How to Ship a Cake (Step by Step)

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Many individuals are quite enthusiastic about baking cakes. You may like making gorgeous cakes in your free time, which means that people will seek you out when they want cakes for special events.

If you’ve been creating cakes for friends and family members for weddings, birthdays, and other special events, you probably take satisfaction in it. But what if a friend or family member from out of town need a cake?

It may not always be feasible to drive a cake to their house, and you may need to consider mailing it. People are concerned about shipping cakes since so much may go wrong during the shipping procedure.

What is the safest method to mail a cake such that it arrives at its destination on time? Continue reading to find out how to send a cake for the best outcomes.

Freeze the Cake

How to Ship a Cake (Step by Step)

The first step in protecting the cake is to freeze it before shipping it. Freezing a cake increases its chances of surviving the journey and being edible when it arrives at its destination.

No matter what style of cake you’re making, it’s always better to freeze it before shipping it. You should only avoid freezing if you have a very precise reason not to.

If the cake cannot be frozen, you may not want to mail it at all. If the cake is not being delivered too far away, it may be OK to mail it through courier service.

For example, if you need to deliver a cake within a few hours of your location, a courier service may be able to accomplish so while treating the cake with great care. Of course, if you’re so near to where you’re transporting the cake, it could be just as convenient to deliver it yourself.

Find an Appropriate Cake Box

How to Ship a Cake (Step by Step)

Next, you’ll need to pick a suitable cake box to transport your cake in. You’ll want to choose a box that exactly fits your cake, which means you’ll need to pick the dimensions of the box depending on the sort of cake you’re sending and its total size.

Take the time to measure your cake and any packaging you want to buy to mail it in. After you’ve established that the size is proper, you may place the cake inside the box.

Many professional bakers send cakes in boxes with Styrofoam mailers, which is a smart idea. These Styrofoam mailers help the cake fit tightly in the box and protect it from sliding around inside.

Many of these Styrofoam mailers will be used to place the cake inside before transferring the Styrofoam mailer to the cake box. Overall, this strategy works well since it just makes things more secure.

If you can, utilize them since it will increase the likelihood that the cake will reach at its destination in perfect shape. If you can’t locate a mailer, consider using Styrofoam for the edges of the box to pack the cake as firmly and carefully as possible.

Use Frozen Cool Packs

When transporting a cake, frozen cold packs will be an important component of the procedure. Even if you have frozen the cake you are sending, it is critical to preserve the cake fresh throughout the shipping procedure.

You may purchase frozen cold packs designed to be put into envelopes. Simply freeze them until it’s time to place the cake into the box and mail it away.

Simply remove the frozen cold packs from the freezer and put them in the box with the cake. Place the cold packs all over the cake to ensure that it stays as cool as possible.

If everything goes as planned, these frozen cool packs should keep your cake fresh throughout transportation. If you care about the state of the cake when it gets at its destination, you won’t want to neglect this step in shipment preparation.

Seal the Box Properly

The next major step before mailing the cake box will be to carefully seal it. You must use high-quality shipping tape to seal the box so that nothing falls out while it is being driven to its destination.

Make certain that you seal the package completely. Tape all of the seams on the box and smooth the tape down to ensure it remains in place.

If you do not smooth down the tape, part of it may get hooked on something and fall free. In general, it’s better to use more tape than not enough, which means you should simply attempt to tape the box as well as you can.

When you’re certain that the box has been securely taped, it’ll be ready to ship. Now you only need to choose the correct company to send your cake to its destination.

Mark the Cake as Perishable and Fragile

It is recommended that you apply a marker on the cake box before delivering it to the delivery firm. You must explicitly indicate that the item being sent is perishable and delicate.

This increases the likelihood that all delivery drivers will grasp the need of treating the parcel with care. If you don’t take the time to do this, someone may make the mistake of putting the box behind other boxes, or make another blunder that may ruin the cake.

