How to Store Used Tea Bags (Plus Uses for Them)

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While you may believe that storing your spent tea bags in a cold, dark spot is ideal, this could not be farther from the truth. After using a tea bag, drying it will simply draw mold and germs to the breeding ground.

Instead, it is critical to keep the old tea bag wet by steeping it in a tiny glass or shot glass of water. Placing the glass in the fridge reduces the possibility of bacterial growth even more.

Simply sniff your spent tea bag to see whether it has accumulated germs or mold that is not evident to the naked eye. The simplest method to identify contamination is by scent, therefore if your spent tea bag has an unusual, fresh, or nasty odor, it is better to discard it before it contaminates your kitchen further.

If you see mold, which appears as fuzzy clumps of green and grey over the surface of the tea bag or inside the water the tea bag is in, discard the infected tea bag as well.

It is important to check your spent tea bags for mold and bacteria on a regular basis since ingesting these bacteria and mold, or passing them on to your garden, dogs, or children, might have the opposite impact of what you want, such as illness or dead plants.

Other Uses for Old Tea Bags

How to Store Used Tea Bags (Plus Uses for Them)

Tea bags may be used for a number of purposes other than preparing tea. Old tea bags may be quite beneficial in a variety of situations, ranging from home care to skin care!

  • Staying in the Kitchen: Using tea bags to flavor food is similar to preparing a fresh cup, but it is more suited to the delicate tastes of old tea bags. It’s as simple as boiling pasta, grains, or eggs with old tea bags in the water. Essentially, any item that has been cooked in water may benefit from the faint overtones of a discarded tea bag added to the flavorings. You can also infuse your meats with tea bags in your meat smoker!
  • Garden Care: Used tea bags contain amounts of nitrogen and acidity that, when put to soil, function as a magnet for healthy bacteria while reducing pH and feeding the worms! All you have to do is remove any metal staples and plastic before burying the old tea bags in your yard or composting them. You may also utilize the weaker tea brewed from old tea bags to water your plants. Finally, tea may be used as an excellent and inexpensive fertilizer, particularly for roses!
  • Simple Air Freshener: Old tea bags may be used to mask odors in your sock drawer, fridge, or bathroom. Simply place the tea bags in the area that need an aroma boost; however, to enhance your air fresheners, add essential oils such as lavender and peppermint after the tea bags are totally dry. utilized tea bags may be utilized similarly to little hotel soaps, leaving a pleasant perfume in garment drawers and stinky shoes.
  • or poison oak. Damp tea bags hasten the healing of insect bites and bruises. Tea bags might even aid with acne relief! Finally, leftover tea bags may be utilized to help reduce the symptoms of pinkeye.Care for the Skin: Old or used tea bags can be repurposed in a variety of ways that give your skin a break. When used on the eyes, aged tea bags reduce puffiness and dark circles. Tea bags, when applied on razor burn, reduce pain and soothe the wounded skin. If you have an infected spot on your skin, such as a boil, a used and damp tea bag can be used to drag the infection out of your skin or to simply remove a wart. Damp, old tea bags may also help relieve sunburn pain and irritation.
  • Damp, used tea bags may be used to shine mirrors, windows, glasses, and other glass surfaces throughout the house. You may also use used tea bags to refinish wooden surfaces. Used tea bags may help remove oil from equipment and surfaces in the kitchen. Leaving out used tea bags will help keep rats and mice away from your home. Tea may be used in the bathroom to eliminate water stain ringlets around the toilet. Throwing wet tea bags on the ashes in your fireplace can make cleaning it simpler. Finally, you can use discarded tea bags to repel fleas from your family pets!

Re-Steeping Old Tea Bags

How to Store Used Tea Bags (Plus Uses for Them)

The most straightforward method to utilize tea bags is to make another cup with them. Using a tea bag for the second time can reduce the strength and taste of your drink, however mixing numerous old tea bags for a second brew can easily compensate. A tea bag should only be used twice or three times.

Green tea and white tea are the greatest teas for recycling, however you could have assumed that they were lighter mixes. While heavier blends, such as black teas, are normally stronger than their lighter equivalents, making tea with the same tea bag repeatedly results in super-bitter brews with darker teas.

Tea bags cannot be maintained for an extended period of time without producing germs, thus individuals who drink many cups of tea every day should practice reusing them. If you want to make fresh cups of tea from old tea bags without continually having a cup of tea in your hand, share with your garden!

While it has already been established that used tea bags may be used to fertilize and compost gardens, the tea produced from leftover old tea bags can be used to water your garden to give your plants a boost!


What can I do with my used tea bags?

How to Reuse Old Tea Bags
Odors should be neutralized. Open the tea bag and let the tea leaves to dry.
Dishes should be degreased.
Tenderize the meat.
Surfaces of glass should be cleaned.
Reduce the appearance of pimples, sunburn, bug bites, and blisters.
Puffy Eyes will be soothed.
You should condition your hair.
Take a hot bath.

Should I save used tea bags?

Another amazing thing about tea bags is that they can be reused. We recommend reusing the tea bags only one more, or else the tea will become too weak.

How do you store tea bags for long term storage?

Tea bags should be stored in an airtight, opaque container in a cold, dark area, such as a cupboard or pantry. Also, keep tea away from any objects that have strong scents that may bleed in and change the flavor.

Can you reuse a tea bag twice?

Fresh tea offers greater taste and scent than tea that has been on a shelf for some time. If you use fresh tea, you may be able to reuse the tea bag many times before the taste fades. Most individuals may expect to reuse tea bags between two and four times.

Is used tea bags good for plants?

Tea bags may be used on your garden in addition to compost. Dump empty tea bags or scatter used tea leaves around the base of your plants to nourish the soil and repel garden pests, particularly mice.

What plants like tea bags?

Which plants like the usage of tea leaves?
Violets from Africa.
Berries of choice.
The Easter lily.

How do you store tea for reuse?

Correctly store.

Squeeze off any excess moisture, then lay the leaves out on a paper towel to dry in a cool, well-ventilated area. Once thoroughly dried, put the tea in an airtight container in a cold, dark area.

How long do tea bags last once used?

When do tea bags and tea leaves “expire”? Tea bags, as previously stated, do not expire. Loose leaf tea isn’t either. Dry tea leaves and bags are normally good for two years before quality begins to deteriorate.

Can you store tea bags in glass jars?

To block out direct light, store tea bags in opaque containers. To preserve your tea from drying out, invest in an opaque glass container. Because heat and light may degrade the flavor of your tea, put it in an opaque glass container to keep it as fresh as possible.

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