How to Thicken Refried Beans (In 6 Simple Steps)

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Refried beans may be used for a variety of applications. They may be used to create a unique dip for a large party, but they can also be part of a magnificent supper.

Whatever happens, it will be critical to ensure that the beans are well cooked. After all, no one will be delighted if they are excessively thin.

Thin refried beans might become much too watery. They won’t have the pleasant consistency that refried beans should have, and the meal will suffer as a result.

If you’re preparing refried beans right now and they appear a little too thin, you should be concerned. However, you do not have to start from scratch.

To make the refried beans thicker, thicken them using cornstarch. You just need to know how to approach the situation.

1 – Try Cooking Them More

How to Thicken Refried Beans (Using 6 Easy Methods)

The first thing you should do is continue to cook them. It’s conceivable that you stopped boiling the beans too soon, resulting in runny and thin beans.

Simply keep the refried beans warm in a pot. Turn the burner to low heat and continue to stir the beans. If all goes properly, the beans should eventually achieve the desired consistency.

If you still think the beans are too thin, experiment with other components. Just keep in mind that you may be able to mend problems by boiling the beans again.

Wait a few minutes to see if you can thicken the beans by cooking them for a few more minutes. Cooking the beans on low heat reduces the possibility of burning the refried beans.

This small technique, hopefully, will work. Most culinary experts agree that this is the best route to pursue, although there are alternative possibilities.

2 – Add a Cornstarch Slurry to the Beans

The next option you should consider is adding a cornstarch slurry to the beans. If you don’t know how to accomplish this, don’t worry since it’s quite easy.

Simply mix one tablespoon of water with one spoonful of cornstarch. You keep combining things until everything is homogenous.

It is probable that you may need more than one tablespoon of each. Simply use the same proportions to produce as much cornstarch slurry as you need.

You’ll end up with a very thickening paste that can be blended into the refried beans. It will undoubtedly thicken things, but you must use caution.

Using this approach, it is quite simple to overcook the refried beans. This is why you should add a little amount of the slurry at a time and test the consistency.

When the refried beans have achieved the required consistency, stop adding the cornstarch slurry. As long as you pay attention, this strategy should be simple enough to master.

3 – Flour Will Also Work

To thicken the refried beans, you may also use flour. If you don’t have any cornstarch on hand, you may be able to get away with using flour instead.

Simply use some all-purpose flour from your cupboard. Combine a little flour and water to form a basic slurry.

You’ll be doing the same thing you’d do if you had cornstarch. To thicken the beans, make a slurry and add it a little at a time.

It will be simple to get things as thick as you need. Just don’t go too far, and you’ll be able to get good outcomes.

4 – Try Frying the Beans

Have you considered frying the beans? When you have runny or extremely thin refried beans, this is a really pleasant method to turn things around.

Simply cook the beans and they will become much thicker. It will, however, significantly alter the beans.

Fried refried beans, for example, will have a bit of a crunch to them. Many people find this quite fulfilling, and you could even consider it an upgrade.

However, this will not be optimal for everyone. If you want to leave the beans as natural as possible, cooking them longer rather than frying them is a preferable option.

5 – Add Instant Mashed Potatoes to the Mix

One common method is to thicken the refried beans using instant mashed potatoes. This can help, but it isn’t as effective as using cornstarch or flour.

When you simply need to thicken the beans somewhat, this is an excellent alternative. You must also exercise caution since it has the potential to diminish the taste of the refried beans.

Simply toss some instant mashed potatoes into the refried beans and keep them warm. It should thicken the beans much more than previously.

If the beans are runny, this is probably not the greatest choice. When the beans are too thin, add instant mashed potatoes instead.

6 – Try Using Xanthan Gum

When you have beans that are really thin, you may add xanthan gum. If your beans are so watery that you wouldn’t conceive of eating them, xanthan gum may be the answer to thickening them up.

Xanthan gum is unlikely to be something you have on hand in your kitchen (though you can investigate these alternatives). However, because of how valuable it may be, it may be worth keeping around.

This is a thickening agent that is capable of completing the task swiftly. It will almost surely thicken your refried beans.

The difficulty is that utilizing too much of it may quickly lead to disaster. As a result, it is not seen to be the greatest solution for anything like this.

If you want to make things easy for yourself, stick to cornstarch or flour. This is not to say that xanthan gum will not function well in your scenario, but it does suggest that you must pay close attention to prevent making errors.

Final Thoughts

You now know all there is to know about thickening refried beans. If you want your refried beans to come out correctly, following advice will assist you.

There’s no need to put up with thin refried beans when there are so many other possibilities. Simply choose which of the approaches outlined above is appropriate for you.

Often, just cooking the beans longer can thicken things out nicely. You may also sauté the beans to make them thicker and add some crunch.

To ensure that the beans are properly thick, a cornstarch slurry might be used. You may also use flour to complete the task.

Use caution if you want to use instant mashed potatoes or xanthan gum. They operate well, but if you do things incorrectly, you may create blunders and throw things off.


How do you make thickener for beans?

To thicken beans, use starches.

Simply combine 2 tablespoons cornstarch with 1 cup of water or the liquid from the baked beans (scoop it out into a separate dish and set aside to cool). Pour the slurry into the baked beans dish and mix until the starch has been well integrated.

How to make refried beans creamier?

Adding chicken broth to refried beans will assist to make them creamier and more flavorful.

How do you thicken pinto beans without cornstarch?

A Roux is made using flour and butter.

A roux comprised of flour and butter can help thicken your beans in the same way that cornstarch does. A roux will accomplish the same thing as cornstarch in thickening the beans. The main difference is that a roux will almost certainly add flavor to your beans.

How do you make frijoles less watery?

Heat is the key component here: without heat, the starch clumps and little thickening occurs. Continue to mash the beans over low heat until they reach the required thickness. Add the starch. Instead of mashing the beans, add a commercial starch to keep them intact.

Why are restaurant refried beans so good?

Why are restaurant refried beans so delicious? For all that delicious taste, most restaurants add additional fat, such as bacon fat, bacon grease, butter, or other sorts of fat. However, you do not need to add any additional fat to these homemade cheater style refried beans!

Does baking soda thicken beans?

Because baking soda lacks cornstarch, it cannot be used as a thickening. Cornstarch is what holds the wet components together, making the mixture smoother and thicker.

Do refried beans thicken?

Beans are a nutritious method to thicken soups. Adding refried beans to a soup may make it thicker and richer in flavor, making it an excellent option to thicken a chili.

Do you add milk or water to refried beans?

Instead of water, use milk.

In the recipe below, I use milk instead of water to make my refried beans. It’s just enough to make them creamier and more flavorful. If you want nondairy, just substitute water or chicken or vegetable broth for the milk.

How to make refried beans from can runny?

Water, vegetable or chicken broth, milk, half and half, cream, and buttermilk will all thin down the beans. Even semi-liquids like sour cream and crema can thin down the beans. What much of liquid should you use? For every 30-ounce can of refried beans, add at least 1 cup of liquid.

How do you thicken watery pinto beans?

To form a thickening paste, add 4 cup of water. Then, gradually incorporate your thickening mixture into the boiling beans and ham. Make careful to mix it in as you add it.4 cup cornstarch or flour and 1I prefer my fluids thick with my beans, so I keep them separate. I added one.

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