Making Macarons Without an Oven

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Creating flawless macarons is a difficult task. Even the most experienced pastry chefs find macarons difficult to make.

The shells might break, come out lumpy, be too dry, or spread too thin- so many things can go wrong! Nevertheless, after you’ve mastered the macaron shell, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most exquisite, delectable sweets available!

You probably already know how tasty a perfect macaron can be, and you may have even perfected those macaron shells. You may be wondering how to create a macaron without using an oven.

What, no oven?! What for a macaron?! Is it really conceivable?! Indeed, in a nutshell! And here’s how it’s done.

Why Skip the Oven

There are many reasons why you would want to make macarons without using an oven. The first cause may be that you don’t have an oven.

Maybe your oven failed or you never had one to begin with (small flats, for example, are infamous for lacking ovens!). This is an evident moment when you need be creative and come up with another approach to produce macarons.

You may also want to avoid using the oven due to the heat it emits. Nobody likes to turn on an oven on a hot summer day! Yet, if you still want to bake macarons, you may be interested in doing it without bringing more heat to your home via the oven.

Ovens use a lot of energy as well. They not only take a long time to heat up since they need gas or electricity, but they also have to maintain the temperature so they are continually cycling on and off.

Creating macarons without an oven is a more cost-effective and ecologically friendly method.

Toaster Oven Method

Many individuals are unaware of the use of their toaster oven. It’s not only for toasting!

In fact, if you have a toaster oven, you have a little oven right on your counter. It performs the same duties as your bigger oven but has a much smaller capacity. That implies you can absolutely bake macarons with it!

Making macarons in a toaster oven saves electricity since you are just heating a little oven rather than a bigger one. The toaster oven will also heat up quicker, saving energy during the preheating period.

It will also create less ambient heat, making it an excellent choice for baking on hot days.

Several toaster ovens have a convection setting, which is ideal for producing macarons. If your toaster oven has this option, just set it to convection mode, raise the heat to the degree specified in your recipe, and bake your macarons. It will be just like cooking them in a regular oven, only smaller!

Troubleshooting Macarons Made in the Toaster

If your toaster oven does not have a convection option, just raise the temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
This means that if your macaron recipe calls for 325°F in a convection oven, set your toaster to 350°F. It’s as simple as that!

When baking macarons in a toaster oven rather than a big oven, keep an eye out for the shells browning quickly. The heating elements inside toaster ovens are significantly closer to the tray of macarons because they are so little.

As a result, the shells may brown fast or the tops may dry up before the centers are finished cooking.

If the tops of the cookies start to brown too quickly, carefully place a piece of foil on top. As the macarons continue to cook, the foil will keep the cookies from becoming too dark.

Because of their tiny size, toaster ovens contain significant hot spots. If necessary, rotate your macarons and keep an eye out for hot places.

You may always carefully pipe the cookies onto the tray to ensure that no cookies are directly in a hot zone.

Use Store Bought Macaron Shells

Although manufacturing macaron shells is an essential part of the macaron experience, you may want to consider buying the cookie shell. When you don’t have an oven or prefer not to use your oven, the simplest approach to prepare macarons is to purchase simply the exterior shells, which need an oven.

After all, you can still prepare excellent macaron filling without using an oven. Fill the prefabricated shells with your homemade fillings and you’re done! Macarons made from scratch!

Since macarons have grown so popular, you should be able to acquire macaron shells rather readily. If you’re at the grocery store, look in both the cookie aisle and the frozen dessert department.

Many macaron shells are sold frozen to keep the chewy core and crispy exterior fresh.

If you can’t get macaron shells at the grocery store, ask a local bakery whether they sell them. If you inquire, most companies would gladly offer you the macaron shells!

Afterwards you can go home and create macarons without an oven since all you need to do is prepare some delicious fillings- no baking necessary!

Macarons, being one of the most complex cookies to create, need certain conditions to bake properly. When you attempt to prepare macarons without an oven, the task becomes considerably more difficult.

Fortunately, you do have a few viable solutions. The toaster oven technique is tried and true, and your macarons will turn out excellent, particularly if your toaster oven has that amazing convection function.

There is also no shame in acquiring the macaron shells, since this will ensure that your macarons are delicious.

Now you’re ready to create macarons without an oven, and don’t worry, they’ll turn out fantastic! Happy\sbaking!


Can you make macarons in a blender?

It is not customary to use a blender to prepare macarons, although it is possible. The trick to successfully preparing macarons in a blender is to pulse the ingredients together until properly blended. If you combine the ingredients for too long, the macarons will become tough.

Can you hand whisk macarons?

Yes! You can create macarons without an electric or stand mixer, as well as costly gear and supplies. The meringue for macarons may be made fully by hand!

Can you make macarons in hot weather?

My shells are exactly the right consistency in the humid weather. These have just the correct amount of chew, are delightfully soft in the centre, and have a little crispy bite to them! I’m crazy with the humid weather for macarons!

Can I use a hair dryer to dry macaron?

You may need more drying time if you are in a hurry to make macarons. You may also try lightly drying the area with a hair dryer. 2) If your oven is too hot, the shells will cook too quickly and get scorched on the exterior before they are done on the inside.

Do macarons harden in the fridge?

Macarons that have been kept in the fridge for more than three days may become mushy and crumbly. Refrigerate the macarons for approximately 20 minutes before serving. Macarons should be eaten at room temperature to bring out their full taste.

What are the biggest mistakes when making macarons?

The 13 Most Common Errors While Baking Macarons
Using another flour in place of almond flour.
I forgot to sift the ingredients together.
Using the incorrect meringue in your batter.
Using cartoned egg whites….
Making use of liquid food coloring….
The macaron batter was over-mixed.
Additional details…•November 8, 2022

Why are macarons so expensive?

Macarons are pricey because to the time and effort required to produce them. The original macaron recipe is quite difficult to perfect. The procedure, schedule, and technique for making macarons are all difficult. That is why they are so costly.

Are macarons difficult to make?

Macarons are typically described as difficult to prepare since they are fragile and need a high level of accuracy. They’re produced using a meringue batter that’s been whisked into a stiff peak before being folded into a finely ground almond flour mixture.

Can you bake macarons on aluminum foil?

What about aluminum foil? No. Wax paper is not oven-safe, and metal foil would adhere to the macaron shells. As previously indicated, I suggest utilizing a surface that enables you to peel the macaron shells off without greasing it. Is it okay to use wax paper?

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