What To Do With Frozen Pizza Dough (Easy Homemade Recipes)

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Frozen pizza dough is fantastic for creating handmade pizzas, but sometimes you just want something different, but you have to use the pizza dough since it has been in the freezer long enough.

Or you might have defrosted the frozen pizza dough, but you don’t have time to make pizza right now, so you need something fast and simple.

Here is what you can do with frozen pizza dough.

Here are some fast and simple recipes that you can create using frozen pizza dough:

  1. Focaccia bread
  2. Soft breadsticks
  3. Make crackers
  4. Italian grissini breadsticks
  5. Spinach and egg breakfast pizzas
  6. Donuts
  7. Make cinnamon rolls
  8. Dinner rolls

There are many more.

Making other items with frozen pizza dough may be a fun experience that opens your eyes to new possibilities.

Continue reading to see what other delectable meals you can create with basic frozen pizza dough.

What To Make With Pizza Dough

What To Do With Frozen Pizza Dough (Simple Ideas to Try at Home)

Pizza is delicious as is, but occasionally the pizza dough has been sitting in the freezer for too long and has to be utilized by any means necessary. Fortunately, you can utilize frozen pizza dough in a variety of ways.

These recipes may be used to prepare a tasty supper at any time of the week. So, let’s have a look at some delectable pizza dough recipes.

Make Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, pizza dough may be used to produce both savory and sweet dishes. Making cinnamon buns using frozen pizza dough guarantees that the rolls are soft on the inside and somewhat crispy on the exterior.

Using pizza dough with these sweet goodies will also save you time since you won’t have to produce a wonderful, light dough from scratch. If you don’t like cinnamon, you don’t have to use it in this recipe, and you can simply use sweet rolls instead.

Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is similar to pizza, but it is somewhat different, and it does not need as many toppings to be excellent. These are a great option to make with frozen pizza dough, as you will treat it like you are making pizza.

If you have frozen pizza dough and are unsure what to cook for an upcoming party, focaccia bread is a terrific option that everyone will like. You may also tailor them to individual preferences; for example, you can bake focaccia bread without cheese for lactose-intolerant pals.

Pita Bread

Frozen pizza dough may be the greatest dough to use to create pita bread, since it elevates the simple pita to a whole new level, particularly when eaten warm.

When you prepare pita bread using frozen pizza dough, the pita turns out fluffy, soft, and pleasantly warm, much superior than a dry pita from the supermarket.

If desired, bake the pita bread for a bit longer to get a little crunchy on the exterior.

Soft Bread Sticks

You can simply create soft breadsticks from frozen pizza dough, and it’s a lot simpler than you think. These breadsticks taste just like the warm breadsticks served at a specific Italian restaurant chain, and they are delicious.

Making these breadsticks using pizza dough is a breeze, and they may be done in 15 minutes, which means you can prepare them quickly if you need to offer a wonderful, warm snack for guests.

Soft Pretzels

On certain days, nothing beats a nice, soft, warm pretzel, particularly on a frigid winter morning. Making them, though, might seem to be a lot of labor and time-consuming; nevertheless, this is no longer the case.

This is where frozen pizza dough may rescue your taste buds from getting hungry. You can easily make soft pretzels at home using frozen pizza dough, and it will take less time, so they will be done in 35 minutes.


A calzone is technically a pizza, but it’s much simpler to cook since you don’t have to worry about your toppings flying about your kitchen while you’re trying to put it in the oven. Calzones are simply folded over pizzas, similar to a pizza pocket but larger.

These are simple to create, and you can use practically any topping from a standard pizza in your calzone. A calzone has the advantage of keeping the contents within it hotter for longer, so you don’t have to worry about a cold calzone.

Make Crackers

Making crackers from frozen pizza dough is a wonderful use of this dough, and you can make them from whatever pizza dough scraps you have left over after making ordinary pizza, so nothing goes to waste.

These crackers make an excellent snack and may be served with your favorite dips at your next movie night or dinner party with friends and family.

You will not be sorry if you make crackers from frozen pizza dough; in fact, folks who sample them at your house may ask for the recipe.


Okay, so they aren’t actually baguettes, but they are long loaf dinner rolls that resemble the part. These are excellent ways to use up leftover frozen pizza dough without cooking a conventional pizza.

