, the less it will rise in the oven and the denser your scones will be.

Does scone dough need to rest?

The reason is simple: much as with other doughs, including pizza dough, resting allows the gluten in scone dough to relax fully, preventing it from snapping back during shaping or baking.

Are scones better with or without eggs?

I discovered that adding eggs made the scones less flaky and melt-in-your-mouth. They’re excellent on their own, but they’re even better with honey butter, jam, or whipped cream. It’s the ideal basis for a variety of flavor variants, like my lemon poppy seed scones, chocolate scones, raspberry scones, and more!

Should you chill scone dough before baking?

Not chilling the dough before baking: To truly nail your scones, refrigerate the dough again before baking. While using cold components is beneficial, your hands will warm up the dough as you work with it, and the added step of chilling will help you get the greatest results.

Why are scones so hard to make?

Working the dough is the most typical reason why individuals make scones that are excessively firm. To get things to come out right, you have to work the dough, but many beginning bakers go crazy.

Should a scone have butter?

Scones with additional fruit are traditionally served with butter alone; plain scones with butter and jam or cream and jam. Clotted cream and lemon curd are never combined. Nowadays, jam is smeared over fruited scones, but it is best to choose a jam that matches the fruit.

What is the most popular type of scone?


Lemonade scones are one of the most popular scone flavors. These little, fluffy treats are created using self-raising flour, sugar, cream, and lemonade.

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