What Should You Serve With Scones? Here Are 16 Delectable Suggestions!

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Whether scones are an old favorite or a new addition to your menu, knowing what to serve with scones can certainly liven things up. It’s easy to become tired with traditional plain scones, and we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll go through the best foods to pair with your scones, whether you want them sweet or savory.

So, let the fun begin!

8 Foods to Serve With Sweet Scones

Scones may fulfill desires for something sweet but not overly sugary, such as chocolate, muffins, or cake, for many individuals. If you fall into this category, you’ll discover that the balanced sweetness of scones may be matched by a broad range of dishes.

The eight meals on this list bring out the somewhat sweet taste of scones without being overpowering. That sounds delicious!

1 – Jam or Honey

Without a question, jam is your go-to choice for a substantial breakfast that includes scones and a cup of coffee.

Instead of eating your scones dry and with tea or coffee, why not add some strawberry, mango, or peach jam on top for a little more sweetness?

Serve honey or curd in tiny dishes with your jam and take turns spreading each on your scones. What a great way to start the day!

Aside from breakfast, serving jam with scones is appropriate for afternoon tea, which is how many people in the United Kingdom and Europe choose to consume their scones.

2 – Whipped Cream and Diced Fruits

Whipped cream and sliced strawberries are another delectable combination to serve with scones. For the ultimate dessert, layer your fruit slices on top of your scones and finish with whipped cream.

If you don’t like foods that are excessively sweet, you might try each food item individually or alternate between them. It’s all up to you!

Blueberries, strawberries, peaches, grapefruit, apples, and other fruits go well with scones and whipped cream. Whatever fruit you can get your hands on, it’s always worth experimenting with on a scone.

3 – Chocolate Chips, Spread, or Ganache

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Chocolate just enhances everything, whether it’s smeared on toast or chocolate chips in cookies. The same is true with scones, and there are several methods to improve their flavor with chocolate.

For example, you might put some chocolate spread or chocolate ganache on your scones and eat on them until your taste buds are pleased, just like you would with jelly or jam!

Alternatively, you might grate your favorite chocolate bar over your scones.

Some people add chocolate chips or cocoa powder to their scone recipes, which you should try if you’re preparing scones from scratch.

4 – Lemon Curd

Want to add some zesty flavor to your scone-eating experience while taking a break from the sweetness of chocolate or jelly? Lemon curd is here to help you with that!

You may buy store-bought lemon curd or make your own, which we think is considerably better. You probably already have the five key components at home: lemons, sugar, butter, egg yolks, and salt.

The rest should be a piece of cake!

5 – Butter

Spread butter over scones if you enjoy the mild sweet flavor of them and want to match them with something that won’t make them excessively syrupy when served with tea.

Because scones already have a slight buttery flavor, putting unsalted butter on top will enhance their creamy flavor even more. To make things more interesting, sprinkle some jelly over the buttered scone.

6 – Clotted Cream

Clotted cream is heavy in fat and calories, as the name implies, but its thick consistency and full-bodied taste make it one of the finest guilty-pleasure meals to serve with scones!

If you’re not acquainted with clotted cream, think of it as a mix between butter and whipped cream.

Fortunately, making clotted cream at home is simple, allowing you to enjoy its richness anytime you want. Simply boil full-cream cows milk in a water bath until the cream separates and floats to the surface of the pot, forming a thick layer.

Many people like to put clotted cream on their scones alone, while others like to complement it with jam or honey. We strongly advise you to test both situations, since why not?

7 – Powdered Sugar

Leading a minimalist lifestyle? All of the relatively exotic scone toppings, such as chocolate or whipped cream, are unlikely to wow you.

Powdered sugar may be the ideal accompaniment to your scones due to its simplicity and delicate sweet flavor that is not overbearing.

All you have to do is take a package of powdered sugar and run it through a sieve over your heated scones to get a light coating of sugar particles. That is very delicious and requires very little work!

8 – Cake Icings or Glazes

Don’t underestimate the flavor of various cake icings and glazes when coupled with your gorgeous little scones. If you have some leftover strawberry, vanilla, or buttercream icing, grab your butter knife and spread some over your scones for an unforgettable dessert.

Even if you don’t have icing on hand, it’s worth creating from scratch to serve with scones.

8 Foods to Serve With Savory Scones

Scones are a delicious savory delicacy that may be served as an appetizer or snack while reading a book or watching your favorite Netflix movie.

If you’re wondering what to serve with salty scones, here are eight suggestions that will take their taste to new heights!

1 – Cheese and Scrambled Eggs

Without a doubt, scrambled eggs and cheese are two basic morning meals, often served with bagels or toast. But if you haven’t tried them with scones, you’re losing out!

Scones’ slightly buttery flavor complements the cheese and scrambled eggs combination wonderfully. Even better, there are several varieties of cheese to taste here, ranging from mild and creamy to tangy and edgy.

Swiss, parmesan, mozzarella, and, of course, cheddar are among cheeses to serve with scrambled eggs on top of scones.

2 – Herbed Butter

Want a scone version of garlic bread where you can select the herbs you use? Herbed butter on scones should fill that job well, offering you a fresh concept for a hard-to-resist appetizer.

Simply melt a sufficient quantity of butter over low heat to make herbed butter. Then, add your choice herbs and spices to the melted butter and allow it to firm before spreading it over the scones.

You may use everything from oregano and thyme to cilantro, rosemary, dill, and parsley here. Why not add some minced garlic to the mix for the ideal appetizer?

3 – Cured Meats

Cured meats are an obvious go-to for brunch scones or a late-night snack. You must sample the smokey and salty flavor mixed with the delightful crumbliness of your scones.

