Simple Recipes for Tasty Cake Mix Cookies

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Have you ever had a longing for cake and bought a box of cake mix, only to realize that what you actually wanted was cookies? So, what now?

You only have cake mix, but your tummy is screaming for cookies!!! If only there was a method to transform that cake mix into cookies, you’d be in luck!

Baking cookies from cake mix is really fairly simple, so sit back, relax, and continue reading. You’ll be munching on cookies in no time.

The Basics

2 cups oil + 2 eggs. There is a basic formula that you can use to make almost any box cake mix into cookies, and it is as follows: 1 cake mix box + 1

Utilizing these ingredients instead of the ones listed on the box will result in a cake mix that is significantly more thick and cookie-like. There’s no need to whisk the batter for a set period of time or add the ingredients in any particular sequence; just combine everything in a large mixing bowl and stir.

This simple recipe will work with practically any package of cake mix you have on hand. It doesn’t matter whether the cake is chocolate, funfetti, or red velvet! Cookies may be made with just eggs and oil!

Although most box cakes advocate using vegetable oil in their directions, feel free to experiment. Try using coconut oil or melted butter instead (especially since cookies are usually made with butter anyway).

Scoop your improvised cookies onto a sheet pan and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. The time will vary based on the sort of cookies you make and the cake mix you choose. I always check the cookies after 6 minutes to see how they are coming along.

Like with conventional cookies, you want browning around the edges and the centers of the cookies to be set (no longer liquid). Use your best cookie judgment to determine when they are ready to be removed! You’ll be munching cake mix cookies in no time!

Another Cookie Trick

Using the fundamental procedure for transforming boxed cake mix into cookies, you may make your mix even more cookie-like by adding some standard cookie mix ins, such as chocolate chips.

Now that you have the dough ready, take a bag of chocolate chips and add those in as well- your improvised cookies will suddenly become more like regular cookies!

Just as you may add a variety of ingredients into conventional cookie dough, you can do the same with cake mix cookie dough. Sprinkle with chopped nuts, M&Ms, or anything your cookie yearning heart wants!

Vanilla cake mix with cinnamon Cookies will produce a snickerdoodle-like cookie, whilst sprinkles added to yellow cake mix will result in a birthday cookie cake explosion. Be inventive—what that’s baking is all about!

Roll Them

If you don’t want to add anything to your improvised cookie dough, you can always roll it in toppings to make it more cookie-like and less cake-like.

Before baking, roll your cookie (cake) dough in cinnamon and sugar. Powdered sugar is also a terrific cookie topping since it creates a nice crackling effect when baking. For a candy-crunch crust on the exterior of your cookie, roll the dough in sprinkles rather than mixing them in.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the cookie dough alone—how dull would that be? (but seriously if you want to leave it plain, it will still be tasty enough to eat a whole dozen).

Check watch this video to see how it’s done:

Transform Your Cake Mix

To create peanut butter cookies, combine 4 cup oil and 2 eggs. 1 cup peanut butter, 2 cups peanut butter Thus, if you truly want a certain sort of cookie, there may be a method to create it even if you just have cake mix. For example, if you need peanut butter cookies but only have yellow cake mix, you may substitute 1 cup of peanut butter.

No one will ever know you used cake mix to bake cookies if you roll them in granulated sugar and mark them with a fork before baking.

Do you need red velvet cookies but have only chocolate cake mix? No worries. A tasty red velvet cookie may be made using red food coloring, a teaspoon of vinegar, and white chocolate chips. If you don’t have red dye, leave it out and name the cookies black velvet!

4 tsp nutmeg. Make, bake, and devour a carrot cake cookie! Much better than standard carrot cake. 12 cup shredded carrots, 2 teaspoon cinnamon, and 12 cup oil 1 Combine vanilla cake mix, 2 eggs, and 1 teaspoon carrot extract to make carrot cake cookies.

When you’re out of cake mix and want to create another sort of cookie, simply think of the major ingredient in that cookie and add it to your batter.

