Must-Have Cake Decorating Equipment for Beginners

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Have you ever gone by that bakery window and seen the most stunning cakes? You undoubtedly believe that mastering the art of cake decorating requires years of culinary school and practice in several bakeries.

This is sometimes true, but with the correct equipment, you can bake stunning cakes right at home! Cake decorating tools allows even the most inexperienced baker to produce magnificent cakes. There’s no reason to be envious of those bakeries!

Before you go into the realm of cake decorating, learn how to bake a simple cake from scratch.

The Basic Tools Needed to Decorate Cakes

Piping Tips

Piping tips (together with pastry bags) are vital when it comes to producing a crisp, elegant pattern on the icing of the cake.

There are several methods to decorate your cake using a range of ideas. Swirls? What about scalloped edges? Piped text? Everything is done using a pipe tip. Because piping tips are very inexpensive, we suggest beginning with a piping set if you are new to piping.

A set will enable you to explore and determine which tips are most effective for your individual requirements.

How to use:

Insert a piping tip into a pastry bag, then trim the tip of the pastry bag so that the piping tip can nearly (but not quite) fit through. Put the frosting into the piping bag with a spatula and gently press the frosting out of the bag.

You may either keep the tip in place or move it slightly to produce various patterns depending on what design you desire.

Benefits to using a piping tip:

  • Easy to use.
  • You can create many patterns with different tips.
  • When used to design a cake, it seems elegant and professional.

Drawbacks to using a piping tip:

  • To utilize various tips, piping bags must be changed on a regular basis.
  • If the frosting is too thick or too thin, it will not properly exit the tip.
  • It may be difficult to get the appropriate amount of frosting out–if you use too much pressure, the frosting may come out in lumps; if you use too little, there won’t be enough frosting piped onto the cake, and you’ll have to start again.

Icing Spatula

If you don’t already have one, you should obtain one. An icing spatula, as opposed to a conventional spatula, is particularly intended to smooth icing on cakes. It includes an angled metal section that is ideal for making the cake’s outside seem smooth and crisp.

There are several types of icing spatulas available, but a simple one will do.

How to use:

Moving around the cake with the spatula angled away from you, apply consistent pressure to the icing to ensure it moves evenly. Brush the top of the cake with numerous strokes to smooth the top layer of icing.


  • It provides the cake nice borders and a polished appearance.
  • It may be used to sharpen edges and smooth icing.


  • It is difficult to tilt it precisely to provide a smooth appearance.
  • It may make icing seem strange or even peel away frosting if not oriented appropriately.

Rotating Cake Stand (Lazy Susan)

When it comes to cake decorating, this gadget comes in helpful. It’s a little table that revolves, enabling you to properly level the icing without uncomfortably moving the cake.

How to use:

To generate a uniform layer of frosting, rotate the cake stand while you smooth or frost the cake.

Benefits to using a rotating cake stand:

  • Allows for an equal and smooth coating of frosting.
  • All you have to do is spin it! There will be no inch-by-inch shifting of the cake to cover it with icing.

Drawbacks to using a rotating cake stand:

  • It may be a waste of money if you do not need it, but it is useful.
  • You must place the cake on a separate plate before placing it on the rotating cake stand; otherwise, you will be unable to remove the cake from the cake stand.

Food Coloring

Although it may seem easy, food coloring is necessary when it comes to cake decorating. Who wants a plain white cake? Colors make a cake seem more appealing and appealing.

We suggest beginning with a set of colors, which will provide you with a plethora of alternatives.

How to use:

Be cautious, since food coloring may be potent. Start with a little amount of frosting, combine it, and then see if you need more.

Benefits of using food coloring:

  • You can make your cakes vibrant and beautiful.
  • Food coloring lasts a long time and may be used for a variety of purposes, including preparing fondant, coloring icing, and even writing on the cake.
  • You may produce a variety of colors by purchasing sets with various colors, combining colors, or adding varying quantities of colors to create some very amazing tints.

Drawbacks of using food coloring:

  • Too much food coloring may make icing seem unappealing.
  • Food coloring may sometimes alter the consistency of icing or cake.
  • It can get messy to use.

Cake decorating may be easy with all of these equipment! Soon enough, you’ll be baking bakery-style cakes.

Check out our earlier article on cake decorating equipment to learn about some other cake decorating tools and what they are used for.


What does a beginner cake decorator need?

1. – A stand mixer. In the kitchen, a stand mixer is like a right arm! …
Cake pan No. 2. This is perhaps the most often asked question.
3 – Cake-cutting equipment.
4 – Turntable for cake decoration.
Cake boards number five.
Spatulas (nine).
7 – Smoother icing.
8 – Plates with ganache.

What equipment do I need for cake decorating?

Essential Cake Decorating Equipment for Beginners
Tins for baking cakes. Cake pans are the most noticeable piece of cake decorating equipment.
Stand for a turntable.
Spreaders for Fondant.
Pipettes, palette knives, paint brushes, serrated knives, and rolling pins are all available.

What are the 3 essentials of cake decorating?

Three Decorating Essentials. Every pipe ornamentation is the result of three components coming together: Consistency in icing. Correct bag placement.

What is the highest salary for a cake decorator?

A cake decorator’s annual compensation in California is $30,000 on average. Cake designer wages in California may range from $17,500 to $48,000, depending on a variety of criteria such as abilities, experience, company, incentives, gratuities, and more.

Is cake decorating profitable?

In the cottage food sector, a 20% profit margin on baked items is fairly realistic. While some experience bigger cake company earnings for luxury cakes such as wedding cakes or special order and custom cakes, you may anticipate to generate between 10% and 40% profit if you do it well.

What is the best tool to frost a cake?

Offset spatulas are the preferred instrument for applying the initial layer of icing to your cake (also known as the crumb coat). You may then use it to spread a thicker layer of icing over the top and edges of the cake, as well as draw basic patterns.

What makes a good cake decorator?

Professional cake decorators must have certain abilities.

Attention to detail: These specialists must pay close attention to detail in order to ensure that their designs are clean and consistent. In addition, their attention to detail allows them to create magnificent designs that match the item.

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