How to Spiralize a Sweet Potato Using a Spiralizer

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There are hardly any people who would say that adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet is a bad idea. Quite the contrary; in fact, most of us strive and struggle to ease more of them into our favorite dishes.

Replacing traditional pasta with pasta made from vegetables in our favorite Italian dishes is a stupendous way to accomplish this. What is more, there are so many other ways to incorporate spiralized sweet potatoes into meals.

That said, pre-spiralized veggies are expensive to buy in the grocery store, much more expensive than regular dried pasta. Many people decide to buy some kind of kitchen device to spiralize fresh vegetables themselves instead.

First, we will review some of the reasons why you might want to spiralize sweet potatoes in the first place, including the tremendous health benefits.

Then we will look at some of the best and most popular products available to spiralize those sweet potatoes. Well provide some tips and tricks to make the process of spiralizing sweet potatoes easier and the final dish more delicious.

Finally, well give some delicious recipes using spiralized sweet potatoes for you to try, now that youre an expert on how to make them.

Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

How to Spiralize a Sweet Potato Using a Spiralizer

In the last couple decades, some people grew wary of sweet potatoes because of the low-carb craze, but as most dieticians and nutritionists will tell you, that is just plain foolish.

There are so many healthy reasons to eat sweet potatoes. For one thing, sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Sweet potatoes can help prevent or manage diabetes and can even improve your memory. Sweet potatoes have been shown to be good for beating and managing stress. Theyre good for digestion, for hair and nail growth, and skin health.

It can also help prevent stomach ulcers, certain types of cancers, and swelling, and even boost fertility. It really is an amazing food.

Sweet potatoes work well for people needing to stick to specific diets, too, especially gluten-free diets. This makes it an even more useful food to replace regular pasta.

Most important of all, sweet potatoes are a versatile and delicious ingredient, sure to please the whole family!

Devices to Spiralize Sweet Potatoes

How to Spiralize a Sweet Potato Using a Spiralizer

Making sure that you use the proper tool to spiralize sweet potatoes will make the job even easier. There are many good ones on the market, and the choice really depends on what your needs are.

The Brieftons 10-blade spiralizer is a great product not just for sweet potatoes but for several other vegetables as well, meaning that you can do a lot more with it. What is more, its blade sizes mean that you can control the size of your spirals, regardless of which veggie youre working with.

Alternatively, the Kitchen Supreme spiralizer is very small and compact, perfect for kitchens without a lot of extra storage space, but it can still get the job done to create delectable dishes. Cuisinart, a very well-trusted brand in kitchen appliances, makes an electric spiralizer that can also be used to shred and slice ingredients.

Finally, for the home chef, you can buy a spiralizer attachment for your KitchenAid stand mixer. KitchenAid makes many attachments for its stand mixer and this is just one of them.

How to Make Spiralized Sweet Potatoes

Whatever tool you use will come with specific instructions for how to actually use it to spiralize your sweet potatoes, and each tool will work a little differently. Make sure that you read and follow the directions carefully.

That said, we would also like to share some tried-and-true tips to make the process smoother, no matter which spiralizer you choose.

First, an easy thing to do to make spiralizing easier is to cut off the narrow ends of your sweet potatoes, enough so that the circumference of the potato is about the same throughout.

Make sure that you peel your sweet potatoes well. If you use a peeler, you may even want to go around the entire potato twice to be sure that you have all of the skin completely off. In the end, peeling the sweet potatoes with a knife might get the job done faster.

Be attentive to the size of your sweet potato. Remember, it is more than likely you will have to hold it and guide it into and through the spiralizer. If it is very large, you may have more control if you cut it in half or even into thirds. This is also something to keep in mind when you buy the sweet potatoes in the first place.

The actual process of spiralizing is not as simple as it looks. Even with electric spiralizers, you may have to put in some work. You will want your vegetables to spiralize quickly, which means that you may have to apply some force to get the outcome you want.

The spiralizing process is not as straightforward as it seems. Even with electric spiralizers, considerable effort may be required. You’ll want the veggies to spiralize fast, which means you may have to use some force to get the desired result.

When you start on sweet potatoes, buy a few extras, just in case. And remember, no matter what it looks like, it will still taste great!

Delicious Recipes Using Spiralized Sweet Potatoes

Spiralized sweet potatoes are so versatile and can be used in many delicious dishes. However, as you know, sweet potatoes have a distinctive taste, so they cant just be swapped into recipes for regular pasta.

Garlic parmesan sweet potato noodles are a delicious replacement for typical Italian pasta dishes. Or, if you love spaghetti carbonara, try sweet potato carbonara with spinach and mushrooms.

This Pad Thai recipe works great with them, as does sweet potato noodles with peanut sauce. Or try spiralized sweet potato fries. Sweet potato spirals can also be used in sweet dishes as well as savory. Make spiralized roasted vanilla sweet potatoes and apples.


Can you buy spiralized sweet potatoes?

Fresh Kitchen Spiralized Sweet Potato Noodles, 10 oz – Kroger.

Can you freeze Spiralized sweet potato?

Yes, you can freeze raw spiralized sweet potatoes. Allow to fully thaw before cooking.

How do you strain strings out of sweet potatoes?

Place a large fine-mesh sieve over a medium bowl, then pour the sweet potato mixture through the sieve. Use a rubber spatula to press the filling through the sieve and strain out any sweet potato fibers; it will take some effort but is well worth it for a smooth pie.

Are canned yams just sweet potatoes?

Are Yams and Sweet Potatoes the Same? No, yams and sweet potatoes are not the same. Yams have rough, dark brown skin that is often compared to tree bark, and their flesh is dry and starchy like a regular potato. Sweet potatoes have smooth reddish skin, softer flesh (when cooked), and a sweet flavor.

Why do you soak sweet potato noodles?

Sweet potato noodles are a type of glass (vermicelli) noodles made from sweet potato starch. They are gluten-free by nature. The noodles are usually sold in dried form and you’ll need to boil them (or soak them) to rehydrate before using. Once rehydrated, they have a chewy and silky texture with a very mild taste.

Can I use an apple peeler as a spiralizer?

Sweet potato noodles are glass (vermicelli) noodles that are manufactured from sweet potato starch. They are naturally gluten-free. The noodles are normally sold dry, and you’ll need to boil (or soak) them before using them. They rehydrate to a chewy and smooth texture with a very faint flavor.

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