Simple Techniques for Getting Sprinkles to Stick on Your Cookies

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Almost everyone has a favorite dessert to prepare and consume. Some individuals may even like creating one sort of dessert but prefer to consume another.

No matter what kind of dessert you enjoy baking the most, as you learn your way around baking, you are going to come across a situation where you may not know the best way to handle something.

One of the most difficult learning curves in baking is that, unlike many other aspects of cooking, you cannot typically anticipate how much you will need to make a recipe work unless you are extremely experienced.

Baking, by definition, requires a lot of science and exact measurements. Even the smallest deviation might result in a dessert that does not function properly.

Another difficult component of baking is that ingredients may not come out the way you want them to at first. One of the most popular cookie recipes, for example, calls for sprinkling sprinkles on top of the cookie.

Many beginner bakers will discover that their sparkles will slip right off the cookie if there is no substantial icing to attach to.

Before you can get around to repairing the issue and making sure it doesn’t happen again, the first thing you’ll want to concentrate on is understanding what occurred in the first place.

By having a strong grasp of why a given issue occurs, you will have a better concept of how to remedy and avoid the problem from happening again.

Why Won’t the Sprinkles Stick?

When you first start baking, you may be startled to learn that sprinkles may be extremely difficult to deal with. They have a propensity to flow away from the meal that you are attempting to sprinkle, and they may be difficult to get to cling to the dish itself unless the necessary circumstances are fulfilled.

After all, sprinkles are just colored and crushed sugar. There is nothing in the sprinkles that will help them cling to the meal that you wish to sprinkle.

This implies that if you don’t make the appropriate preparations to add sprinkles to your dessert, you can end up with sprinkles that roll and fall off of your cookie.

To properly add sprinkles to a plate, you must first have a surface that can retain the sprinkles. One of the reasons you’ll find sprinkles on cupcakes is because the frosting acts as a natural binding agent for the sprinkles, keeping them connected to the cupcake so you can enjoy a delightful treat.

Unfortunately, most cookies do not have frosting or icing on them, thus getting the sprinkles to attach on your cookies will be a little more difficult.

That being said, there are a variety of methods to include sprinkles into your cookies without entirely slathering them with icing.

Getting the Sprinkles to Stick to Your Cookies

Now that you understand why sprinkles do not normally attach to cookies, you may have some ideas on how to get the sprinkles to stick to the cookies without significantly altering the recipe.

There are some solutions that will add a fair amount of flavor to the cookie, and there are some solutions that will leave virtually no change to the cookie itself, aside from the fact that you can now add sprinkles to the cookie without the sprinkles falling off.

If you want to retain the flavor of your cookie and do not want to add any frosting, icing, glaze, or syrup to the cookie, you may still add your sprinkles without a second thought.

Before adding the sprinkles and placing the cookies in the oven, brush the top of the cookie with either water or milk. This layer of liquid will assist to soften the cookie dough just enough to make it somewhat sticky, allowing you to add sprinkles to the cookies without worrying about them sliding off.

You can do this after the cookie has been cooked, and in certain circumstances, you may need to do it this way if your sprinkles are prone to melting in the oven. This method is somewhat less successful since the cooked dough is unlikely to get sticky with a tiny brush of water over it, but it is still worth a try.

If you don’t mind adding taste to your cookie, the easiest technique to get the sprinkles to attach to the cookies is to coat the cookies with glaze, syrup, or icing. For smaller and lighter toppings, you may use a chocolate drizzle, or you can prepare a fresh batch of buttermilk frosting to go with your cookies.

In general, icing is recognized for being one of the greatest surfaces to sprinkle sprinkles upon since it is somewhat sticky enough to grasp the sprinkles but not so much that it totally ruins the dish.

Many cookies may benefit from the frosting and sprinkle combination, and you may discover that the creamy frosting improves the flavor and texture of the cookie as well.

If you don’t have a suitable frosting to put on the cookie, you may make a film out of egg whites and water. This glaze will have no flavor, but it will darken the look of your cookies and give them an unreal sheen.

This will be a safe medium ground between using water or milk, but it will also not significantly alter the flavor of the cookie.

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