Consider adding cheese to the mix and topping your scones with salami, pastrami, or pepperoni to raise your gourmet game. Just. Yum!

4 – Smoked Salmon

Scones go well with smoked salmon, just as they do with cured meats. They may be served as a breakfast, appetizer, or snack.

Salmon may be served alone or with lemon sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, sour cream, or cream cheese and jalapenos. Black pepper, onions, radishes, or lemon slices all work well here, converting a plain scone into a great lunchtime feast.

5 – Mashed Potatoes

You’re aware that mashed potatoes go well with virtually everything, right? They may be served with chicken, steak, fish, and other veggies, and they can even improve your scone game.

Even better, one of the most appealing aspects of mashed potatoes is their versatility. Serve it simply with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, or season it with herbs, garlic, and green onions before serving with scones.

We guarantee that scones and mashed potatoes will become a healthy obsession very soon!

6 – Guacamole

Guacamole is another dip to try with scones, particularly if you have fresh avocados on hand and are ready to make it at home.

What makes guacamole so intriguing is that there are endless versions available to suit your individual taste. Classic guacamole, grilled guacamole with basil and parmesan, guacamole hummus, and many more options are available.

Simply looking through your cupboard or refrigerator will reveal a few things that may be used to give your guacamole a unique flavor.

7 – Steamed Vegetables

People who follow a healthy diet are unlikely to be enthusiastic about mashed potatoes or cheese with scones, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy those delectable foods in their own unique manner. If this is the case for you, why not offer scones with steamed vegetables?

If you’re watching your calorie intake, you don’t even have to stick to traditional scones. Simply choose a low-fat scone recipe to reduce your fat consumption significantly.

When combined with your vegetables, this creates a nice and nutritious snack to add to your weekly plan.

Broccoli, green beans, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, artichokes, and asparagus are among the veggies that may be steamed.

8 – Sautéed Mushrooms

Mushrooms aren’t simply for alfredo pasta or beef stroganoff. As a sautéed type, they go well on top of your savory scones, providing you with a tasty snack or breakfast that is strong in fiber and vitamins while being low in calories.

Even better, sautéed mushrooms may be cooked with a variety of spices to give your side dish a tasty twist. You may add everything from garlic, thyme, and olive oil to soy sauce and vinegar, for example.

There’s a recipe for every hunger out there, and wouldn’t it be great to test them all with your delectable scones?

What Do You Eat With Cheese Scones? Our Top Picks

Cheese scones, one of the most delightful scone recipes available, are a must-try for every scone connoisseur. Sure, they have a high calorie content, but you may enjoy them sometimes without feeling guilty!

If you’d prefer not, try a low-calorie cheese scone recipe instead.

In any case, when it comes time to dive in, you should know what to eat with cheese scones, right? So, here are our top picks for a hard-to-beat appetizer:

  • Salads include Caesar salad, leafy greens salad, Greek salad, and others.
  • Soups include French onion soup, tomato soup, creamy mushroom soup, and others.
  • Tomato or onion chutney
  • Sun-dried tomatoes with your preferred herb mixture
  • Caramelized onions
  • Sweet chili sauce or guacamole
  • Butter
  • Steamed veggies and mushrooms
  • Cold-cut meats

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to serve with scones guarantees that basic sweet or savory scones are used to their full potential.

We already provided our top 16 alternatives for you to consider. However, there is always space for originality when it comes to scones, so use your mind to come up with additional ideas!

Chocolate, fresh fruits, whipped cream, and traditional jams are some of the greatest things to combine with scones. Honey, clotted cream, lemon curd, or butter are more options.

If you’re going to offer savory scones, pair them with cheese, guacamole, salmon, or steamed vegetables. Cured meats and mashed potatoes are other excellent choices, particularly if you want to make a comfort-food-style dinner.

With so many options at your disposal, your taste senses will undoubtedly be pleased by the end of the day!


What side dishes go with scones?

Chocolate, fresh fruits, whipped cream, and traditional jams are some of the greatest things to combine with scones. Honey, clotted cream, lemon curd, or butter are more options. If you’re going to offer savory scones, pair them with cheese, guacamole, salmon, or steamed vegetables.

What do you serve with savory scones?

What goes well with savory scones?
Butter, butter, butter – either salted or whipped lemon butter.
Orange marmelade is delicious.
Jam – raspberry jam is excellent, particularly when combined with… whipped cream.
Whipped Feta Cheese is a scones game changer!

What cream do you put with scones?

Clotted cream is a teatime staple in the United Kingdom. It’ll be served in a little plate beside your scones (or, more traditionally, Cornish’splits’, a sort of yeast bread).

What do British people eat with their scones?

Although they may be served with any topping, scones are generally served with cream or afternoon tea in the United Kingdom. Scones are often topped with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

What do you eat with British scones?

Scones in the United Kingdom are little bites that are very basic on its own but are traditionally eaten with jam and clotted cream, making for a wonderful treat.

How do Cornish people serve their scones?

Jam or cream? The entire idea of cream tea, according to the Cornish, is to have freshly made (preferably still warm) scones with jam first and clotted cream on top.

How do Cornish people eat their scones?

Because jam smothers the flavour of the cream when applied the other way around, the Cornish approach is to split the scone in half, spread the jam, and then add a tablespoon of clotted cream.

Should you warm scones before serving?

Scones taste best when served warm. Put them back in the oven to reheat. The scone dish comes after the tea sandwiches and before the desserts during an afternoon tea. Traditional afternoon tea scones are round, not triangular.

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