These may take some time to create, but you allow the pizza dough to rise for the most of the time, and you are only needed for a little fraction of the process. These baguettes take approximately an hour to make and are a great alternative to store-bought dinner rolls.

Dinner Rolls

Baguettes aren’t the only bread you can make using frozen pizza dough; you can also create conventional dinner rolls. These are simple handmade dinner rolls that are sure to wow your family and friends.

You may prepare standard dinner rolls or add a delightful touch by sprinkling cheese and herbs on top or within the rolls before baking. These dinner rolls are really addicting, so be prepared to get several requests to make them.

Italian Grissini Breadsticks

Italian Grissini breadsticks are thin and crunchy breadsticks made from frozen pizza dough. These breadsticks are ideal for those who want a little extra crunch in their snacking.

These breadsticks can be made in approximately 15 minutes, making them the ideal quick snack. If you don’t like them simple, add some cheese, herbs, salt, and pepper, or perhaps all of these to create the right blend of cheesy, salty, and crunchy.


It has long been debated whether pizza is a morning dish, but one thing is certain: no matter which side of the debate you are on, you can utilize frozen pizza dough to produce anything regarded a breakfast food.

Making donuts with frozen pizza dough is simple, but the doughnuts will be heavier than a typical donut but just as delectable. You have the option of making doughnut balls or cutting them into traditional donuts.

Muffin-Tin Pizzas

If you don’t want to deal with the difficulty of creating large pizzas but still want the flavor of pizza, try these smaller and simpler muffin-tin pizzas. If you’re hosting a big group, these muffin-tin pizzas are ideal since you can prepare huge numbers of small pizzas with less work and fewer materials.

You can even customize these mini pizzas to accommodate different people and make different flavors of pizza.

Spinach And Egg Breakfast Pizzas

Who says pizza is just for dinner? You may also prepare a fantastic breakfast pizza to enjoy in the morning.

This is where this delicious spinach and egg morning pizza comes in, and it will completely take your breath away. This morning pizza is not only delicious, but it is also visually appealing.

This recipe makes excellent use of frozen pizza dough and requires few ingredients, making it the greatest morning dish. If you do it correctly and the egg yolk is runny, you won’t squander the crust by dipping it into the egg yolk.

Scrambled Egg Pockets

Scrambled egg pockets are the ideal portable breakfast foods. The filling is beautiful fluffy eggs, with a golden and crispy crust on the exterior.

You may create your own pizza dough for this recipe, but you can also use frozen pizza dough. This will undoubtedly make the dish simpler and faster to prepare, particularly if you are short on time. Serve these pockets simply or with your favorite sauces to amp up their appeal.

Buffalo Wing Bites

This one is for all the buffalo wings fans out there, as they combine the delicious flavors of buffalo wings with a dinner roll that is soft on the inside with lovely crispiness on the outside. These zingy nibbles are ideal for a game night or a dinner party.

If you create the buffalo wings from yourself, these bites may be time-consuming to prepare, but if you purchase them ready-made, they are among of the quickest snacks you can make using frozen pizza crust.

Pull-Apart Pizza

Pull apart pizza is more like pizza bread and may be eaten cold, which means it can be cooked ahead of time if required. This dish is ideal for picnics or tailgates and will be enjoyed by both youngsters and adults.

You can add just about any pizza ingredient to pull apart pizza and it will always taste fine, but many people stick to the original recipe as a good luck charm for their team.

Here Are Some Recipes To Follow

Many different recipes call for frozen pizza dough, which is simple to create yet very delicious. You will not be sorry if you make these dishes, and even though they are easy, they will amaze your visitors.

Let us have a look at some of the meals described above and provide you with the recipes so you can get started creating these delectable cuisine.

Soft Bread Sticks

The recipe for these breadsticks yields a huge quantity of roughly 45 breadsticks, so feel free to scale it down if necessary.

The ingredients you will need to make these are:

  • Your frozen pizza dough
  • Two teaspoons of salt
  • teaspoon of pepper
  • 2 tablespoons fennel seeds (plus extra topping if desired)
  • An egg and two tablespoons of water for an egg wash

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and grease a baking sheet. Make sure the pizza dough is completely defrosted before rolling it out into a long loaf.