What makes snickerdoodles so delicious? Add cinnamon to your mix. Make oatmeal raisin by combining oats and raisins (that was simple!).

Utilizing the basic cake mix to cookie recipe and adding the item you choose will result in the cookies your stomach has been craving.

Are They Any Good?

Now that you’ve figured out how to create cookies from cake mix, the issue is, are they any good? Yes, is the response. It’s honestly astonishing that anybody ever prepares cookies without using cake mix since the results are so, so good.

It is so easy to combine three ingredients by hand that you will probably never make regular cookies again. Why bother when you can have gooey, delicious cookies in minutes? (maybe even seconds).

Cake mix is like the top-secret cookie ingredient no one ever told you about, with an infinite amount of ways to transform it into the sort of cookie you desire!

Not only can you make cookies with a box of cake mix, but you can also make great cookies fast. Therefore, don’t be discouraged by the box of cake mix staring you down; you don’t have to prepare a whole cake.

Bake some cookies of your choice and give your boxed cake mix a new lease of life! Good luck with your baking!

Check out our post on all the things you can do with cake mix for more cake mix hacks.


How do you make a box cookie mix better?

These are some simple changes you can make to give your cookie mix a handmade flavor.
… Use margarine or shortening in place of butter in a 1:1 ratio…. Coconut oil instead of other fats…. Maple syrup instead of granulated sugar…. Vanilla extract…. Almond extract…. Rum and Ginger…. Cheesecake.
More to come…
•Sep 12, 2022

How to make store bought cake mix amazing?

A Pro’s 6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Boxed Cake Mix…
Add one additional egg.
Pour in some milk, coffee, or soda.
Replace the oil with butter.
Mix in the Instant Pudding.
Enhance the flavor with a citrus extract or zest.
Decorate the cake with homemade icing.
Sep 19, 2022

How do you make store bought cake mix taste homemade?

8 Easy Techniques & Strategies to Improve Box Cake
Ingredients should be at room temperature.
Use milk or buttermilk for the water.
Substitute Sour Cream for the Butter…. Increase the number of eggs…. Add Vanilla Extract.
Make It a Chocolate Lovers’ Cake… Decorate It Like A Pro.

What else can be made from cake mix?

Apart from cakes, here are 15 of our favorite goodies you can create using cake mix.
01 of 16. Cinnamon Rolls using a Cake Mix… Page 2 of 16. Caramel Brownies III…. 03 of 16. Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes…. 04 of 16. Peanut Mallow Bars. Cake Batter Ice Cream… Page 6 of 16. 07 of 16 Quick Lemon Poppy Seed Bread. Gooey Butter Cookies…. Page 8 of 16.
Additional details…•November 22, 2022

What happens when you add an extra egg to cookies?

Egg yolks provide taste and texture to chocolate chip cookies because they contain lecithin and fat. If you want your cookies chewy rather than crispy, adding additional yolks will result in a softer and more tender final product, and the leftover whites may be saved for another dessert or meal.

How to jazz up break and bake cookies?

The simplest way to glam up break n’ bake cookies is to sprinkle sugar on top. Use red, green, or gold sugar sprinkles if you’re dealing with simple sugar cookie dough. If you’re using patterned holiday cookies, press the tops of the cookies in plain granulated sugar to make the tops glittering!

How to make a cake mix taste like bakery?

Replace the water in the package instructions with milk. DOUBLE the quantity of butter and replace the oil in the package instructions. Add one more egg than the package directions ask for. Combine the ingredients and bake according to the package instructions.

How to make Betty Crocker box cake better?

Instead of oil, use butter. For a moister cake, add a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise. To make it richer, add instant pudding mix. Use unusual items such as nuts or chocolate.

What does adding pudding to cake mix do?

Mix in some pudding: Combine a small box of pudding mix with the cake mix. (Do not prepare the pudding.) The mixture provides taste, moisture, and a denser texture.

Why add sour cream to boxed cake mix?

Sour cream provides moisture without thinning the batter as a liquid would. Since sour cream adds moisture without thinning down the batter, the result is a cake with a very soft, fine crumb.

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