It doesn’t take long to label a package as delicate and perishable, and you’ll be sorry if you don’t. Some individuals even have delicate and perishable tags that they attach on boxes when sending baked products like this.

The top of the box is the greatest spot to put any stickers you have. If you don’t mind using many stickers, you could put one on each side of the box to make your point.

Sometimes its best to err on the side of caution and go a bit overboard. You just want to guarantee that your cake arrives at its destination undamaged.

Go Ship Your Cake

After you’ve completed all of the preparatory work, it’ll be time to drive out to a shipping firm and get your cake transported. You should choose a reliable organization that is capable of sending perishable food goods in a timely manner.

Many customers may choose huge shipping businesses that are well-known for transporting items such as cakes. This could work, but you’ll probably have to spend a reasonable fee to have the item transported quickly.

If you are concerned about the cake melting or experiencing problems, it is best to pay for overnight delivery. Most folks would like that the cake reach at its destination within a few days.

The sooner you want anything sent to its destination, the more expensive it will be. If you know the size and weight of the item, you should be able to acquire an estimate from a firm on how much it will cost before you make the cake.

For certain cake deliveries, a specialized courier service may be preferable. Many American cities have local courier services that will carry perishable commodities across state boundaries for a price.

If you’re sending a cake to a friend or family who lives many hours away, this is an excellent alternative. Simply analyze your alternatives and choose the delivery business that best meets your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to correctly transport a cake should help you get excellent outcomes. You should be able to mail your cake without too much concern about its safety.

It’s all about doing the correct things while boxing up the cake to ensure it arrives in one piece. It’s ideal to freeze the cake if possible, and you’ll need to pack the cake box carefully.

It will make a world of difference if you take the effort to send a safe cake box. Before bringing a cake to a shipping firm to have it sent out, be sure you follow the recommendations above.

It will be much simpler to get things done the next time you want to send a cake. You’ll already know what to do and be able to get the cake out the door quickly.


Can you mail a cake through USPS?

All of the necessary packing materials will be available at your local post office or delivery service location. After wrapping your cake, place it in a cake box and then in a Styrofoam mailer or bubble-wrap lined shipping box.

How do you package a cake for mailing?

How to Ship a Cake Tightly pack the cake in a fitting styrofoam envelope.
To keep the cake fresh, wrap it in frozen cold packs.
Insert the styrofoam envelope inside a strong cardboard box.
Use high-quality packaging tape to secure the package.
Make a mark on the exterior of your box.
Deliver your cake.

How do I ship a homemade cake?

Cake Shipping Instructions
Make use of a cake shipment box. A fitted Styrofoam mailer will prevent the cake from jostling in transit.
Allow the cake to cool.
Place the mailer in a box.
Close the box.
Mark the exterior of your box with stickers.
Your cake is now ready for shipment.

Will UPS ship a cake?

Wrap Baked Goods with Plastic Wrap to Create an Airtight Seal

Plastic wrap helps to preserve the freshness of freshly baked goods. Shrink wrap is best for strong treats like Bundt cakes and pies, and hand wrap plastic around more fragile desserts. Freezing cupcakes and intricately frosted cakes may also help them withstand transportation.

Can you send a homemade cake in the post?

It’s ideal to send your cake in a sturdy corrugated box. You’ll need one that can hold your cake as well as enough of padding around the sides, top, and bottom. Tape your bubble-wrapped cake inside the box to protect it from shifting.

How does cake mail work?

Choose the size and shape of your cake.
Choose a delivery date.
We can bring your cake to your home or business. Take a look at our cakes. Look at Cakes.

Does send a cake need to be refrigerated?

We have thoroughly evaluated our shipping procedures, and cakes will come ready to eat and do not need refrigeration; however, if you want to store them for later, we recommend freezing them to increase the shelf life.

Can FedEx ship a cake?

Perishables should not be sent through FedEx 2Day®, FedEx 2Day® Freight, or FedEx Express Saver®. If you use one of these services, ensure that your packing will keep your items safe for at least 12 hours longer than the delivery period.

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