After that, cut chunks of the dough into golf-ball-shaped pieces and roll them into the necessary size for breadsticks.

Place the rolled breadsticks on a prepared baking sheet and gently brush with the egg wash.

Sprinkle with fennel seeds and any additional toppings you choose to use. Bake for 15 minutes, or until golden brown, in a preheated oven.

Make Crackers

These thin and crunchy crackers are a great snack for yourself or to share with family and friends. These crackers bring a unique flavor to your snack table, and they will most likely be the first item eaten since they are so delicious.

The following components are required to create these crackers:

  • Your frozen pizza dough defrosted completely
  • Three teaspoons of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

To begin, preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, lay out the pizza dough, and dock it with a fork to prevent it from burning. Brush the rolled-out dough with olive oil and place it on a flat baking pan.

Bake for 10 minutes, or until golden brown, with the salt and pepper sprinkled over the greased dough. Allow the crackers to cool before breaking them into bite-sized pieces and serving.

Final Thoughts

Pizza dough, particularly frozen pizza dough, is surprisingly flexible and may be used in a variety of dishes. You can use your pizza dough for all meals, including snacks, making meal preparation quicker and faster. Frozen pizza dough will always come in handy.


What can frozen pizza dough be used for?

6 Things You Can Make With Frozen Pizza Dough (Aside From Pizza)
Pita. Pita prepared with pizza dough is soft, warm, fluffy, and much more inviting than the dry pita often available in stores.
Cinnamon buns.
Breadsticks that are soft.
Calzones. Pretzels.

What else can pizza dough be used for?

8 More Uses for Pizza Dough Crackers.
Rolls for dinner.
Bread pita.
Grissini breadsticks from Italy.
Pancakes with scallions.

How do you use frozen pizza dough quickly?

According to MasterClass, the quickest way to rapidly thaw pizza dough is to immerse the sealed bag in cold water. While defrosting pizza dough in the fridge overnight is still an option, it takes far longer than this procedure, which may defrost your pizza foundation in as little as an hour.

How do you make frozen pizza more interesting?

Adding some vibrant, fresh toppings to a premade pizza nearly makes it taste handmade. Consider incorporating pieces of vegetables like tomatoes and red onions, bits of deli meats like salami or rotisserie chicken, or even cracking a few eggs over your pizza in the last few minutes of baking.

How do you deal with frozen pizza dough?

Instead, frozen pizza dough must be removed from the freezer and defrosted in the refrigerator for ten to twelve hours. If you don’t have that much time, leaving the dough out on the counter to thaw at room temperature for two hours should enough.

How do you reuse pizza dough and freeze it?

You can freeze any kind of pizza dough in any amount — simply let it completely rise before freezing and then divide it into single-pizza-sized pieces. The dough may be refrigerated for up to three months and just has to be thawed overnight in the fridge before use!

What can I do with leftover dough?

Over the dough scraps, sprinkle 4 cup shredded sharp, white cheddar.
Crackers. Roll the dough out.
Puffs of Mushroom. Preheat the oven to 350°F, then flatten out the dough to fit a tiny muffin tray.
Crostata for breakfast.savory use for pie dough scraps
Palmiers with ham and honey-dijon sauce. Make an 8-inch square out of the dough.
Straws of cheese. 1 sprinkling

Can you make bread out of pizza dough?

But also one that wasn’t so difficult that taking a bite felt like a workout. She eventually learned that store-bought pizza dough worked flawlessly. A baked loaf produces chewy bread with enough structure and resilience to hold up against contents and the weather.

Can you make hamburger buns out of pizza dough?

Yes, pizza crust is transformed into hamburger buns. When you realize the components are cheese, egg, and coconut flour, it’s not that odd. Today’s buns are really adaptable.

Do you cook frozen pizza dough before adding toppings?

It is critical to pre-bake the dough for 5-6 minutes before adding the toppings. Return it to the oven to continue baking after you’ve added the Pizza Sauce and all of your toppings! This will produce a crust that retains its shape and is crispy on the exterior while remaining soft and airy on the inside.

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